Diamond no Ace (2013)


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A história segue Eijun Sawamura, um arremessador que entra para uma escola da elite que possui um brilhante receptor chamado Kazuya Miyuki. Juntamente com o resto da equipe, eles se esforçam com muito trabalho duro e determinação para chegar até o célebre campeonato japonês, o Koshien.


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1Beyond the Dream

The Seido baseball club has been invited to the spring invitational at the hallowed Koshien Stadium. Sawamura will finally stand on the mound! Standing between Seido and the national title are the winners of last year's summer tournament Komadai Fujimaki and their unstoppable ace Masamune Hongo. Can Seido triumph over Komadai? It's the start of another heated battle in youth baseball!

1Howling In The Summer

At the Baseball Kingdom magazine office, Mine looks back to the summer tournament. The game between Yakushi and Seido was an exciting watch. Seido played their pitcher relay in order to face Yakushi's powerful batting lineup.

1The One Pitch

Game set. Eijun Sawamura, the pitcher of a novice junior high baseball team, meets with a bitter walk-off loss. For Sawamura, that became his last game in junior high, so he sets a new goal of going to the nationals in high school with his teammates. As he begins his hard quest on studying, a guest arrives unannounced. Her name is Rei Takashima, and she is the assistant director of the prestigious Seidou High School Baseball Team. Takashima invites Sawamura to Seidou after seeing his potential, but Sawamura's reply was far from what she had expected.

2Wanna Take The Mound

In the second round of the invitational, Seido faces Nihon Shono. After throwing a 150 km/h pitches to shut down batters in the first round, Furuya has become the darling of the press and the fans. Which team will advance to the quarterfinals? What about the other team from Tokyo, Yakushi led by Todoroki Raichi? And what of the summer tournament winners, Komadai Fujimaki? The quarterfinals are taking shape.

2The Summer Heat Haze

Inashiro and Seido met in the final. Inashiro played around their unparalleld ace, Narumiya. Whereas Seido relied on their 4-man pitcher relay. The first-year pitchers, Furuya and Sawamura, played key roles in the game.


Kazuya Miyuki becomes the catcher for Sawamura in a contest against Seido's dangerous clean-up batter, Kiyokuni Azuma. As Eijun tries to pitch down the middle, he finds himself tense and unable to control the ball. Kazuya immediately calls time and comes out to give him some words of encouragement. The words have the desired effect as Eijun finds more control than ever before and unveils a dangerous weapon he didn't know he had. Seeing how people like Kazuya can alter his pitching, Eijun decides to come to Seido as long as he can become the ace of the team.

3Blessed by the Baseball Gods

It's ninth day and fourth round of the spring invitational and Seido will finally face Komadai Fujimaki. It's Masamune Hongo's first start of the tournament, and he has not given up a single run. How will the Seido batters counter his 150 km/h fastballs and sharp splitters? Meanwhile, Furuya is starting for Seido. How will he fare against the Komadai Fujimaki batters?

3The Kings of Summer

Tanba got a leg cramp and couldn't continue, so Sawamura came out at the bottom of the seventh. Yuki turned the game around in the top of the eighth. Sawamura continued to pitch well throughout the bottom, but...

3Not Qualified to Be a Pitcher?

Eijun is nervous about rooming with older teammates, but they make him feel a too little at home on his first night. Eijun ends up oversleeping and shows up late when it's time to meet Coach Tesshina Katoka, a former Japanese pro pitcher. Miyuki also shows up late, but he uses Sawamura as a decoy to sneak into his line. Katoka shows no mercy and says Eijun can never become a pitcher if he can't show up on time. He also makes Miyuki run laps. Sawamura is determined to prove he can be the ace though, so Coach Katoka gives him a special challenge, saying until he can complete this challenge, he can't play in a baseball game for Seidou.

4The Day It Began

The quarterfinal match against Komadai Fujimaki is wrapping up. Miyuki earned Seido's only hit against Komadai Fujimaki's Hongo in seven innings. However, Seido's Furuya continues to respond to Hongo and improve his game. Will Seido be able to earn a spot in the semifinals? Will Sawamura get a chance to play?

4The Fall Tournament Begins!

Seido draws into the most competitive bracket in their attempt to win the tournament. The first opponent is Teito, and they have a first-year pitcher who's already been to nationals forming a battery with their captain. They're trying to take nationals.

4Are You Like Me?

Seido faces off against Ichidai Third High School, the school that beat them last year. While their top-level offense rakes in runs, the ace Tanba struggles, and the game turns into a batting contest. However Sawamura isn't present. Instead he is training back at school. During his training Furuya, another first-year pitcher, approaches him. Showing sympathy to Sawamura's peculiar training method, Furuya offers to play catch with him. Sawamura is in a cheery mood with Furuya's kindness, but the speed of Furuya's throws far exceeds his expectations.


Losing to Komadai Fujimaki, Seido is out of the spring invitational. What did Furuya as he pitched against Hongo? But there's no time to bask in the afterglow of Koshien Stadium. The Seido lineup is shifting once again. New first-years are joining the team. The other baseball club members are carefully measuring the time left until the summer tournament. And then Haruichi unveils a unexpected change.

5The Cold Rain

A huge crowd gathers at Edogawa City Baseball Stadium to watch the game between Seido and Teito. At the top of the first, Furuya takes out their cleanup and catcher, Inui. Teito's first-year pitcher, Mukai, is making good use of the corners to take control of the Seido batters.

5A Clash

Coach Katoka, or Shades as Onoda calls him, organizes a game between the first years and the non-starters on the second and third year teams. The goal is to determine who will join the starters for upcoming practice games. When Onoda comes across Katoka in the bath, the coach gives him one final chance to answer his question. After the answer is given, Onoda is allowed into the upcoming game, but when he starts as an outfielder, it could spell doom for any chance he has on the varsity team.

6Go Straight

Seido has little time to rest after the spring invitational before the Tokyo spring tournament. Their first round opponent is Eigen High School. Kawakami is the lead-off pitcher, but the crowd is expecting Furuya who shone at Koshien Stadium. Will Furuya make an appearance? And what about Sawamura, who was disappointed and Koshien Stadium and is all too aware of Furuya's prowess?

6Out of Order

The game is paused due to the rain. Mukai stretches in his dugout, Furuya looks spaced out, and Sawamura is pitching in the bullpen. The game resumes, and Miyuki immediately gets a double. However, Mukai is keeping it cool on the mound.

6Head to Head

Thanks to the words of fellow first year Haruichi Kominato, Eijun makes it on base. Next Haruichi promises to bring him home and get the first years a run. Haruichi proves to be a brilliant batter, and thanks to his spring Eijun scores. However the first years quickly get three outs, and Coach Katoka says he will call it a game unless all the first years agree to continue. Most want to drop out, but thanks to words of encouragement from Eijun they decide to continue. Eijun is placed on the mound, and Hariuchi is placed at shortstop. The two seem to be wroking effectively together against the older students until Eijun's roommate comes to the plate. Can Eijun find a way to strike out his roommate, who is the #4 hitter for the JV team?


A third-round game at the Tokyo spring tournament is attracting a lot of interest. Inashiro Industrial, the runner-up team from last year's summer tournament with this generation's best southpaw, Mei Narumiya, is facing Yakushi, a quarterfinal finisher from the spring invitational. How have they grown after their winter training and experience in the invitational? Has Narumiya recovered after his disappointing run in the fall? This heavily watched game is about to get under way!

7Where I Am

Sawamura makes a great relief. However, Mukai, as the self-proclaimed best pitcher his year, continues to toy the Seido batters. Kuramochi fights for a walk to first and Haruichi follows up with a hit. Can they score?

7The Two Batteries

The game concludes, and Furuya and Masuko are promoted to varsity while Eijun and Haruichi are promoted to JV. Along with the promotion comes additional pitchers training for Furuya and Eijun. However their training can only be done with the partners that Coach Katoka assigns them. Furuya is assigned to work with Miyuki while Sawamura is assigned to work with Chris. However instead of catching Eijun's pitch, Chris continually gives him additional work that isn't pitching, making Eijun think the coach has gotten the last laugh and that he won't succeed at Seidou.


