Ange Vierge (2016)

24mAction & Adventure, Animação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Em Ange Vierge acompanhamos a adaptação do card-game de mesmo nome, onde repentinamente um portal se abriu e uniu os três mundos em um só; como consequência, alguns poderes misteriosos começaram a se manifestarem em adolescentes, que passaram a ser treinadas em uma academia em uma ilha isolada.


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1Starting Potential

Girls that have been dubbed the "Progress" are those which have awakened to the superpower "Exceed". These girls, from the five different worlds that exist, are kept safe and trained at Seiran Academy. They train day and night with their alpha drivers, a person who has the ability to enhance their powers.

2The One I Admire

The blooming battle between Saya and the other Progress comes to an end, and the result drives a wedge between Saya and Amane.

3The Price of Bonds

The girls have to deal with the aftermath of the Ouroboros attack. Their fighting power has been greatly reduced, and they soon find out that things are worse than they had feared when some of the members are corrupted by the darkness...

4A Flame Burns in the Darkness

Saya and the others are to make their way to Darkness Embrace, the Black World. They have confirmed that the energy “Extra,” important to the worlds, is being lowered there. They are ordered to investigate, but someone’s there waiting for them…

5Crimson Pulse

Almaria is a vampire with a complex that stops her from sucking blood because she's too embarrassed, and Sofina keeps inviting Almaria to suck her blood. Almaria is faced with a dilemma. On one hand, she respects Sofina, but on the other...

6A Lying Smile

Saya and the others are heading to the Red World, Terra Rubiri Aurora, to check on the Ouroboros, but Elel's best friend, Ramiel, is waiting for them. Ramiel asks Elel if they're really friends.

7Real Friends

Elel feels down after being told off by Ramiel, who has turned to the dark side. Saya tries to make her feel better, but Ramiel makes another attack, and this time the Red World's world crystal is in her sights. Elel and the others set out to try to win Ramiel back.


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9Faster than Anyone

In order to destroy the White World's world crystal by injecting a virus into it, Carene must fly at an incredibly fast speed. The only one who can stop her now is Stella and her Exceed with the power of super-speed. With the help of Saya and the others, Stella chases after Carene.

10Emotions Spilled Over

Nya figures she has to move after seeing Saya and the others deepen their bonds, and heads off to the Green World on her own. But an army of Ouroboros stands in her way.

11Remaining Potential

After saving the four other worlds through the portals, the defenses around Seiran island are strengthened in anticipation of a final attack. However, events do not proceed as anticipated...

12I Will Evolve with You

In a final effort to save the worlds, Saya seeks to reconnect with Amane through a fault detected in the process used to imprison the alpha drivers.