Apache: A vida de Carlos Tevez (2019)




Esta dramatização realista da vida do jogador Carlos Tevez mostra sua ascensão, da infância pobre em Fuerte Apache, Argentina, ao estrelato.


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Carlos Martínez is born in 1984. That same year, an accident involving his mother marks the beginning of a journey full of scars.

2Through Lead and Disappointment

Carlitos, already entering adolescence, does not give up despite his frustrations. The family goes through a hard time because of Kiru.

3The Legacy

Segundo's efforts pay off and everything seems to improve for the Tevez family, but the difficulties never end. Carlitos arrives at a crossroads.

4A New World, the Origin

Carlitos arrives at Boca with the support of his family. During a game he makes a move that defines his nickname and character.

5The Value of Identity

Carlitos has problems with his last name, but he doesn't want to hurt Fabiana, and a kick on the field puts his career at risk.

6Two Mothers, One Act of Love

Adriana approaches her sister and Fabiana makes a noble gesture. Carlitos resorts to alternative therapy. Danilo is caught up in a puzzling incident.

7Two Sides of the Same Coin

El Fuerte has another boss and the blood keeps flowing. Carlitos skips the AFA's pre-match preparation to go to a friend's birthday party.

8The Big Day

While Danilo is consumed by drugs and revenge, Carlitos approaches La Bombonera, which roars in anticipation of its next idol, and meets a girl.