Anitore! EX (2015)


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Hoshi Asami, Higuchi Eri, Saotome Shizuno, Tachibana Shion e Hiraoka Yuu são cinco meninas que tem por objetivo se tornarem Idols. Elas irão se exercitar com você, e cada episódio contém uma variedade de exercícios de rotina, como flexões, abdominais, dança, yoga, alongamento, Tai Chi, e muito mais.


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1Go for It XX! Let`s Clean & Side Bench

Asami, Eri, Yū, Shizuno, and Shion are all cleaning up the new apartment "Bonheur Chateau", with the viewers helping out, in order to start their new lives together. During their clean-up time, Asami teaches the viewers the lateral side bend exercise in the lesson room. Then, a mysterious new girl arrives in front of the apartment.

1Push-up and Crunches! Bring It On!!

Asami Hoshi teaches the viewers the push-ups and crunches, and hopes that she can eat a soft served ice cream.

2Running XX Train!? Training Anytime, Anywhere

Eri, while heading for school, teaches the viewers the invisible chair and calf raises, in a train. Afterwards, she introduces them her friend, who thinks Eri and the viewers are a couple. Soon after, they unexpectedly encounter Shion, who is working at her station while trying to hide her secret from them.

2More Push-ups! For Bigger Bra Size!!

Eri Higuchi, despite getting annoyed about her breast size that she tried to work on, teaches the viewers the Hindu and Reverse Push-ups.

3Spin, Spin, Mat Exercises! XX All the Way

Shizuno helps Yū do the Mat Exercises, while they both teach the viewers the two kinds of Mat Exercises: The Somersault and the Somersault Splits, in order for Yū to do well in her Mat Exercise Test on the next day.

3Back Squats! Go for the Japanese Beauty Look!!

Shizuno Saotome, after finishing with her cooking, teaches the viewers the squats and back extension, before they can all enjoy her food.

4Pleasurable XX of the Void! The Beginning of the End

Shion teaches the viewers the Supine Hip Lift and the Sit-ups, while trying to make them believe that she doesn't work at the station, even though she does. Soon after, she gets her message from her mother, and when her mother arrives, she gives the pizza that she bought to the viewers, to give to Shion, much to Shion's dismay.

4Descent of the False God! Guide Me, Darkness!

Shion Tachibana, thinking that she's a "fallen angel from the world of Denebrae", teaches the viewers the "Dance of the Void" and "Dance of the Wicked", which are known as the "Bow Pose" and "Camel Pose", two poses from Yoga.

5Let`s Exercise! XX Stretch Out and Aim for Top Swimmer

Back in Shizuno's indoor pool, Asami was about to train for her swimming competition at school, until Shizuno suggested that she needs to do her warm-up stretches. Shizuno then helps Asami warm-up, while they both teach the viewers how to stretch by doing the front and back bends, the invisible chair stretches, and the leg raise stretches.

5Let`s Dancing! Sparkling with Sweat!!

Asami, Eri, and Shizuno teach the viewers on how to do the "Vital Exercise" dance. During the lesson, Eri suggested to name that dance company for themselves as "Eri with Dancing Flowers".

6Shape Up on the Balance Ball! I Dub Thee My XX

Sakura Izumi, the new girl from before and who thinks she is an emperor from "The Sakura Empire", teaches the viewers, while treating them as her "noble steed", the Ball Sit-ups and the Wide Squats, even though she tried to cheat her way out of those exercises.

6Kick & Twist! Here We Go!

Yū Hiraoka had trouble falling asleep, so she, while teaching the viewers, does the Back Kick and the Reverse Trunk Twist exercises in order for her to go to sleep.

7Jogging for Breezy Aerobics! XX Feels Great

Asami and Eri teach the viewers how to jog, and during the jogging montage, one policewoman, three little girls, and a cat all jog along after Asami and Eri stopped by. Soon after, Asami, Eri, and the rest of the girls enjoy their bath time, while Eri gets more jealous when she notices that Asami's breasts grew a little more bigger.

7Tough Push-ups and Squats! Don`t Give Up!

Asami and Eri teach the viewers the clapping push-ups and the Hindu squats. During the lesson, Eri still gets annoyed about her breast size and thinks it's a competition between her and Asami.

8Massage Relax! Let`s XX Together

After witnessing that Yū was jogging like Asami and Eri did, Shion massages her leg to relax. Then, Sakura appeared, and while teaching and massaging the viewers, Sakura and Shion fought over Yū. When the other girls arrived to see them fighting, Yū was left no choice but to play along and becomes an evil wizard, apparently.

8More Dancing! Smile and Detox!!

Asami, Shion, and Yū teach the viewers the "Vital Exercise" dance, again. Afterwards, Asami decided that they should go to the store to buy the soft served ice creams, while learning that Shion works there and her real name is "Akiko", much to Shion's denial.

9Skip Rope Warm Up! Not Just Your Body, but XX...

Shizuno teaches the viewers how to warm up by rope skipping, both normally and crisscrossing. During the exercise, she talked about her life and having fun exercising with her friends. After they finished warming up, and Andalucía tied Shizuno up and made her fall on the viewers, they all enjoy the tea made by Shizuno.

9Stretchy Stretch! Poolside Charms!!

Eri arrived at Shizuno's indoor pool, but before she can race in a pool, Shizuno suggested that they should do the warm-up exercises, by teaching the viewers on how to stretch the outer sides of bodies, the shoulders, and the lower bodies.

10Fix Your Worries with Push-ups and Back Muscle Exercises! Give It Your XX

Yū was concerned about using her contact lenses rather than her glasses, so in order to relax, she does, while teaching the viewers, the Unilateral Push-ups and the Prawn Back Extension. Afterwards, she accidentally bumped into Shion, making Yū drop her contact lenses, which are broken accidentally by Sakura soon after.

10Let`s Go to the Sports Gym! Fun Exercises!

Asami and Yū have arrived at the sports gym, but when Yū is unsure if she can do it, Asami helps her out, by teaching her, and the viewers, on how to lift weights in the butterfly machine, work on the Synchro machine, work on the leg press, and work on the adduction and abduction machines.

11Tighten Up Your Upper Arms with Dumbbells! XX Is Waiting for You

Asami teaches the viewers how to work out with dumbbells. Soon after, a Christmas party is coming up, and Asami got something to say to the viewers for later. However, she is not the only one, because Eri, Sakura, Shizuno, Shion, and Yū have all got something to say to the viewers as well.

11Easy Tai Chi! Core Strength Training!

Shion, Eri, and Yū teach the viewers Tai Chi, while Shion thinks they're performing the "Dance of Resurrection". During the lesson, Eri encourages Yū how she can make her dreams come true. After the lesson ends, Asami and Shizuno arrived. Asami and her friends thanked the viewers for keeping up with them, but they are not done yet.

12Living Together! XX Is About to Begin

After the viewers helped them finished preparing for a Christmas party, the girls have confessed their own feelings for the viewers. After that, a Christmas feast has begun, and the girls all wanted the viewers to sit right next to one of them, making the viewers pass out. The series ends with Asami waking the viewers up, like in the first episode.

12Vital Exercises! Smile More!!

The girls will now perform the "Vital Exercise" dance, with the viewers dancing along. During the dance, scenes from the past episodes are shown.