Air Gear (2006)

24mComédia, Animação, Action & Adventure

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 Minami Itsuki, é um jovem que tem apenas 13 anos, e é estudante que por sinal também um delinquente juvenil em Air Gear. Minami é conhecido como o “Imbatível Baby Face”, Ikki é um garoto que se tornou lider de uma pequena gangue juvenil que se nomeou Gunz do Lado Leste. Ikki após ser humilhado em Air Gear Online por uma gangue de Storm Riders que se chama Skull Saders e acaba retornando para casa com o seu orgulho e a sua reputação escolar machucada também, e acaba descobrindo um grande segredo dos benfeitores o que dar alguma vantagem, as irmãs Noyamano pertencem a um grupo bastante notório de Storm Riders no qual se chama Sleeping Forest. Ikki ganha um presente que é um par de Air Tracks das suas amadas irmãs, que eventualmente volta a desafiar os Skull Saders para resolver as suas diferenças e recuperar o seu orgulho em Air Gear


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1Air Gear

Itsuki Minami, known as Ikki by his friends, got in a fight with a Storm Rider group called the Skull Saders, and lost. At that point he gets more and more involved with the world of Air Gear and discovers a secret that the Noyamano sisters kept from him. He then decides to try out a pair of Air Trecks from his sister and ends up at an Air Treck meeting challenging the Skull Saders team by accident. This is due to the attractiveness of Simca on Ikki.

2Screams of the Rez-Boa Dogs

After seeing what he believes is The Wing's Road he is determined to continue Air Gear and even planning on making his own Air Treck team. When night falls he sees Simca in trouble and decides to help her out. The next night he watches Simca practice on her AT's, but this time she notices him. She gives Ikki a special prize, an emblem, not knowing at that moment that the Storm Rider team Rez Boa Dogs is after it.

3Enter the Night Kings

Ikki discovers that breaking the neon sign and two pairs of Air Trecks within a few days comes at a price. He also learns that Air Gear can be more than just riding a pair of Air Trecks. His friends on their part, Mikura Kazu and Onigiri discover something about Parts War on the internet, but they soon find out that it is not so easy as it looks.

4A Battle for Kazu, Onigiri, and My Pride

After seeing Kazu and Onigiri badly hurt, he decides to take on theNight Kings in an E-Class battle, Hurdle. Before the battle had started it already gained a lot of attention in the Air Gear scene.

5My Body, My Heart is Being Set Aflame

Ikki being confronted by Spitfire about the 8 roads and their kings. Ringo on the other hand by Simca about Ikki's wings and as a potential Air Treck rider. Ringo also finds out that Simca is planning something.

6It's a Rematch! I'll Get My Emblem Back!

The Storm Rider team Skull Saders challenged Sleeping Forest in a battle, but find out that it isn't a convincing Sleeping Forest. Instead it has members of the East Side Gunz and the former leader of the Storm Rider team Night King. The battle is a fact and the winner becomes clear between the rivals.

7What's Wrong with Rejection? Onigiri, We're Comrades!

Ikki gets his first prize from winning in the battle with the Night King, he improved his AT's with it and asks Ringo for a test drive. On the way she finds out that Ikki never really changed.

8Defeat Orihara-sensei's Supllementary Exam: Let's Rediscover Ton-chan-sensei's Past

Ikki, Kazu and Onigiri are having trouble with schoolresults on school, they planned on stealing the answers of the exam. In the progress they hear the story from Tomita Mari, the homeroom teacher of Ikki, about the school clock that's been frozen at one minute before half nine.

9Clash! Buffalo vs. Great White Shark

With Buccha on Ikki's team they still have a problem with the requirement of the minimum of five players for making a team. With this goal they created a rather odd way of finding their fifth rider. Ringo later shows up with a poster showing an A-Class battle between Kintetsu Bulls and Agito's team. The group decides to watch the battle and are totally surprised at the outcome.

10Agito, I'll Drag You Up From the Bottom of the Well

Not soon after they find themselves in a trap of Wind G-men. With Ikki's group escaping from the hands of Kaito, Ikki drags Agito with him to the skies. "When a frog is born, it's not the sea it's looking forward to." "The sky..." This making Agito's soft alter-ego, Akito, return.