At Meiji Jingu Secondary Stadium, the sparks are flying as Inashiro and Yakushi's game wraps up. Meanwhile, Okumura and the other new Seido first-years are learning how tough high school baseball can be. Seido can seat 20 players on the bench for the spring tournament, but they've only registered 18. Coach Kataoka purposely left two spots open so the third-years for whom this is the last summer tournament, as well as the second and new first-years will compete for them.


Mukai scatters his pitches offensively, but Tojo puts up a good fight and gets on base. Kuramochi follows after, and the Teito battery walks Haruichi to load the bases. It's two outs and bases loaded at the bottom of the eighth. Immense pressure is on Maezono.

8The Truth About Chris

Chris continues to leave practice early and give Eijun additional workouts. Eijun believes Chris is slacking off and has given up on making the first string, but what makes him the most mad is when Chris tells him he will never be the ace as long as Furuya is on the team. Rei Takashima reveals she was the one who assigned Eijun to work with Chris because of his knowledge of the game, and when Eijun bad mouths Chris he ticks off Miyuki. Rei ends up taking Eijun to see one of Chris rehab practices and reveals he is the only man Miyuki has never beaten. Eijun realizes Chris was trying to make it where he wouldn't get hurt and begs Chris to teach him baseball.

9Battle, Battle

Seido has made it to the fourth round of the Tokyo Spring Tournament. With East and West Tokyo competing, there are some interesting games coming! Teito, a school that has played many times at Koshien Stadium and defeated the reigning champions Inashiro in last year's fall tournament, is facing Ugumori who have been getting lots of attention. The winner of this game will play Inashiro in the fifth round! It will be a match to see!

9My Path

Seido beats Teito, and the team is excited to play Inashiro again. Being influenced by how Maezono swings his bat every day after dinner, many follow suit. However, some aren't exactly on the same page.

9With Chagrin in His Heart

Sawamura begins to follow Chris every where to try and learn more about baseball. He also sits out of some practices so he can learn how the communication of a team works. Chris finally gives in to Eijun's persistence and catches a few of his pitches. After catching them, Chris informs Eijun he must find his specialty if he is to be truly effective as a pitcher. At first Sawamura is confused. he knows his speed isn't the best and he can't throw breaking balls, so what could be his specialty. Eventually Sawamura decides his specialty is his control, but focusing solely on control lowers his speed and allows him to get slaughtered in weekend a game. Can Sawamura figure out what his specialty truly is before being demoted?


Sawamura goes to tell Miyuki about Okumura's outburst, but remembers his own conflict with upperclassmen and judging Chris before knowing his situation. In the spring tournament, Teito's game against Ugumori finishes and Seido will face Kasuga First High in the quarterfinals. Will Furuya start, or Sawamura? With Ichidai Third High's Amahisa and the new first-years watching, Coach Kataoka declares they will win and selects the starting pitcher...

10Did You Just Pitch...

It's Seido vs Nanamori, and Coach Kataoka has made a big roster change. Haruichi, Furuya, Tojo, and Kanemaru — four first-years are in the starting lineup. To top it off, the starting pitcher is Sawamura. Now that he's gained confidence in his outside pitch, Miyuki feels that Sawamura needs his inside back.

10Hone Your Moving Fastball

Chris finally tells Eijun what sets him apart is his moving fastball. He reveals all the training he's given Eijun could make him the ace if he does it regularly for one year. However Eijun wants to thank Chris personally by delivering his best pitch to him in a game. One night when he's doing secret practices, Coach Katoka catches him and threatens to split him up from Chris. When Eijun tells him his reason for practicing this way at night, he recommends Eijun start a towel exercise that will improve his flexibility and control. Now with his speed back and his movement becoming better than ever, Sawamura is ready for his final JV game. The only question is will there be a catcher available to help him and catch his moving fastball?

11Where You Look

It's the quarterfinals of the spring tournament and Seido is playing Kasuga First High. In the bottom of the third inning, Haruichi Kominato gets a timely hit to give Seido the lead and bring the cleanup Miyuki up to bat. Can Miyuki take the pressure of starting pitcher Sawamura? The fifth inning sees a big chance for Kasuga First. Can Sawamura see the game through? Meanwhile, the effect of Koshien Stadium on Furuya has become apparent, making him more focused on being the ace. What is it he sees, looking forward?

11The Underdog Story

Sawamura overcomes the yips and shows off an impressive pitching job against Nanamori Academy. "You can be in contention for the ace position now," says Miyuki. Inashiro and Ugumori are playing at Ota Stadium, and Inashiro's victory might be in danger.

11Chris to the Field!

Eijun appears to have greater speed on his moving fast ball than ever before. However his control has gone hectic. After walking the bases loaded with no outs, Coach Katoka signals for a change. Most of the team believes it will be Eijun getting subbed out. Instead Chris is inserted into the game. He calls all the infield together and reveals a plan that he believes will turn the momentum around completely. The only question is whether or not Eijun will be able to do so with all his wild pitches


After being added to the bench, first-year Masashi Yuki hits a home run in his first game. Okumura, Yui and Asada, each with their own emotions, are practicing and getting more familiar with the team. The team is preparing for their next game against Ichidai Third High. During practice, Miyuki prioritizes catching for Furuya, which frustrates Sawamura. Having been reproached by Miyuki for clasing with Sawamura, Okumura volunteers to catch for him.


Inashiro vs Ugumori. At the bottom of the seventh, Tadano and Narumiya are having a difficult time seeing eye to eye against the highly offensive Ugumori batters. Umemiya hits a big one and Ugumori turns the game around with two runs! The runner-up team at nationals is cornered.


Chris has Miyuki join him and Sawamura in the bullpen as they try to master Sawamura's new pitching form and get him to start throwing strikes with it. Chris's father Animal shows up at the game and tries to get Chris to stop playing, believing his shoulder isn't yet healed and that he will only cause further damage to himself. In order to stop Seido's momentum, Naoyuki Zaizen suggests they change the target from trying to destroy Sawamura to trying to destroy Chris. This episode covers chapters 30 to 33.

13Batting First

The spring tournament game against Ichidai Third High has finally begun. Seido is batting first against Ichidai Third High ace Kosei Amahisa. Seido's cleanup starts as Haruichi Kominato steps up to the plate with one out and a runner on third. Will Miyuki getting them to bat first help them take the lead? Meanwhile, Seido's starting pitcher Furuya takes the mound with the same emotions he felt in the Invitational. The early innings are turning into a heated battle!


Inashiro is defeated, and the Seido Nine, who were hoping to take down Inashiro themselves, are visibly disturbed by the upset. After seeing Miyuki and Maezono's attitude toward Watanabe, Kamenashi steps in...

13You're in the First-String

To stop the attacks on Chris, Sawamura reverts back to his original pitching form while maintaining the wall against the dangerous Naoyuki Zaizen. The results not only improve Sawamura's speed, but they start putting pressure on Zaizen and reveal an injury he had earlier. With Chris and Zaizen being of equal strength now, the momentum swings back to Seido. After 3 innings Chris and Sawamura are pulled from the game. The game concludes and the Coach calls everyone together. Two players are moved up to the varsity team, and many third years have their hearts broken. While Chris isn't brought up to play, he is brought up as a manager for the varsity team.


The spring tournament game against Ichidai Third High has finally begun. Seido is batting first against Ichidai Third High ace Kosei Amahisa. Seido's cleanup starts as Haruichi Kominato steps up to the plate with one out and a runner on third. Will Miyuki getting them to bat first help them take the lead? Meanwhile, Seido's starting pitcher Furuya takes the mound with the same emotions he felt in the Invitational. The early innings are turning into a heated battle!

14On My Shoulders

Ugumori vs Seido. Ugumori's cleanup, Umemiya is at bat, and Furuya pitches a high fastball remembering the conversation in the restroom. "If you can't do as I say, then get off the mound right now." Miyuki gives Furuya a reality check.

14Training Camp Begins!

Sawamura continues to train hard, but when Chris notices he is overworking, he has Miyuki pul lhim into the indoor training facility for some pickoff training and leg positioning training so he won't get hurt. Furuya is reminded he must trim his nails and is also forced to start pickoff training. Furuya tells Miyuki he has a twisted personality. Tanba watches his rivals and vows not to give the ace number to anyone else. As hell week begins Tanba and Kawakami are sent to the bullpen while Sawamura and Furuya are forced to work on fielding practice and base coverage scenarios. Once their coverage scenarios are done they are sent out for outfield catching. In the bullpen Tanba works on a secret pitch with Miyauchi. When the 100 yard sprints start and the night workouts increase, Sawamura realizes him and his fellow first years haven't prepared for anything like this.

