A Família Addams (1964)

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A Família Addams não é uma família típica: eles têm prazer na maioria das coisas que pessoas normais teriam medo. Aqueles que os visitam se desesperam ao ver os hábitos mórbidos e incomuns do clã. Gomez é o chefe da família, um homem extremamente rico e incapaz de negar algo à sua cadavérica esposa. Wednesday, filha do casal, é uma menina sádica e um tanto quanto sombria, que adora brincar com seu desmiolado irmão Pugsley, submetendo-o a vários tipos de tortura que ele adora. Na mansão ainda moram a vidente Grandmama, mãe de Gomez, e o tio especialista em explosivos Fester. Não se pode esquecer do mordomo Lurch e Thing, uma mão amiga desmembrada do corpo. O Itt também aparece frequentemente e, além de membro influente do governo, é literalmente uma montanha de cabelos.


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1The Addams Family Goes to School

Sam Hilliard, a truant officer, shows up at the Addams family home, due to the fact that Pugsley and Wednesday are not attending school. Soon he discovers he's dealing with no typical everyday family.

2Morticia and the Psychiatrist

Gomez and Morticia are shocked when Pugsley joins the boy scouts, begins playing baseball and gets a puppy. Fearing something is wrong, they turn to a psychiatrist.

3Fester's Punctured Romance

Uncle Fester puts an ad in the personals column and when he doesn't get an immediate response he's heartbroken. Later, the family mistake a cosmetics saleswoman as a respondent to the ad.

4Gomez, the Politician

Sam Hilliard, the ex-truant officer, is running for city council. This puts Gomez in the campaign mood, and he decides to offer financial support.

5The Addams Family Tree

Pugsley and Wednesday get into a fight over families with their friend Harold, who says that his family is better than theirs.

6Morticia Joins the Ladies League

Gomez and Pugsley visit an old friend of the family, who owns a circus. There, Pugsley befriends Gorgo the Gorilla who later escapes and follows Pugsley home. Meanwhile, Morticia has hopes of joining the Ladies League.

7Halloween with the Addams Family

Two bank robbers accept an unknowing invitation and visit Morticia and Gomez on Halloween, in order to avoid being caught.

8Green-Eyed Gomez

Gomez throws a fit of jealousy when Morticia's former boyfriend visits.

9The New Neighbors Meet the Addams Family

A young couple, simple, naive, and very much in love, move into the house next to the Addams'.

10Wednesday Leaves Home

Family worries when a flustered Wednesday runs away after being scolded for borrowing Uncle Fester's TNT.

11The Addams Family Meet the V.I.P.'s

Visiting dignitaries from an Iron Curtain country want to see a ""typical"" American family. Mr. Harris, the Government agent, is resistant to the idea. Mr. Haan insists, so they get out the phone book and randomly select a name. They land on the Addams listing. Mr. Harris tries to dissuade them from visiting the Addams claiming that they're not normal. This further fuels the V.I.P.'s desire to visit the family. The V.I.P.'s assume the Addamses are the typical American family. They visit the house and see Cleopatra, Morticia's carnivorous plant, Uncle Fester's ability to generate electricity, Pugsley's ray gun and Lurch, who they assume is a robot. They conclude that Americans highly advanced in science and technology. Mr. Klarpe makes a note of it and they make a report back home.

12Morticia, the Matchmaker

Cousin Melancholia visits. Abandoned by her fiancé, she needs a man. Meanwhile, the firm of Ferguson-Riche & Fisher wants their Mr. Harvey to broker a deal with the Addamses since he's the only one among them who's dealt with them before (a fact which leaves Mr. Harvey repulsed at the thought and determined to resist further contact). When the Addamses learn he's a bachelor, they're not only eager to meet him but ready to set the wedding bells pealing and heartily welcome him into the family before he can say yes (or anything else).

13Lurch Learns to Dance

Gomez and Morticia are concerned when Lurch refuses to go to the annual Butler's Ball. They then learn the reason, Lurch can't dance. The Addams family then tries to help him by teaching him how to dance.

