Amor Moderno Tóquio (2022)


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A série original da Amazon, "Amor Moderno", baseada em uma coluna de mesmo nome do New York Times, tem sido distribuída desde 2019. Agora ela volta repaginada e se passa em Tóquio como "Amor Moderno Tóquio". É uma antologia que conta com uma equipe de importantes diretores e atores, mostrando várias formas de "amor", como o amor quase esquecido, o de mães e filhos e o que ultrapassa as fronteiras.


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1Nursing My Son, and Some Grievances

Mari Takada, a career woman, is raising children with her partner, Sayaka Kono. Balancing work and child-rearing, Mari believes the only connection she has with her son is through nursing and struggles to breast pump. But one day, she has to leave him with her mother, Mako (Meiko Kaji), due to a business trip, which triggers a change in Mari's stressed mind.

2What I've Learned from Sleeping with Married Men

Kana Sato is a university biology teacher. She and Keisuke, a writer, are recently divorced. She spends her days on a dating app meeting married men and has a series of affairs. Struggling with a sexless marriage, Kana engages in casual relationships to learn more about sex and love. Hearing these men’s true feelings, Kana must face what she was hiding from herself.

3How My Worst Date Ever Became My Best

Natsuko Kurata, a curator, has been divorced for three years. Natsuko is over 60 and thinks that love isn't for her anymore. But her friend Kaoru recommends an app and she goes on a date. Kosuke Hayami, a kind man, meets her at a café in Harajuku. They talk about their pasts and Natsuko tells him about the worst date she ever had. Hayami was smiling until...

4My Hibernating Wife

Kengo and Mai have been married for three years. Mai used to work as a designer, suffers from depression due to issues at work. Nevertheless, Kengo tries his best to bring back Mai's smile, supporting her even though she can no longer work and showing her love as he usually does. Mai's spirit begins to improve thanks to Kengo's devotion, but what kind of future awaits them?

5For 13 Days, I Believed Him

Momoko Shinohara, a TV reporter, feels that she has failed in love. She meets Yoji Suzuki one day. The two spend more and more time together. They stay at Momoko's house and go camping in the mountains. Although they have only known each other a short time, Yoji becomes Momoko's citadel. However, Yoji has a secret he is keeping from Momoko.

6He Saved His Last Lesson For Me

Emma is a British woman in Los Angeles trying to save money for a trip. While giving online lessons to international students, a Japanese man named Mamoru joins her class. Emma is shaken by a question from Mamoru. Feeling stuck in her life and unhappy with her ex-boyfriend, Emma finds new joy with Mamoru, but one day he suddenly tells her, "This is my last lesson."

7He's Playing Our Song

Tamami is stuck in her job and life. One day, she hears a song from her youth and her mind goes back 15 years. In high school, the reserved Tamami meets Rin, who plays the piano. Through their shared love of music the two become friends, but drift apart. Now in her thirties, she discovers that Rin has become a musician when she posts a picture on social media.