15My Role

It's Seido vs Ichidai Third High in the spring tournament semifinals. Up 2 - 0 until the fifth inning, Seido's starting pitcher Furuya faces an Ichidai rally. Unable to control the ball, his pitching continues to falter. Miyuki trusts Furuya as the ace and does his best to guide him. However, after his third walk in one inning, Coach Ochiai gives Coach Kataoka a bit of advice, helping him make a firm decision to...

15Persistent and Diligent

Umemiya pitches a power curveball to finish off Miyuki, but Miyuki manages to react quickly, thanks to Watanabe's scouting, and hits an RBI into the center field. Maezono follows up with a nice long hit along the left foul line to match Miyuki's RBI for a second run to Seido.

15Lead with Your Plays!

The training camp continues. The first-years can barely keep up with the harsh training. As Sawamura improves little by little, he is called to Miyuki's room for some reason. There, he found his upperclassmen waiting, and...

16Only After You've Won

It's the spring tournament semifinal game against Ichidai. After saving his team with his perfect relief pitching, Sawamura is now the lead-off batter in the top of the sixth. Can Sawamura get on base and lead his team in a counterattack? Ichidai Third High's Amahisa's impeccable pitching hasn't allowed Seido a run since the second inning. Will the Seido batters support Sawamura and mount a comeback? Which team will advance to the final?

16Chain Reaction

Bottom of the seventh, Seido is batting. Tojo hits a double into the right-center field. Higasa follows up with a two-run hit, giving Seido a five run lead over Ugumori. However, the Ugumori players look strangely cheerful, and seeing that, the audience begin to cheer for them.


The practice game between Seido and Osaka Kiryu begins with Furuya determined not to give up any hits after remembering the coaches words, "go get obliterated today." The first batter nails his fastball deep to the outfield. A bases loaded walk gives Kiryu a 3-0 lead and prompts a visit to the mound by Miyuki. The visit reminds Furuya to trust in the fielders around him. Furuya begins to intentionally give up hits so his outfielders can cover for his current weakness.

17Three Months

After their own semifinal game the nine Seido players watch Inashiro's semifinal against Teito. Narumiya and Mukai both played at Koshien Stadium as first-years, and then received their powerhouse school's ace number as second-years, and they'll both be pitching. Meanwhile, Seido High School is analyzing their game against Ichidai Third High, focusing on Coach Kataoka. Then, Miyuki remembers a certain thought...

17Shut Him Down!!

A hit makes a bad bounce in front of Haruichi, and Seido misses out on a double play. Now, Ugumori has the bases loaded with no outs. Ugumori has momentum, but Seido's defense boldly shifts forward. Can they stop Ugumori as the batting order resets to the top?

17Games Are Fun

Kiryu's ace, Hiromi Toshi, continues to dominate Seido's batters as his speed increases as the game goes on. Miyuki decides to play a game with Toshi and has Furuya pitch full out with the goal of striking out the ace. To show off more of his dominance, Furuya hits a homer off of Toshi in the bottom of the fifth. As the two teams appear to become even, we reach the sixth inning. Sawamura is brought in to pitch the remaining four innings while Furuya is sent to the outfield to give him fielding practice and additional at bats. Takahiro Matsumoto gets pissed, thinking his team is merely practice targets for Seido's first years. Sawamura experiences pitching problems similar to Furuya's. However because his previous team was weak, he is used to such situations and quickly begins to adjust.

18Something to Find Out

After seeing the result of the spring tournament, the Seido players think about what they lack, and begin to act on it. Sawamura shows an especially strong will to improve, and it propagates to other third-years. Meanwhile, the final game of the spring tournament is being played. Miyuki and Furuya, who has felt pressure ever since playing at Koshien Stadium, are at Meiji Jingu Secondary Stadium to see it.

18This Guy's Pretty Good

Bottom of the eighth, it's two outs with a runner on third, and Umemiya face off against Miyuki. Miyuki hits long but stops just short of the fence, and the game goes into the final inning. For the final inning, Coach Kataoka gives the mound to Sawamura for his strong spirit.

18I Hate It, But...

Miyuki continues to try to get Sawamura to pitch inside and gain additional control, but his motivational speeches seem to have little to no effect on Sawamura. Sawamura begins to try to trust in his infielder's, and as he does so he sees his pitching begin to improve. While many runs are given up, both Sawamura and Furuya learn the lessons the coach hoped to have them learn in the training camp. After the game Coach Matsumoto acknowledges Sawamura's ability and praises how it can be a secret weapon if it is utilized correctly, but only with a little refining.

19Competitive Streak

Coach Kataoka announces the team will play an intrasquad game, setting the practice fields abuzz. The first-years are eager to perform in order to make the second string, but so are the upperclassmen who want to make the first string. With Sawamura and the other main players looking on, first-year Kukki starts the game. How will Okumura, Seto and the other first-years counter the intense competitive spirit of the upperclassmen?

19An Uncompromising Challenge

It's the final inning, and Umemiya's at bat. Sawamura's concentration peaks. "I won't run away." Sawamura's cutter goes right into Umemiya's chest. He swings and hits a grounder toward Sawamura. Can Seido get Umemiya out?


A 3-set of matches takes place to end the training week of hell as Inashiro Industrial vs. Seido, Inashiro Industrial vs. Shuuhoku, and Shuuhoku vs. Seido on Seido's field. Kawakami pitches the game vs. Inashiro Industrial with Miyauchi while Tanba is forced to work with Miyuki. None of the starters play in the match vs. Inashiro Industrial, though Furuya is positioned in left field for the entire game. Inashiro Industrial brings out their starters for the second game, including southpaw ace Narumiya Mei. Mei already has a wicked slider, curve ball, and fast ball, but in the game he debuts a change up pitch that could make him unbeatable. Finally we start the Shuuhoku vs. Seido match. Through 6 innings Miyuki has Tanba throw nothing but curveballs and fastballs, but in the seventh inning Tanba debuts his new fork ball.


The first-years are playing the second and third-years in an intrasquad game. In the third inning, the Asada-Okumura battery comes on to face the upperclassmen. After seeing Okumura and Seto's aggressive play, Asada thinks to himself that he wants to live upto Okumura's expectations. Will Asada's pitches hit their mark? Meanwhile, Kawashima continues his intense pitching to try to take back his illustrious spot on the bench. Can Okumura and Seto's devious batting continue to work on the upperclassmen?

20With Heads Held High

Seido High School makes the round of eight, but Miyuki is overstressed by his role as the captain. "I thought that with you as the captain, the team will get better," Yuki encourages him. To add to the problem, the ace of Oya High School knows Furuya is injured.


The second half of the Seido, Shuuhoku match begins with Tanba unveiling his fork ball. Combined with his fastball and his curve ball Seido seems to have a new found sense of confidence. As Tanba comes to bat however, Shuuhoku's pitcher loses control of one pitch and forces an emergency cancellation of the game and leads to something that could ruin Seido's season. As the players are feeling depressed, the summer tournament bracket is revealed. In order to play Inashiro Industrial, Seido will have to make it to the Tokyo Final. Sawamura is told to get better with his control and also told he'll debut when the time is right. Additional training is given to Sawamura and Furuya while some of the seniors are forced to start pitching training to help motivate them and prepare them should 3 pitchers not be enough.

21Out of Time

With the intrasquad game over, Kataoka selects those who will be on the first string, causing joy and sorrow among the first-years and the upperclassmen. Meanwhile, Miyuki begins talking about the team at length with Kuramochi in their classroom. Although he says, "Honestly, no amount of time would be enough," Kuramochi says Miyuki still seems to be enjoying himself.

21Whispers of the Devil?

"I don't want to quit the team," Watanabe says strongly. Miyuki and Maezono may have some issues, but the second-years as a whole are getting along better. Haruichi continues to practice hard, chasing after his brother's back. And the coach announces the starters for the Oya game. The pitcher is Sawamura.

