Amor no Espectro: EUA (2022)

Documentário, Reality

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Encontrar o amor não é fácil. Para jovens com autismo, o mundo das relações amorosas pode ser ainda mais complicado.


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Dani dreams of a man with a passion for animation. James gets dating advice from family but just wants to be himself. Abbey meets a match at the zoo.


Unimpressed with the men on the apps, Kaelynn tries speed dating. Dani plans to move slower with Solomon after their encounter ends with a kiss.


Steve sets up an online profile, and Subodh has a practice date ahead of his first real one. After a dreamy outing with Solomon, Dani makes a decision.


Abbey and David visit a wildlife sanctuary. Steve displays his wit over tea. Kaelynn recalls a bad experience when she shared her diagnosis on a date.


Kaelynn looks up topics to talk about ahead of her second meetup with Peter. Elsewhere, James spends a memorable day at a Renaissance fair with Emma.


Steve impresses during a waterside date. Dani pursues a speed dating match who loves animation while Subodh prepares for a big day with Rachel.