11Team Kogarasumaru Take-off

Akito decided to join the team and now they can finally create their own storm rider team. The whole group is excited in the progress with picking a name, emblem, goal and type of team. With most of it decided and registered officially, they find out that another team has taken the school as their turf, a Storm Rider team called Sabel Tigers. Ikki decides to challenge them in a battle.

12She's Finally Here: The Savior Rider

The Sabeltiger had been able to acquire two wins after Bucca and Onigiri had messed up during the F-Class Parts War. In order to assist them from behind the scenes, Ringo disguises herself to race for Ikki's rising Kogasumaru team.

13What Do You Mean By Icarus' Wings? I'll Show You My Talent, Rika-nee

Encouraged by their first win over the Sabeltiger, Ikki wants to further broaden his potential to be the best of the Storm Riders. However, he gets into trouble with Rika when she finds out that Ikki wants to be a Storm Rider himself. Ringo comes to Ikki's defense by insisting that Ikki has potential to be a Storm Rider over Rika's objections.

14Collision! The Old & New Sky King's Heir vs. the Old & New Sleeping Forest

Rika go sees her old boyfriend Sora, who had been crippled and became a wheelchair user after an unknown perpetrator had gravely injured most of her old Sleeping Forest teammates. When she and Sora find out that Ikki was overhearing their conversation, Sora and Rika tell Ikki of the latter's now growing hatred toward Air Trecks. In order to resolve their differences, Sora wagers a Parts War match between the Noyamono siblings against Sora, Ikki and the former's dogs Stone, Cold and Stunner.

15I'll Cut Off the Shackle of Thorns!

Ikki and Rika engage each other in the Parts Wars with each other declaring their intent to win. Ikki eventually defeats Rika in the Parts War match and was the sole winner. Rika admits defeat and decides to help Ikki to further train him in the use of Air Trecks by strapping weights on his body. Ikki and the rest of Kogarasumaru, in their Spring Break, train together for the first time as a team in order to improve their Air Treck skills. Meanwhile, an unknown wave of AT Team disbandings were apparently being caused by Agito on his own during the Parts Wars between Ikki and Rika.

16Let's Go, Kogarasumaru!

While defeating another team, Agito is confronted by Croissant Mask (Ringo in disguise). Agito seems to have anticipated her arrival, and faces off against. Ringo then states that Agito was just defeating the east side teams for two reasons: to expand Kogarasumaru's area as quickly as possible, and for his own personal gain. She then warns him that she'll come if Agito tries to use Kogarasumaru again and leaves. Apparently, Agito can tell that Ringo is behind the mask. Once Ikki learns that Agito has been spreading their area he is elated. Later, they visit an arcade to play a punching bag game that Ikki has the highest score in

17The Cube Battle in Hell: Kogarasumaru Evolves

Ikki's team prepares to square off with Behemoth in a brutal Cube match, each of them going head to head with a single opponent. They better step it up - the audience is going to be huge.

18Finally a Win

The fight against Behemoth continues, and only Ikki and Agito remain in the game. While Ikki toys with his opponent, Agito competes with raw determination.

19The Fang's Regalia of Destiny is Howling!

The Cube match rages on! Ikki and Agito double-team their Behemoth opponents and gain the edge - until the Fang's Regalia change everything.

20It's Finally the End

As the match rushes to an end, Ikki and Agito have to make their move quick and make it count - and then they better get out of there: not only is the Behemoth gang angry, but the cops are out in force!

21Genesis Strikes!

Kogarasumaru's rep is on the rise after defeating Behemoth. It hasn't been easy, but future victories might come easier if Ikki accepts Simca's offer to join forces.

22The Battle for Agito's Documents!

It's time for the school trip to Kyoto, but there's a problem - Akito can't afford it. Ikki's team will leave no man behind, so they set out to get some money from Kaito.

23Genesis's Kansai Division Appears

Ikki finds his reputation precedes him in Kyoto: the top teams in the city are looking for piece of the action, and they're not afraid to let Ikki know that there's going to be trouble.

24A True Spirit's Battle!

With his friends used as bait, Ikki is lured to Trident's base. The gang gets what they wanted all along when Ikki issues a challenge - and the gang's leader accepts.

25I'm a Genius!

After numerous attempts to complete the devil's thirty thirty, Ikki performs one final jump, reaching 35.09m and beating the previous 34.2m record set by Sora.