A Black Lady Sketch Show (2019)


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Uma série de comédia de meia hora com sketches estrelados por um elenco de quatro mulheres afro-americanas e outras estrelas convidadas que interpretam dezenas de personagens dinâmicos em uma realidade mágica.


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1But the Tilapias Are Fine Though, Right?

Dr. Haddassah breaks her silence; Salina visits a psychic.

2So You Just Out Here Chloroforming Anybody?

On their trip to Fiji, a group of girlfriends face first-class confusion; Bryanni unleashes her trademark twerking skills.

3Sister, May I Call You Oshun?

A gender reveal party loses its focus; Portia takes issue with her takeout.

4My Booty Look Juicy, Don't It?

Tiffany confronts insomnia; friends stage an intervention.

5If I'm paying these Chili's prices, you cannot taste my steak!

A freshman navigates her first cafeteria lunch; a motivational speaker rouses a crowd; a woman tries a promising new hair salon.