All out!! (2016)

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No rugby não há atacante artilheiro, não há rebatedor numero quatro, então quem é o craque do time? A história começa com a cerimônia de entrada do Colégio Kanagawa onde Gion Kenji, um garoto pequeno, mas valente e dedicado entra pro time de rugby. Ele se junta aos colegas de classe, Iwashimizu, que tem um passado complicado e o vice-capitão Hachiouji, que sempre cuida bem dos membros do time. Por último, tem o Capitão Sekizan, que tem poderes esmagadores, mas não revela muito de si. Com tantas diferenças tanto nas personalidades quanto nas performances físicas, o time deve aprender a trabalhar e crescer junto para se tornar o melhor.


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1This Year's First-Years are Hilarious

It began with a chance meeting... The day of the Jinko High entrance ceremony; Gion Kenji, a first year insecure about his height, decides to join the rugby team after watching the team practice.

2I Want to Tackle Someone

Gion and Iwashimizu join the Jinko rugby team. Captain Sekizan Takuya imposes a brutal training exercise known as "The Turtle" on Gion, who wants to practice tackling.

3What's Most Important

The practice game against Keijo High, one of Kanagawa's top four teams begins. Iwashizumi faces off against Miyuki Atsushi, a friend he accidentally injured during middle school.

4What Should I Do ?

Jinko may be making a comeback in their game against Keijo thanks to prodigal first-year, Oharano Etsugo. The match begins poorly under their opponents' skillful assault. In order to change the flow of the game, Sekizan subs in the amateur Gion! Will Gion have a chance to shine in his first match? The match between Jinko VS Keijo finally comes to a close!

5What's Lacking

The Jinko rugby club's training camp has begun. As the team engages in intense practice, an old man appears and tells them they're wasting their time. The harsh words of former national team coach Komori Shingo leave the team at a loss. Meanwhile, Sekizan asks him what the team is lacking. Will Komori become the savior of the leaderless Jinko rugby team?

6Giving Everything You've Got

With their new coach Komori, the new and improved Jinko Rugby Team begins the second day of their training camp. Contrary to Gion's excitement, a fight breaks out between teammates. The first thing the hot-tempered sore loser Ebumi ever became passionate about... was rugby. And because of his attitude, he can't tolerate the lukewarm approach of his teammates!

7I Want to Be Able to Do Everything

For Gion, who joined the rugby team after being charmed by tackling, rugby = tackling. Even during an intrasquad match, Gion neglects teamwork and the basics in favor of tackling and tackling and tackling... Komori has some harsh words for Gion! Gion becomes depressed... Concerned, Iwashimizu tries to cheer him up... Will his voice reach Gion?!

8Ball Games

As the members of the rugby team are feeling the results of their training camp, Komori arranges a practice match against Todo-dai Sagami. Their opponents placed second at the Kanagawa prefectural preliminaries... Sekizan is fired up at the prospect of facing just the type of opponent he hoped for! But Yoshida, the team's advisor, calls the rugby team's activities mere "ball games." Jinko versus Sagami... Will Yoshida see ball games or something more?!

9You've Gotten Stronger

Second place school Todo-dai Sagami continues to impress... Not only are they strong, but their clever play produces advantageous situations for them throughout the game. Their barely legal plays and words mess with the Jinko players... The game begins going in Jinko's favor once Ebumi joins the game, but the stronger Sagami team tries to take the game back by force!! Do the savage Sekizan and the rest of the Jinko team have any chance at winning?!

10I Ate Too Much Shaved Ice

With their game against Todo-dai Sagami over, the Jinko rugby team has even more work to do. At Komori's suggestion, they engage in a slightly unusual practice session on the beach! While there, Gion begins to wonder if there's a better position for him on the team... After receiving advice from Oharano, Gion and Kamo head to Ryoin Academy to scout out the best flanker in Kanagawa!!

11You Have No Feel For The Game

Gion and Kamo have arrived at Ryoin Academy to spy on the team. Among the Ryoin team that overwhelmed its opponent, twin flankers Kirishima Sekito and Kokuto stood out from the rest!! Along with their 92 centimeter 98 kilogram ace Zanba Ryujin, the two feel firsthand just how amazing Ryoin Academy is. Gion's path has become clear to him, while Kamo is overwhelmed by the amazing prowess of Ryoin. On their way home, they stop by a sporting goods store where they run into Sekito and Kokuto...

12Joint Practice

Joint practice with Keijo High. Since meeting Sekito, Gion has begun to see his own path. In order to become a flanker, he chooses to particiate in the fowards' practice. Gion is inspired by the hard work of the fowards of one of the best teams in Kangawa. To wrap things up, a practice game of Jinko & Keijo mixed teams is held!!