21To the Dream Stage

Kanemaru helps Sawamura get ready for the exams. Until Sawamura passes all his exams, he will be ineligible to play in a game. After a few practices, he manages to get a 30, two 35's, and a 36 on his test making him eligible for the tourney. As Chris watches Sawamura pitch into the net, he secretky thinks how he can fine tune Sawamura's grip into a great weapon that no one will be able to defeat. Furuya isn't as lucky and is forced to take the makeup test. Everyone receives their numbers. The opening ceremonies are held for the Tokyo Tournament. Only two schools, those whom make the championship game, will be able to go on to the National Tournament. After the Opening Ceremony, Seido returns to their practice facility. We see Furuya and Sawamura getting used to the fielding, but Kawakami appears to be struggling. Realizing it's time to boost Kawakami's confidence, the Coach takes him aside and announces he will be their ace closer and to not worry about having to start. Furuya is named the starter. Seido opens its first match against Maimon West, who is about to see what Furuya's fastball is all about.


Miyuki has ordered Sawamura and Furuya to practice with the first-year catchers. Will they be able to lead and live up to Miyuki's expectations? During night practice, Sawamura is enthusiastic to have Miyuki catch for him. Then Coach Kataoka shows up and watches the numbered pitches Sawamura throws to Miyuki. Kataoka has something to tell Sawamura.

22Winging It

At Seido's indoor practice area, Sawamura is trying to learn a breaking ball. He's having difficulties pitching any breaking balls but immediately succeeds on pitching a changeup with Coach Ochiai's advice. Is Sawamura finally moving on to the next phase of his pitching?

22Calling for Attention

Seido shows Maimon West that they are underestimating anyone in the tournament. After being retired 1-2-3 in the top of the first, Seido manages to score 3 in the top of the second. Meanwhile Furuya continues to strike out batter after batter with his high fastball. Seido goes on to continue punishing Maimon West, gaining a 15-0 lead.

23One Pitch, One Second

During the long break in May, the powerhouse schools travel to different parts of the country to compete in practice games to prepare for the summer tournament. Fujimaki Komadai has traveled to Osaka to play Osaka Kiryu; Inashiro is playing Saiho in Aichi; Yoshinaga from Tokushima is in Kumamoto playing Shogakkan. Seido tides themselves over by playing Yamaga in Saitama, but then it's time for Sawamura to take the mound against Hakuryu, a team that finished in the semi finals of the Invitational.

23School Academic Level

The runner on first takes a big lead. As Sawamura tries to throw to first, the runner on third runs, and Sawamura stops his throwing motion. "Balk!" says an umpire. Oya takes a run from Sawamura with a clever play.

23Official Game Debut

With a 15-0 lead in place, Seido brings in Sawamura to pitch inning 4. The game ends up being called, and Seido advances with ease. Seeing how high Furuya's ball was, Chris takes Sawamura aside and teaches him how to hold the ball and turn his pitch into a fine weapon no one will be expecting. Seido then participates in their second game of the tournament against Puplic Murata East High School.


The game against Hakuryu and third batter Mima is finally under way. They are one of the most mobile teams in the country. Sawamura finds himself in trouble early in the first inning. Will his pitching style work against the Hakuryu batters? Meanwhile, Seido has changed up their batting order to be more aggressive after their loss in the spring tournament. How will they fare in this game?

24Individual Minds

Sawamura goes three for three in the bottom of the fifth. Next inning, Kuramochi gets a hit off the first pitch, and Shirasu follows as well. However, Oya scouts and analyzes well. Can Wakabayshi help turn the game in their favor?

24Precision Machine

The match between Seido and Puplic Murata East ends with Seido getting another called game, 10-0 after 5 innings. Seido sticks around to watch the next game and sees Akikawa Academy's Shunshin Yeung and his clockwork control. Yeung pitches mostly to the outside corners, and his rotation of the spots makes it hard for batters to predict where it will be. Seido begins planning immediately to combat it. Scouts and magazine writers head to Seido to watch Furuya pitch. However Miyuki realizes Furuya's body isn't used to Tokyo's heat after coming down from Hakkiado and limits him to 10 pitches. Everyone that sticks around gets to watch Sawamura work o nhis inside control with Kanmemaru in the batting circle. The next day the reporters head to Akikawa where they are shocked to see Yeung is th epitcher for the practice sessions. They also see the pitching machine turned up full throttle so Akikawa's players can get used to seeing the speed with their eyes, even if they can't hit it.


Sawamura's pitching is looking strong against Hakuryu. Mima and the high school baseball fans were expecting to see Furuya pitch, but they have to acknowledge Sawamura's skill. Meanwhile, out in left field, Furuya can't stop thinking about standing on the mound. What will Kataoka do as he loses his focus? And then, Sawamura faces Mima for the third time.


Oya has runners on first and second with only one out, and the cleanup, Kasuga, is up next. However, Sawamura can't suppress his excitement. "Pitch with confidence," Maezono encourages Sawamura. Miyuki holds his mitt low and away.

25Anti-Furuya Strategy

The night before the game, Coach Katoka stands in the batters box and has Sawamura pitch to him. Sawamura's pitch decides his fate for the Akikawa game. As the game begins, Furuya once again pitches full out. However Akikawa reveals a plan to wear him out through bunts and forcing more lack of control. Miyuki realizes their plan and comes up with a counterattack, but will Furuya be able to execute it?

26Beneath the Same Banner

The game against Hakuryu, a quarterfinalist in the Invitational, is entering the final stretch. What has Sawamura felt and learned facing a nationally ranked powerhouse school? What did Furuya feel and learn watching Sawamura pitch the game on his own? Both pitchers have mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Mima, who also wants to play professionally, has taken an interest in Miyuki.

26The Conceited Underclassman

Sawamura pitches all nine innings with a stellar performance, and Seido advances to the semifinals. Chris can't help but smile at Sawamura's growth. The game between Sensen and Seiko follow Seido's, and Maki is showing a strong performance. However, Seiko's well built players slowly put on the pressure.

26Miracle Akikawa

In the top of the first, Shunshin Yeung comes to the plate and forces Furuya to throw a meat ball which he nails to left, giving Akikawa a 2-0 lead early on. With the lead Yeung heads to the mound and is able to start his precision throwing. Yeung comes up with a plan that he believes will destroy Seido if it is executed to perfection, but it requires getting one more run off of Furuya.

27The Note

Não temos uma sinopse em Português do Brasil. Você pode ajudar a ampliar o nosso banco de dados adicionando uma.

27Step By Step

Furuya's injury is healed, and after seeing Sawamura's great performance, he is more than ready to pitch. Kawakami continues to put in more work as well. In the team meeting, the word spreads about Coach Ochiai teaching Sawamura his breaking ball.

27I'm Not Running

As the heat continues to increase, Coach Katoka declares that if Furuya even lets one batter on base, he will switch him out. At first this declaration provides Furuya the motivation he needs to get stronger, and his pitch gets faster. However Akikawa begins to use their bunt plan efficiently forcing Furuya to tire himself even more. With no other choice, a pitcher change is called for. Sawamura is called into action. After nearly throwing the ball away on a toss to first base, Miyuki calls for a four-seam fastball to the inside, the exact pitch Sawamura used against the coach the night before. We see the results of that pitch. Akikawa hesitates being unable to see his (Sawamura's) pitch due to his form, and Sawamura forces a pop out to third to get out of the 4th inning.

28I'm Not Stopping

After a series of successful practice games, the Seido Nine are intensely focused on preparing for the summer tournament. Sawamura, encouraged by Kataoka's words, begins rising early in the morning to train. Meanwhile, after seeing Sawamura's improvement, Furuya tries to help out with batting practice. Their rivalry seems to be having a positive influence on both of them, until...

28The Resilient Second String

Coach Kataoka organizes an intrasquad scrimmage between the first-string and the second. Furuya is the starting pitcher for the first-string team and Sawamura for the second. And for some reason, Haruichi is using a metal bat.

28Path, Eijun Sawamura to the Scorching Mound

This episode serves as a recap of the first 27 episodes, showing how Eijun Sawamura joined the Seido High School Baseball team, his struggles with the JV, and his eventual rise to play in the tournament all while hoping to become the ace of the team.

29After Spring Comes

The Seido baseball team is hard at work preparing for the summer tournament. Meanwhile, the team managers are reviewing notebooks and clippings of newspaper and magazine articles about the team since their appearance at the Invitational. They remember the passionate emotions of Sawamura and Furuya during the games. Seeking consecutive spring and summer appearances at Koshien Stadium, they are striving to improve.

