A Baía (2019)

45mDrama, Crime

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A detetive Sargenta Lisa Armstrong investiga o desaparecimento de uma pessoa na baía de Morecambe.


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After meeting the twins' parents, Lisa is shocked to discover that her connection to the family might be more than just professional.


DC Lisa Armstrong is asked to assist a murder investigation in Morecambe. The team try to uncover why the victim was targeted, but meanwhile, Lisa and her family are unknowingly stalked by a mysterious figure who has an agenda.


With the Meredith family reeling from Dylan’s death and Sean’s arrest, Lisa is charged with finding his alibi and makes a game-changing discovery. Abbie grows closer to newcomer Vincent, whilst Rob agrees to take on a risky dare.


Determined to ignore Andy's unexpected arrival the night before, Lisa throws herself into the case and discovers a significant lead from her only eyewitness. The new information opens up the investigation and the team uncover vital evidence.


When the main suspect goes missing, Lisa is concerned about Sean’s possible involvement. Abbie falls deeper into Vincent’s world, bringing Sam with her. Meanwhile, Sean’s vigilante justice leads him down a dangerous path.


As the team press on with the investigation, Lisa and Med dig deeper into the family.


With Nick seriously injured in hospital, Lisa furiously seeks out Sean, while Med feels increasingly side-lined. Meanwhile, Rob attempts to leave the online forum, but finds that it is not as easy as he had hoped, and Sam tries to offer Abbie a way out from Vincent.


Following an unexpected turn in the case, Lisa and the team accept help from a new unit.


Lisa pursues a new line of investigation, uncovering a far-reaching secret.


As a confession brings the team closer to the truth, Lisa identifies a suspect.