13Let's Go To Ryogoku Together

Though Gion has decided to become a flanker, he doesn't know what to practice. While watching Iwashimizu offer him advice, Hachioji is reminded of Sekizan's past... The unknown story of how Sekizan, who now leads the Jinko rugby team, joined the rugby team is revealed!

14X Day

omori meets with his former college teammate Tomie Yujiro. Time flies as they have fun catching each other up on how they've been doing. When it's time to leave, Tomie tells Komori that X Day will come before the start of summer break before going home... Then one day, someone submits a club resignation form to Yoshida-sensei--and Komori understands the meaning of Tomie's words.


Encouraged by Komori and his friends, Sekizan begins practicing even harder. Though everything appears to be going well for Jinko, X Day isn't over yet!! Ise is unable to focus on rugby because of his situation at home. HaChioji does his best to be considerate of him, but he's spurned by Ise's older brother Haruki... Will another team member be leaving the Jinko rugby club?

16You've Prepared

With the Sugadaira training camp starting tomorrow, Sekizan and Hachioji take their brief day off to go out together. In contrast with Umeno and Rie's wild fantasies, the two of them are simply going to a lunch meeting at Coach Komori's house. When Gion discovers what they're up to, he tries to go with them, but Sekizan sends him away! Then the persistent Gion comes up with a plan to accompany them to lunch!!

17Summer Training Camp

The Sugadaira summer training camp has finally begun!! Strong players from all over the country have gathered at Sugadaira, and every day several practice matches are conducted on the various fields. Naturally, Jinko has a match to play on their first day as well! Their first opponent is one of Osaka's top eight from the year before, the great Tenjiku Tech! Having endured their difficult training and overcome X Day, it's time for Jinko to show its true worth!!


Tenjiku performs as well as expected for a top eight school from the fiercely competitive region of Osaka! Physical ability, speed, and techinque... Tenjiu is a cut above Jinko in all respects. Furthermore, their team even contains Sakura Renpei, a player formerly chosen to play on Osaka's middle school team! But Jinko won't accept defeat!! The difficult training they overcame together wasn't just for show!!!!

19I Am Not Crying

"Renpei, you're the height of lame right now." With those words, the Tenjiku team's stagnant atmosphere begins to change. They begin closing the point gap between themselves and Jinko. In order to change the flow of the game, Jinko sends Oharano onto the field. Making ingenious use of Ebumi and Gion, Jinko regains their pace. When Gion scores his first try at the end of the battle, in his eyes are the hint of...

20Are You Not Happy?

The whistle sounds and the curtains close on a fierce battle. In their fight against Tenjiku, Jinko has achieved victory. At dinner after the game, Jinko finds themselves unable to celebrate their victory. However, when Komori asks the team, "Aren't you happy?", Sekizan and the others boil over with delight. Later Komori makes good on his promise to take Yoshida drinking, but at the bar they encounter...!

21Good Luck Charm

During a moment after their match has ended, Gion and his teammates run into a group of Ryoin players at a crepe shope. Yoshida's request pays off, and Ryoin agrees to play against Jinko in two days. With the upcoming match against Ryoin, Gion heads out to the field at night to get in some "secret training." However, someone has beaten him to the field... Kifune is already practicing there!

22Your Turf

With the Ryoin match coming up, the stagnating Gion practices tackling with Kasuga, Hyosu, and Ise! On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Susa. Susa tells Oharano he doesn't know how it feels to just barely make the cut. Oharano becomes enraged by Susa's words, and the two end up in an argument...

23My Friend Taught Me

With the Ryoin game coming up tomorrow, Iwashimizu spends the night anxious. Miyuki realizes his friend's emotional state and shows up at his inn. When Gion, who had been training at the field alone, joins them, the three of them begin a secret training (?) session. While hanging out with friends and teammates, Iwashimizu realizes anew how fun rugby is, and all trace of anxiety towards tomorrow's game disappears from Iwashimizu's heart!!

24The Opponent We Never Could've Fought

The team's game against Ryoin has finally started!! They may be the second string, but Ryoin is still the strongest team in Kanagawa! Jinko is tossed about by Ryoin's refined play... is what they were expecting, but the Jinko team that has gotten stronger over the past few months fights on equal footing against Ryoin! As the fierce battle continues, an ominous atmosphere surrounds the third-years...?

25All Out

The bad blood between Matsuo and the other third-years remains... but right now... right now making the "Strongest Team in Kanagawa" standing before us remember our name comes first!! Despite their inconsistent coordination, Jinko desperately holds on, finally drawing that man to the field... The Jinko VS Ryoin game heads towards is magnificent conclusion!