Aoharu x Kikanjuu (2015)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama

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Quando Hotaru se muda para um novo apartamento sozinho, há um misterioso homem parado próximo ao apartamento. Hotaru decide confrontar o homem, que mora no apartamento ao lado. No dia seguinte, na escola, a melhor amiga de Hotaru, Kanae, diz que um "Host" a enganou para conseguir dinheiro. Quando Hotaru vai enfrentá-lo, ele passa a ser outro senão o vizinho de Hotaru, Masamune?


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1Let's Start This Deathless Death Match

Hotaru Tachibana, a lively headstrong student council president, meets a strange mysterious man on her way home, waiting by her apartment door. On learning that her best friend was conned by a Host, Hotaru goes over to the Host club to deal with the person in question, who in turn challenges her to a Gun game called "The Survival Game".

2Didn't I Tell You I Don't Need Friends?

Toru Yukimura, an S&M ero-manga artist is introduced as the third member of "Team Toy Gun Gun". Yukimura seems rather displeased with his new team mate, but will they manage to pull it off and win as a team despite everything?

3It'll Become Your Greatest Partner

The black envelop is a special invitation given to a chosen few who have earned the right to be in a special Survival Game tournament, those given to the members of Team Toy Gun Gun and to a certain man dressed in a white lab coat, who works as a pediatrician.

4He's Not Cut Out for That Tournament

Yukimura clashes with Midori, as some past issues concerning Masamune and their past feuds were brought up. Caught in a rifle accuracy test which she fails at, Hotaru goes up against the gun store manager as her last resort to win her G3 SAS gun.

5I Don't Want to Leave This Team!

Hanako was asked by Masamune for Hotaru to join her team instead, for the day. Later on Hanako found out why Masamune wanted Hotaru to know more of the basics to the game, to bring out the hidden talent that Hotaru may have.

6The Storm Is Coming

A competition is starting soon, Hanako is surprised by how many are competing in it. While as others plan ahead.

7We'll Have to Crush That Hope

Hanako's team is up and everyone is splitting up to their places. Then Hanako sees Fujimon what will Hanako do?

8What Controls Your Mind Now

Round One of the Top Gun Combat competition continues. With Fujimon out of the match, team Toy Gun Gun and duo Midori and Ichi remain. Matsuoka, Yukimura and Tachibana each have a turn fighting Midori. The winner of the first match is determined.

9That's What Makes Me Cool!

Hotaru is resting at school, when Kanae wonders why and asked? As Hotaru felt down when the match ended, in a lost. Later Kanae wonders if Hotaru just quits? Then Kanae looks at her phone she knows what is it about, and what Hotaru does in the games she plays in.

10I Want to Fight with These People

Masamune kicks Hotaru out of the team, giving her the reason that she's too weak. In order to prove her worth, Hotaru challenges Nagamasa Midori in a one on one fight.

11Let's Do Something Fun

After the challenge, Hotaru runs into Tooru, who informs her about the real truth behind Masamune's actions and the true history of Toy Gun Gun.

12I Won't Yield!

On knowing the truth from Yukimura concerning the previous Toy Gun Gun members, Hotaru's resilience leads her to challenge Masamune to a duel, on the condition that she'd join the Team if she won even once against him.