14Art and the Addams Family

Morticia has taken up painting (she throws the paint at the canvas) and Gomez has art critic Bosley Swain evaluate her Swain tactfully suggests a teacher, and Grandma calls Spain for Picasso, getting oddball Sam Picasso in- stead. He tries hard, but Bosley thinks the man is a crook. Gomez likes Sam, and decides (against Sam's wishes) to restore Sam's good name. Wednesday tries coaching him, but Sam keeps trying to escape his dungeon workshop. Swain sees Wednesday's paintings, thinking they're Sam's, and raves. Sam manages to return to Spain to take up the safer occupation of bullfighting, while the whole Addams Family takes up brushes.

15The Addams Family Meets a Beatnik

A young biker on the run from his domineering tycoon dad ends up hiding out in the Addams house, and the Addamses couldn't be happier.

16The Addams Family Meets the Undercover Man

Hollister is an undercover operative who's been picking up odd radio signals from the Addams house. Convinced they're spies, he recruits the postman, Briggs, to help. Briggs panics when he gets in the house, though, and flees. Hollister then tries the plumber, Conkey, who's been called in to fix Kitty's water fountain. When Conkey acts suspiciously, Gomez calls the authorities ending up with Hollister. Morticia is convinced that Hollister is a spy, so they capture him and toss him in the dungeon. He sees that the source of the odd signals is Pugsley's new ham radio. Washington vouches for Hollister, so the Family allow him to go.

17Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family

Lurch's mother comes to visit the Addams family. Paralyzed by shame, Lurch is unable to admit to Gomez his mistake: Lurch has told his mother that he owns the big house. Gomez gamely suggests a role reversal: Lurch will act like the man of the house, and Gomez and Morticia will act as his servants. Once Lurch's mother arrives, Gomez senses his mistake. The old woman treats Gomez and Morticia poorly, and the husband and wife strongly wish they had never gone along with the act.

18Uncle Fester's Illness

Lately, Uncle Fester's been a bit rundown, literally unable to maintain his wattage. Since Dr. Mbogo, the reliable family witch doctor, is too busy to leave Africa, the Addamses must take their chances by engaging the services of a local physician, who pays them a house call.

19The Addams Family Splurges

The Addams family hopes to vacation on the moon, but needs to raise a billion dollars. Using Gomez's new supercomputer, the family schemes to make the money by betting on horse races.

20Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family

Parks Commissioner Fiske visits the Addams house seeking contributions for expansion of the city zoo. Gomez believes visiting Cousin Itt - all hairy and gibbering four feet tall of him - would be perfect as the zoo's new curator. He has the two meet, but Commissioner Fisk misunderstands the intent and mistakes Itt for a new exotic animal attraction whom he has hauled away in chains when the others aren't looking. When the family finds out what's happened, Uncle Fester is ready to administer retribution the Addams way - with a bullet from behind.

21The Addams Family in Court

Grandma's been telling fortunes as Madame Bovary, helped by Thing. She's even set up a tent in the living room. Morticia is appalled and wants her to stop. It's too late, though, as the police arrest her. Gomez decides to be her lawyer, as 'Loophole' Addams. He refuses to let Grandma be sworn in, as telling the whole truth would cramp her style. The Judge orders Gomez off the case, and Morticia takes over. She accuses the police of harassment, and the Judge finds the whole family in contempt. The Judge's wife arrives, and turns out to be one of Grandma's best clients. She insists that her husband dismiss the case.

22Amnesia in the Addams Family

Gomez is juggling with his Indian clubs and hits himself on the head knocking himself unconscious. When he comes to, his personality has drastically changed. He's now acting like a normal person. He's just insured his life for $1 million, and thinks the family is trying to kill him and collect. He wants Morticia to wear some cheerier clothes. She thinks another blow on the head might cure him, but hasn't the heart to do it. Fester does, however, and Gomez is restored. Unfortunately, Lurch has the same idea and hits Gomez again . . . Then Grandma 'cures' him, only for Pugsley to reverse it . . . Morticia is going crary with the flip-flopping personalities. Gomez panics, certain they're trying to kill him, and runs into a suit of armour. The blow cures him - but Fester' s hit his head and everything starts again.