29Demon Child

A middle-aged man watches the intrasquad game. He is none other than Eijiro Sakaki, the man who made Seido's baseball team famous. He was also Kataoka's high school coach. "You used to be such a demon child." Sakaki reminisces on the past.

29Neck and Neck

Sawamura's moving fastball and four seamer continue to cause problems for Akikawa's batters. As Seido's batters start to get on base, Miyuki comes to the plate and is able to predict the pitches Shunshin Yeung will make. Miyuki's at bat not only helps Seido's batters improve, but Tanba is sent to the bullpen to warm-up and cause an additional scare for Akikawa's batters. Will it all be enough to reverse the score and give Seido the lead?

30Bloom of Youth

Sawamura is the starting pitcher in the practice game against Chiba's powerhouse, Naruta Industrial. How will his pitches fare against their batters known as the Southpaw Killers? It will be another trial for Sawamura, who must handle another big game. Plus, Naruta Industrial and Kuramochi have a previous relationship. What happened between then?

30The Kings' Roar

The sound of metal bats ring through the field of Yakushi High School. Sanada, the ace, is showing meticulous batting work. Behind him, Raichi is swinging like a mad man. Over at Ichidai Third High School, Amahisa is also training frantically.

30Winner and Loser

Ichidai continues to watch the game between Seido and Akikawa, declaring the next team to score will win in this 2-2 tie. Coach Katoka inserts Haruichi as a pinch hitter, and he responds by getting on base. Sawamura's bunt gets Haruichi to second base and brings up the lead-off batter, Kuramochi. Will Kuramochi finally be able to master Shunshin Yeung's clockwork control and get on base? Which team will score and seize control? No matter the outcome, Yeung is happy because he finally gets to play the style of Japanese baseball he grew up envying in his last summer of play in Japan.

31Kind of Like a Promise

In order to prepare for unforseen circumstances in the summer tournament, Coach Kataoka has the players play out of their normal positions. Sawamura played left field in a practice game and Furuya played the infield during batting practice. Coach Kataoka asks straight-out if Yui, a first-year who made the first string, if he can play multiple positions. How will Yui, who has played catcher his whole career, respond?

31The Courage He Gave Me

The game between Seiko and Seido begins. Seiko's catcher, Masu, is up at bat. Miyuki is wary of him, as he's both the lead-off man and the central figure of the team. In order to take the upper hand, Seido wants to get him out. Can Furuya start the game off strong?

31Dark Horse

After winning their match, Seido stays behind to watch Manaka's pitching in hopes of gaining a slight advantage in the quarterfinal game. Tanba remembers his past ties with Manaka and swears to return in that quarterfinal match. However Yakusi has made many changes to their lineup, including three first years in the 3, 4, and 5 spots. When the first of these first years arrives, Raichi Todoroki, he nails Manaka's best fastball out of the stadium to give his team the early 1-0 lead. Ichidai is forced to make an early pitching change, with Manaka moving to the outfield, and the game becomes a slugging contest. As inning 5 approaches, Manaka demands to return to the mound so his team can move on to the quarterfinals. Ichidai gives in, and Manaka returns with better control than before.


Returning from his injury, Furuya joins a game with the second string. Seeing Sawamura shine in the first string's game, Furuya mulls over the words Kataoka wrote in his journal. Meanwhile, in Yamanashi prefecture, Seido's rivals Yakushi, Ichidai Third High and Inashiro Industrial compete in intense games for the spring Kanto Tournament. Sawamura and his teammates watch intensely as their rivals become stronger.

32The Resolve for Responsibility

Seiko is behind by five runs at the top of the fourth. Their cleanup, Nagata, is up at bat and pressures Furuya with his powerful swing. Miyuki calls for a quick time out to regain Furuya's focus. However, as he goes to catch the throw for a double play, a stabbing pain runs through his ankle.


Raichi returns to the batters box for a second match against Manaka. While Manaka gets some good pitches in and appears to have the advantage, and unfortunate bounce leads to an injury to Manaka. Without Manaka the teams pitching begins to struggle. The outcome of the Yakusi/Ichidai game shocks the members of Seido as Raichi's hits decide the outcome. Now Seido must prepare for a team they have no advance data on, out of having watched one match. As Seido's first years attempt to make their way back to the bus, they come across Raichi and Raizou in the back practicing. When Raizou says there are no other pitchers that Raichi needs to worry about until they face Narumiya Mei, it gets Sawamura and Furuya's blood boiling. Kominato tells the rest of the team what happened the next day when they see Sawamura and Furuya practicing so hard, it gets the teams entire blood boiling. Tanba asks the cleanup batters to help him get ready for the next game in simulation practices as Seido's preparations start to go to work.

33Heat Transfer

Sawamura has demonstrated his remarkable growth during the practice games, and people have taken notice, especially his outstanding performance in the Hakuryu game. His pitching has inspired Furuya, too. In the second-string game, Furuya's pitching showed meaningful progress. His emotions transfer into the ball.

33The Ace's Instinct

Seiko takes back one run, but Seido doesn't allow any more. Likewise, Ogawa isn't giving Seido an easy time. Furuya plays to his limits and stops the hit with his body. The game is getting intense. Sawamura takes over Furuya's strong will and takes the mound.

33Money Tree

The episode begins with Chris coaching the team on Yakusi's batting power and their true ace, Sanada, who comes out of the bullpen and throws a shootball. Seeing their methods, Katoka decides to take action. Kataoka calls Sawamura, Furuya, and Kawakami into his office and tells them that Tanba isn't ready to pitch in the next game. Instead he decides they will go with Furuya for innings 1-3, Sawamura for 4-6, and Kawakami for 7-9. After he leaves them he approaches Tanba and tells him to start getting ready in the bullpen in inning 5 and that he will likely play in the game. As game day arrives the entire Seido team stares down Yakusi, mostly focusing their stares on Raichi Todoroki. When the lineups are revealed though, coach Raizou Todoroki has made some adjustments. Raichi has been moved and is now the first batter.


An announcement is made that Miyuki will leave the team and play in the Tokyo Invitational. Seto and Okumura will play on the first string while Maezono and Kuramochi take charge of the team. Miyuki sets off for the Inashiro Industrial practice field where the invitational will be held. Well-known players from several schools arrive for the team's first meeting.


At the top of the eighth, Seiko is ready to turn the game around. Seiko's energy puts Sawamura off his game. Tamaki is unprepared for Sawamura's moving fastball and swings late. However, Kanemaru makes an error at third, and Seiko ties the game and puts a man on base. Can Sawamura overcome this trial?

34Reliable Teammates

Raichi faces Furuya and manages to get a double. The next batter hits a single allowing Raichi to score and give Yasuki a 1-0 lead. Miyuki quickly reminds Furuya that he has reliable teammates behind him, and after a marvelous caught steal on Yasuki, Miyuki gives Seido the confidence it needs. Seido responds in the bottom of the first, and thanks to a 2-run homer by Masuko Seido takes a 3-1 lead. Seeing that his careful planning won't be enough, Raizou prepares to insert Sanada in the lineup earlier than usual and plans to have Raichi crush Furuya on his second at bat.

35Because He's Awesome

It's the Tokyo Invitational game against the Wynd Youth Academy. The starting pitcher is Shunshing Yeung from Akikawa Academy. He's known as a precise machine, but because of JHBF regulations, it's his first game in quite a while. How will Yeung's pitches fare against the American team? Meanwhile, Seido's round-robin games against Seiho and Yamamori are underway. How will Seido take on these powerhouse schools without Miyuki?

35The World Beyond

Miyuki uses everything inside him to stop Ogawa as he tackles into home plate. Masu criticizes his dangerous play but compliments his attitude. Tied at 5-5, the game goes to extra innings. Which team will prevail and advance to the final?


Furuya comes up to bat in the 7-spot and hits a solo homerun to make it 4-1 in the top of the 3rd. In the bottom of the third inning Coach Katoka decides to make his move and bring in Sawamura while Furuya moves out to left field. At first Sawamura pitches the ball straight down the middle, but a throwback from Miyuki makes Sawamura remember it is a team game and not a one-on-one contest. Sawamura is able to trick Raichi and get him behind with some outside pitches into a 1-2 count. Finally Sawamura unleashes his 4-seam fastball to the inside and gets Raichi to pop out. As Seido comes to bat in the top of the fourth a double from the captain gives them a 5-1 lead. Seeing that they can't fall behind any more, Raizou calls for a pitches change and brings in Sanada.

