Amor Rural (2022)

36mDorama, Drama

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Contra sua vontade, um veterinário da cidade grande se muda para o campo, onde conhece uma policial, uma informante da cidade com um segredo amigável.


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Han Ji-yul’s stay in Huidong starts off on the wrong foot when he gets mistaken for a thief while trying to enter his grandfather’s home.


The townsfolk meet Ji-yul with much enthusiasm and interest, including An Ja-yeong — who seems to be present wherever he goes.


After a frustrating incident at the police station, Ji-yul coldly distances himself from Ja-yeong — a choice he will soon regret.


Ji-yul warms up to Ja-yeong and helps her care for a rescue dog. Meanwhile, the growing closeness between the two makes Lee Sang-hyeon uneasy.


Sang-hyeon clears the air with Ja-yeong after the awkward encounter the night before. He then warns Ji-yul to back off.


Ja-yeong attends a town meeting and gets caught in the cross hairs of an ongoing feud. Ji-yul looks for a solution to an old man’s heartbreaking request.


Ji-yul tiptoes around Ja-yeong, not knowing how to break the ice after the shocking revelation. Meanwhile, a heartbroken boy comes to him for advice.


After getting a chance to hang out and unwind on a spontaneous work trip, Ji-yul and Ja-yeong come home to find unexpected visitors from Seoul.


Ja-yeong drifts further away from Ji-yul after her new housemate asks for her help to win back an ex-boyfriend.


Ji-yul finds that he's running out of time as he grows more certain of his feelings for Ja-yeoung. Sang-hyeon gets his long-awaited response.


Ji-yul gives Ja-yeong a tour of his clinic in Seoul as they continue to sneak around town on secret dates.


When work delays the much-anticipated night out with Ji-yul, Ja-yeong plucks up the courage to make a special announcement to the entire neighborhood.