Akiba Maid Sensou (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Action & Adventure, Crime

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Primavera de 1999. Admirando e querendo ser uma linda empregada, uma jovem chega a Akihabara. O "Akiba" do final do século está repleto de uma grande variedade de empregadas domésticas. O maid café "Ton Tokoton", comumente conhecido como "Butagoya" (Pig Hut), está aberto hoje também! Eu estava em pânico porque a nova empregada que se juntou à loja comigo era bastante imprevisível. Criadas, treinadoras e outras formas de vida de Akihabara também aparecem, e o morcego vermelho entra em ação! Este é um diário de luta de trabalho de uma empregada de pleno direito, dado a todos os mestres e senhoras. "Estamos esperando você voltar para casa, boo."


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1Oink It Up! Starting Today, You’re an Akiba Maid!

Welcome home to the pigsty! Nagomi just started a job at the pig-themed Oinky Doink maid café, and she couldn’t be happier. But the other newbie, Ranko, is a little… odd.

2Gambling Adoracalypse: Yumechi

Nagomi’s first day got off to a rough start! Is the maid life right for her? Self-doubt leads to failure, so when the chips are down, she’ll dust off her apron and try again!

3The Worth of a Maid’s Fist and Pancreas!

While the Oinky Doink maids put their hearts (and other organs) into it, Ranko must pull her punches to secure the café some extra cash at the exciting Fluffy n’ Sweet Club.

4The Inside Story! A Drillmaster for the Swine!!

The Oinky Doink maids haven’t been acting particularly maid-like lately, and the Creatureland Group has taken notice. They have a week to whip themselves into shape…or else.

5Drowning in Red! A 36th Birthday Celebration!

The clock’s ticking on the Oinky Doink’s overdue sweets money. Can a special birthday event for Ranko raise some quick cash? Seems like Nagomi (and Nagomi alone) thinks so.

6Blood in a Sisterly Troth and the Menace of the Red Bat

The destruction of Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam cannot go unpunished. The Oinky Doink Café must make amends to Maidalien — but at what cost to Nagomi and Nerula’s budding sisterhood?

7Creature Gang War Chronicles: The Bloody Extra-Akiba Terrestrial Showdown!

Nagomi is out sick after recent events. On a completely unrelated note, a ninja is running around Akihabara. This ninja definitely has no connection to Nagomi. Nope. None.

8A Blood-soaked Ballgame: The Kyun of Victory Shines on You

To mend fences, the Oinky Doink café will swing for the fences in a friendly game of baseball! But not everyone is as determined as Nagomi to play fair and square…

9Akiba Creatures Go Wild! Let the Moe Festivities Begin!!

The battle to determine the ultimate maid approaches, and a certain Oinky Doink maid has her eyes on the prize! Can she survive the climb to the top of the heap?

10To Die for Love: Tears Fall on Electric Town

Business at the Oinky Doink Cafe is booming. Meanwhile, the chief sets up a date between Ranko and one of her regulars. A certain panda also attempts to communicate.

11Battles Without Moe

The Oinky Doink Cafe's success screeches to a halt when the Creatureland Group disowns them out of nowhere. But why is this happening!? A guilt-ridden Ranko may have answers.

12At Moe’s End

What does it mean to be a maid? What is the essence of moe? And what awaits Nagomi at moe’s end? Find out in the finale of Akiba Maid War!