36As a Catcher

Miyuki's team in the Tokyo Invitational is having trouble batting against Wynd Youth's left-handed pitcher Conrad. The American team has the lead going into the seventh inning, when Narumiya finally takes the mound. Meanwhile, Furuya and Ono have formed a battery to take on Yamamori. Ono is quietly eager to help Furuya pitch the way he's used to, even without Miyuki.


Miyuki takes the bat at the bottom of the tenth and hits cleanly off of an inside pitch into his chest — the game ending home run. After a difficult game, Seido advances to the final. With the game over, the other semifinal game between Yakushi and Ichidai begins.

36The Ace Takes the Mound

Sanada comes on and reveals he has a dangerous cutter, shutting down Seido's batting strength. Chris tries to figure out why Sanada isn't being used from the start of games. Ichidai players continue to slowly join in and are shocked to see that Seido has shut down Yakusi so far and leads 5-1. Tanba starts warming up in the 5th inning in the bullpen, giving Seido an additional threat. Yakusi's batters are unable to figure out the timing of Sawamura's pitch. Seeing no other choice, Raizou recommends they each get two strikes to get used to the speed of his pitch before swinging. The #8 man gets on base. Then the #9 batter calls for a bunt, the first bunt Yakusi has made in the tournament. Raichi now comes up for his third at bat. A homerun will make it 5-3 and could ruin Seido's momentum. People in the stands begin to wonder if Sawamura will be switched out. As Raichi comes to bat, a mysterious foot comes out of the dugout. Is Sawamura's day over?

37Invincible Mentality

Taking the mound in the seventh inning against the American Wynd Youth team, Narumiya strikes out their cleanup batter Carlisle, but his last swing is so hard, it goes full circle and hits catcher Inui in the head. Coach Kunitomo decides to switch catchers. As Miyuki dons the catcher's mask, he and Narumiya form a battery that should be impossible. Meanwhile, Seido is playing Yamamori Academy in a practice game. With Miyuki away, Ono is making impressive gutsy plays, until there's an accident...


Coach Todoroki quickly puts Sanada on the mound in the bottom of the third inning after seeing Amahisa's ability as a pitcher. At the top of the sixth, Raichi gets up to bat carrying the hope of his team. Sawamura watches the matchup thinking about how he would pitch against Raichi.


Sawamura is given the role of pitching one more inning. After two outside pitches to Raichi, Sawamura finds himself up in the count. Miyuki calls for a high, inside four-seam fastball to get Raichi out, but Raichi sends it out of the park and cuts the lead down to 5-3. After walking the next two batters, Sawamura is pulled from the game. Yakusi's batters manage to connect Kawakami's pitches and score one more run. However a dramatic catch by Masuko leads to a dramatic double play and Seido gets out of the inning with a 5-4 lead. Sanada is ased to continue on through the end game to give Yakusi a fighting chance. In the bullpen Tanba continues to warmup, and Miyauchi thinks to himself that it is the best Tanba has pitched since getting back.


It's the final innings of the game against the Wynd Youth. Following Narumiya's masterful relief pitching, the other Inashiro players, Carlos, Shirakawa and Yamaoka have really shone. Miyuki is reminded how imposing his rival team is. Meanwhile, in Seido's practice game against Yamamori, Yui is wearing the catcher's after Ono had to leave the field. Several walks and battery errors are making the game difficult. Yui blames himself for throwing off Furuya's rhythm.

38One Pitch

Top of the eighth, Amahisa hits Mishima with his pitch, and Coach Todoroki is extatic. With runners on first and second, Raichi Todoroki gets up to bat. Ichidai leaves the fate of the team in their ace's hands. Who will win?


After the captain hits a home run off Sanada, Seido once again leads by two runs. We reach the bottom of the eighth inning, and Kawakami is struggling. He insists on connecting to Tanba in the next game, but when Raichi is walked and manages to steal second base he finds himself in a pinch. Kawakami is able to get two outs, but Raichi scores, making it 6-5, and Yakusi has runners on first and third. Kataoka steps up and calls for a pitching change. In comes Tanba with two outs for his first appearance for an ace vs. ace showdown.

39I'm Counting On You

After losing Ono to an injury, the Furuya-Yui battery has trouble establishing a rhythm, repeated making errors and walking batters. Still unable to recover, they give up runs and with the team in trouble, Furuya has to leave the mound. Kaneda the relief pitcher pitches well, but he is unable to stop Yamamori Academy's momentum, and Seido's winning streak ends at nineteen games. In game 2 against Seiho High School, the beast of Aichi, Sawamura is the starting pitcher. After receiving encouragement from Coach Kataoka, Sawamura boldly takes the mound.

39Meeting Expectations

The final against Yakushi is tomorrow, and there's a lot of tension at Seido. However, Furuya went to the doctor and was told it would be dangerous for him to play. Furuya wants to play regardless but leaves the decision to the coach. Kawakami will start, and Sawamura will follow. "Let's win and go to nationals." Miyuki's words bring life to the team.

39Expectations of an Ace

Tanba takes to the mound. After two fastballs Tanba has an 0-2 count lead. Miyuki calls for a curveball, but the curve proves to be low and inside, coming close to a past ball. Miyuki makes a dramatic save, keeping the one-run lead for Seido. Seeing that Tanba had the pitch, even though he didn't have the control, Miyuki calls for another curve and gets Sanada to strike out. In the top half of the ninth Seido manages to score two runs, going up 8-5. After Furuya grounds into a double play, Kataoka decides to gamble. Furuya is pulled from the game. Tanba is left to face the bottom of the order with a 3-run lead. If even one runner gets on board though, Tanba will have to face off with Raichi. Will Tanba manage to hold on? This episode covers chapters 113 to 115.


It's Seido's practive game against Seiho, the beast from Aichi. Sawamura has a great first inning, striking out two batters. They're facing Seiho's ace Akashi, once hailed as the super rookie when he played at Koshien Stadium as a first-year. After an injury caused his form to deteriorate, he spent a year in obscurity. Now, he has returned armed with a muscular body and powerful pitches. The Sawamura-Okumura battery must cooperate to take on Seiho's machine-gun-like batting lineup.

40Play Ball

The third-years stop by the night before the final. Sawamura asks Chris for some advice on his two-seamer. The third-years realize how far Sawamura has come seeing him pitching various pitches. Kuramochi is seen elsewhere talking to Shirasu about a possible injury Miyuki is hiding.

40The Winning Shot

The top of the ninth takes place as the battle between Seido and Yakusi reaches its climax with a battle between Tanba and Raichi. Tanba makes the count 2-2 when Miyuki finally calls for the forkball to make its debut. Will Raichi have success against the forkball, or will the pressure get to him? The winner advances to the semifinals as the loser ponders how they can improve for next season. This episode covers chapters 116 to 120.

41Shared Fate

The tense practice game against Seiho is tied at 0. Sawamura gets into trouble in the top of the sixth inning, but an incredible throw to home by center fielder Aso pulls the team through. In the bottom of the same inning, lead-off batter Yuki's hit arcs high. How far will it go? Meanwhile, Sawamura is feeling the weight of his responsibility to the coach and his team and continues spiraling down. His dogged determination is obvious to not only the nine fielders, or the players on the bench, but even to the fans in the stands.

41The Leadoff Man

It's time for the Tokyo Fall Tournament Final. It's Yakushi's chance to go to nationals for the first time, and Seido's chance to go back after seven years. The play ball is called and Seido starts on the offense. "My job is to create an opportunity for the team to score." Kuramochi tenaciously gets on base.

41It's the Semifinal

The results of the quarterfinals are shown. Seido learns they will be facing a giant who is a curve ball specialist in the semifinals. Furuya is informed he won't pitch in the semifinal. Instead they hope he recovers from his fatigue. The team only has 1 day to prepare for the semifinal match. In an effort to help the team advance, the seniors raise the mound and the coach acts as the pitcher for a special batting practice. As the morning of gameday arrives, one of Seido's players accidentally shaves his head bald. Sawamura also learns his friends from home will be attending the semifinal to root for him. Meanwhile Haruchi's brother reveals only 18 players can move on to nationals, and he reveals if he doesn't make it to nationals, he will retire from baseball. This episode covers chapters 121 to 123.

4220 Players

On the train home after the Tokyo Invitational game, Miyuki meets Narumiya and gives him some honest advice. They promise an intense battle in the summer tournament. Meanwhile, the fierce game against Seiho on Seido's practice field has come to an end. The Seido nine reflect on their challenges to address, including those from their loss to Yamamori Academy. It's now time to decide the twenty players who will make the roster for the summer tournament.

42Fastball Featuring Todoroki

Yakushi's chance to score in the bottom of the first inning is crushed by Shirasu's super catch in the outfield. With the game still at 0-0, we go into the second inning. Can Seido get the first run of the game?

42The Giant Looks Down

The battle between Sensen and Seishun gets underway. Sawamura's friends arrive in the fourth inning to see that Seido trails 1-0. In the fourth Seido begins to make contact with Hino's curve ball. Seido manages to load the bases, but a dramatic double play fly out, tag out at home keeps Seishun locked at zero. As we reach the sixth inning Ryousan gets on base. Haruchi is told to start warming up his batting skills, and Sawamura is told to warm up in the bullpen. Ryousan manages to steal home on a ground ball to third, tying the score at 1 a piece. This episode covers chapters 124 to 127.

43Summer Training Camp

The Seido baseball team is holding their summer training camp. The managers are working hard to prepare onigiri for them to eat. Sawamura is trying to eat natto, his least favorite food, in order to gain the stamina to pitch for nine innings without getting tired. The players are keenly interested in who will perform well in the training camp and earn a numbered jersey for the summer tournament. Will Sawamura, Furuya or Kawakami earn the right to wear the ace number?

43To This Side

Raichi stands on the mound. Raichi's fastballs get faster every pitch, and Maezono strikes out. Raichi's strong performance as a pitcher brings life to the Yakushi batters in the bottom of the third. However, Kawakami does everything he can to keep them down.


Haruchi replaces Tanba in the batting lineup with the bases loaded in a 1-1 game in the top of the sixth. Haruchi falls behind 0-2, but Hino gets greedy and throws a curve ball which Haruchi smacks into left center field for a 3 RBI double, giving Seido a 4-1 lead. Sawamura replaces Tanba as the pitcher and walks the leadoff batter. A quick short field hit gets over Ryousan's head, giving Sensen two runners on. Seido sacrifices a run, making it 4-2, to get the first out, but now Hino comes to the plate with runners and second and third and only one out. After a quirky relay message is sent to Sawamura, all the players relax and Sawamura vows he will never let Miyuki say some words to him again that were shared after the last game. This episode will covers the second half of chapter 127 and go through the first half of 131.

44Setting Sail

It's the final day of the summer training camp. The batters of the Seido nine are doing all they can to prepare to face top-tier pitchers like Narumiya and Amahisa. That evening, Coach Kataoka starts fielding drills that work the players to the bone. The next day is the drawing to decide which block each school will play in for the summer tournament. What teams will Seido High School be up against?

44The Best Fastball

Kawakami gives up a home run to Raichi and a hit to Sanada. Kuramochi and Haruichi gets a double play in order to back Kawakami up. However, Kawakami loses control of the ball and gives up a base on balls and a hit by pitch.

44Best Pitch

Sawamura faces off with Hino in a match-up that come determine the end result of the game. In the showdown Sawamura develops a new pitch, the crossfire pitch. Seido advances with an 8-3 win after Nori gives up an additional run. Sawamura gets to meet briefly with his friends before the team heads inside to watch the other semifinal match. This episode covers the second half of chapter 131 through the first half of 134.


Showing the sum total of his pre-tournament training, Sawamura pitches impressively against powerhouse school Kokonoe, holding them to two runs in eight innings. Meanwhile, Ochiai still holds esteem for Furuya who wore the ace number and still continues to improve. Will Seido's ace for this summer be Sawamura, or Furuya? What will Kataoka decide?

45The Field

Maezono's pressure overwhelms Raichi and hits a fly allowing Kuramochi to come home and tie the game. Raichi comes to realization of what it means to stand on the mound. Coach Todoroki notices Raichi's change in attitude and quickly puts Sanada on the mound.


After defeating Sensen Academy, Sawamura enjoys his time with his junior high friends. The second game of the semifinals is between the tournament favorite, Inashiro Vocational High, and a dark horse, Sakurazawa High. Coach Kikukawa exclaims, "It's time to make history!" And the game sets off to an unexpected start.


Seido awaits their first game of the summer tournament. Sawamura wants to get used to wearing the ace number and so begins to sleep in his uniform, earning him a teasing from his roommates. Coach Kataoka receives an stimulating call from his former mentor Coach Sasaki, the coach of Yura Sogo Engineering High School who they are about to face. Yura Sogo competes in the first round anticipating their game against the seeded Seido. What does the cunning Coach Sasaki have up his sleeve?

46The Decision

It's the bottom of the fifth, and Yakushi is up to bat. Mishima stands in the batter's box ready to hit but falls short before Sawamura's four-seamer. Sawamura surprises the crowd by striking out Mishima. Next up is Raichi Todoroki, Yakushi's cleanup. Can Sawamura keep him down?

46Pitching of Despair

As Nagao takes on Inashiro with his knuckle ball, Sakurazawa wait for their chance to score. However, Sakurazawa slowly lose their cool experiencing Narumiya's untouchable fastball. Their calm defense evaporates and errors inevitably follow. Unfortunately, Inashiro's next batter is their cleanup, Harada.

47Under the Feet

The summer tournament is finally under way. Seido's first opponent, Yura Sogo led by Coach Sasaki, is preparing themselves thoroughly for the game. Narumiya starts the first game for Seido's rival, Inashiro. Even though their opponent is no match for them, Inashiro never wants to show any sign of weakness in a baseball game. In stadiums around the country, powerful schools begin their battles. And now it is time for Sawamura to take the mound for the first time as ace...


Miyuki gets his ribs checked out. In the bottom of the sixth, Sawamura shows a strong performance going three for three. With the sides retired, Haruichi stands in the batter's box with a wooden bat, and Sanada looks confident. Sanada's shootball breaks Haruichi's bat, and...

47That Summer

After the game, Narumiya bumps into Miyuki. "Remember the last time all of us got together?" Carlos asks, as everyone Narumiya invited to Inashiro was present. That is of course, Miyuki included.

48Get Back

Sawamura takes the mound with the ace number for Seido's first game of the summer tournament. But the first batter gets on base which messes up his rhythm, and he gives up one run in the first inning. With another runner in scoring position, Coach Sasaki has the Yura Sogo batters aim for Sawamura's inside fastballs. Sawamura's been caught in Sasaki's cunning trap. Can they get back in the game?

48Party Boys

Sawamura strikes out Raichi three for three! He also strikes out Sanada! Sawamura and Miyuki put up a strong fight against Yakushi's heart of the order, and the crowd goes wild. Shirasu starts in the top of the eighth. Will Seido turn around the one-run deficit?

48At the Dorm

As Seido finish reviewing Narumiya's pitching, Yuki talks about the confidence he has toward the final. His words were backed by the hard work everyone has put in. At Inashiro, they are also carefully preparing for the Seido game.

49Seido Goes All Out

Seido's first game of the summer tournament against Yura Sogo is heating up. In the first inning, Seido allowed two runs and only scored one, giving Yura Sogo the lead. Sawamura walks the lead-off batter in the top of the fourth inning and is struggling to regain his composure. Will Kataoka decide to keep Sawamura in or switch pitchers? Meanwhile, the Seido fielders rally to support their pitcher. Will Seido be able to strike back?

49Just You Wait!

The Tokyo Fall Tournament Final is nearing its end. With Yakushi leading 3-4, we go into the top of the ninth inning. Kuramochi hits a fast hit, but Yakushi's all-in defense stops it. Next up is Tojo. The Seido supporters in the crowd are cheering as loud as they can.

49A Nostalgic Face

The day before the final, Sawamura says he wants to learn a breaking ball to overcome his weakness. Azuma, an alumnus of the team stops by with great timing to show his support. Sawamura begins to practice the cutter with Azuma in the batter's box.


Seido has defeated Yura Sogo in a called game. Reflecting on their inability to establish a rhythm in the early innings, Seido begins to analyze and strategize against their next opponent, Hachiya Oji. Of particular interest is their captain, second baseman Kawabata. Kuramochi and Haruichi are fired up to face their rival fielder. Meanwhile, Kataoka calls Sawamura to his office after the coaches' meeting, and tells him to make the most of his experience from the first game.

50Last Inning

At the top of the ninth, Seido is behind 3-4. Haruichi gets a base hit, and Miyuki follows up with one as well. Next up is Maezono. He stands in the batter's box with a mission. Swing and miss. Swing and miss. With two strikes, his back's on the wall.

50Footsteps to Tomorrow

The current third-years were called "the hopeless year" when they joined. Their upperclassmen had lost all hope for them, but they diligently practiced, continuously encouraging each other. Their hard work changed their rivalry for each other into trust.

51That's the Reason Why

The summer tournament is in full swing and Seido is playing their second game against Hachiya Oji and their skilled second baseman Kawabata. Furuya is the starting pitcher and has recovered nicely, throwing howling fastballs in the first inning. But Hachiya Oji has been expecting them, and third batter Kawabata hits one which nearly sails into near center field, but Haruchi and Kuramochi are there to stop it!

51Seek Diamonds

It's the bottom of the ninth, and Seido leads 5-4. Furuya stands on the mound putting fear into Yakushi's batters with his pitch. This is the final moment. Seido is looking energetic with victory within reach. Coach Kataoka can't stay quiet either. Can Seido take the game?

51The Battle Begins!

Sakai is shocked from being taken off the starting roster for the final, and Coach Kataoka gives him some words of encouragement. Being one victory away from going to nationals, everyone at Seido can't seem to hold down their excitement.

52Ace of Diamond

It's the top of the seventh inning in Seido's game against Hachiya Oji. Hachiya Oji has to score this inning or else the game will be called. Kawabata fought his way to a base, but it would be Hachiya Oji's last offensive. Seido's victory is imminent. After hearing Furuya say he'd get to play next game, Sawamura watches the game from the bench, the number one on his back. The story of these two players vying for the title of ace will continue.

52I Don't Want to Lose

Narumiya strikes out Yuki, and Seido is reminded of Narumiya's strength. Furuya takes the mound in the bottom and starts off with three consecutive strikeouts. Narumiya matches Furuya's performance with three strikeouts as well. It's going to be a pitching game.

53Change Gears

After three innings, it's still a close final. Next up is the cleanup, Yuki, and Narumiya changes his gears. Baiting with the changeup, he strikes out Yuki with a fastball, creating momentum for Inashiro. Seido then realizes Narumiya is only going all out for Yuki and the team takes a mental blow.

54Entrusted Faith and the Courage to Perform

In the top of the fifth, Furuya gets a hit off Narumiya. It's the perfect chance to tie the game, and Shirasu, batting ninth, hits Narumiya's fastball. Will Shirasu make first base? And in the bottom of the fifth, the ace, Tanba, takes the mound.

55Strong Men

When Inashiro has two outs with the bases loaded, Tanba pulls through to get Seido going. However, Narumiya and Harada change their pitching pattern to keep Seido away from the bases. As the innings change and the Seido players walk out to the field, Kuramochi stops Ryosuke.


Seido's loss seems imminent against the mighty Inashiro. To make things worse, Tanba's leg cramps at the bottom of the seventh. Coach Kataoka decides to switch him out and puts Sawamura on the mound. The next batter is Narumiya!

57Reliable Underclassmen

Sawamura strikes out Narumiya with three pitches. Miyuki's bold strategy and Sawamura's strong heart lift the tension in the air. Seido High School is back in their usual offensive attitude. Furuya is up to bat, and Narumiya throws a powerful crossfire pitch!

58The Three-Hole

Seido scores a run. Haruichi stands in the batter's box in place of Ryosuke as a pinch hitter. Seido has high expectations for the lucky kid. On the other hand, Inashiro can't give anything up. Narumiya grows furiuos seeing Haruichi's wooden bat. Can Haruichi connect to the next batter?


It's Yuki versus Narumiya. Yuki hits Narumiya's changeup with his unparalleled concentration, and Seido turns the game around! Tanba finds himself tearing up at Yuki's hit, while Narumiya can't keep his cool. Going into the bottom of the eighth, Sawamura continues to pitch.

60Lonely Sun

At the top of the ninth, Inashiro is behind by a run. "I can't picture us losing," says Narumiya as he reflects on the loss at nationals and the hardships he's overcome. The Inashiro team goes back to fielding, entrusting everything to their perfectionist ace.


The unique experience of pitching in the last inning of a tournament final pressures Sawamura like never before. Carlos stands crouched over the plate, trying to get hit by a pitch. Can Sawamura resist his overwhelming determination to win?

62Victory or Defeat

With a runner in a scoring position, Inashiro's cleanup, Harada, stands at bat. Victory is one step away, but the challenge of a lifetime stands in its way. Using the last available time out, the ace goes to the field to relay a message. Can they defend the run and make nationals? The game finally comes to a close.

63Lingering Feelings

An unbelievable turn of events happens at the bottom of the ninth. Inashiro's ace, Narumiya, turns the game around with his bat. Seido players fall to their knees. They were one step short of making nationals. Alas, their summer comes to an end.


After losing the final, things are looking grim at Seido. Haruichi has locked himself in his room. "Somewhere in my heart, I was waiting for this day." Maezono tells him how he feels. After Maezono's eye-opening remark, Haruichi rises and grabs a bat.

65In The Sun

As the new captain, Miyuki tells the team his will, "I want to be greedy about winning." The second-years who were overshadowed before by the third-years show their potentials for the new team. However, Kawakami is still stuck in the past.


The night before the national final, Narumiya lowers his head to his teammates and surprises everyone. Next day, Narumiya walks on to the Koshien mound, motivating Sawamura to practice harder as he watches it on TV. Later, an unfamiliar man comes to observe Seido's practice.

67The Kick

The new team at Seido isn't meshing well just yet. The result of the practice games has been 8 wins and 4 losses with no explosiveness from the batters. Coach Kataoka accepts the practice game Yakushi requested in hopes of raising the team's morale. Sawamura is fired up, but Miyuki isn't happy with his lack of control.

68The Ace Title

To everyone's surprise, the game against Yakushi is a pitcher's game. Furuya takes Raichi out going three for three that inning, and the Seido team sees Furuya's growth. In the bullpen, Sawamura feels threatened as Furuya's growth shines on the mound.

69Can't Lose

Furuya closes six innings without conceding any runs, and the crowd is excited to see the making of a true ace at Seido. Yakushi brings out their ace, Sanada, to the mound, and his presence overwhelms Seido. After seeing them both pitch, Sawamura can't hold himself back.

70Next Stage

After conceding three runs without getting any outs, Sawamura is switched out of the game. "If I walk off here, I'll never..." Memories of the summer final resurface. Contrary to Furuya putting on a show on the mound, Sawamura sits in the dugout like a corpse.

71September Sky

Sawamura isn't himself anymore with the yips, but everyone still has faith in him that he'll be back. While the team is worried for him, he continues his running exercises on his own, and slowly but surely, he's regaining his zeal.

72The Final Lesson

Coach Ochiai and Coach Kataoka have conflicting opinions, but the fall tournament is going well for the team. While Sawamura continues to struggle with the yips, Chris shows up like a knight in shining armor. "Practice the low and away." Sawamura's motivation is renewed.


The third years are left speechless hearing about the resignation of the coach. Coach Kataoka puts the current team through the off-season training menu, and Maezono gives words of wisdom to the players who are slacking. Miyuki is impressed with how dependable Maezono has become and wonders why Coach Kataoka seems to be keeping a secret.

74Guiding Light

The first and second-years find out about Coach Kataoka's resignation, and they are flustered. Isashiki doesn't feel any pressure from their plays, so he gives them a piece of his mind.

75In Pursuit

Maezono hits a home run at the top of the ninth, evening out the game at 3-3, and at the bottom of the ninth, Sawamura finally gets his chance on the mound. From the third-year team, Chris walks out as a pinch hitter to face Sawamura. Can Sawamura show his mentor the pitching of his life?