Apaixonados na Cidade (2020)


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É um retrato realista de jovens que buscam romance e felicidade, enquanto lutam para sobreviver em um ambiente urbano agitado e competitivo.


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1Lovestruck in the City

Park Jae-won's first day of vacation starts with a spontaneous singalong in a sunlit van and ends with fireworks — and Yoon Seon-a by his side.

2How Do You Initiate Your First Sex?

Jae-won teaches Seon-a how to surf. The two give in to their feelings, but Jae-won feels betrayed when he wakes up to find Seon-a with someone else.

3She Drove Me Crazy!

Seon-a lets misunderstandings cause a rift between her and Jae-won. Wanting to know how she feels, Jae-won asks Seon-a to meet him by a certain hour.

4What Did She Do with the Ring?

Seon-a and Jae-won's whirlwind romance abruptly ends when he rushes to Seoul for a work emergency. She never calls, but he still wears his ring.

5What Do You Do With the Memory Box After Breaking Up?

With film developed from Jae-won's cameras, Lee Eun-o fondly looks back at their memories. The photographer recognizes the man in the photo.

6Somebody Stole My Camera!

Choi Kyeong-jun and Suh Rin-i share their friends-to-lovers story. Almost running into Jae-won, Eun-o reveals the second reason behind their breakup.

7I'll Forget It! I'll Throw It Away!

Jae-won drunkenly visits the police station to file another report on Seon-a, the thief who stole his cameras and his heart.

8Love Is Supposed to Be Crazy

Desperate to get over Seon-a, Jae-won seeks help and talks about the time she appeared in his dream. He catches her off guard at their meeting place.

9What if You Run Into Your Ex?

At the police station, Jae-won discovers the truth and a world of hurt after reuniting with Seon-a, who reluctantly reveals her real name.

10Lee Eun-o? Lee Eun-o!

Eun-o's emotional fallout puzzles Kang Geon. Rin-i unleashes her fury on a man responsible for her friend's heartbreak and disappearance.

11Is There Such a Thing as a Proper Break-Up?

Kyeong-jun tells a curious Jae-won details about Eun-o’s life, then invites him to a gathering at her home later that night.

12That's How I Became Yoon Seon-a

In the past, romantic betrayal and professional setbacks led Eun-o to try out life as Seon-a and meet Jae-won. She regrets it all now.

13Have You Ever Blacked Out?

Eun-o wakes up in Jae-won's home the morning after a boozy night. Once again, they find themselves together in a car on a rainy day.

14What Kind of Woman is She?

Kyeong-jun floats the idea of Rin-i pursuing a career instead of more part-time jobs. Eun-o's hidden feelings for Jae-won are unexpectedly revealed.

15It's So Hard to Get Honest

Earnest conversations bring closure to former couples. Eun-o comes clean about both her secret life as Seon-a and relationship with Jae-won.

16What Do You Think Love Is?

Rin-i is dismayed by Kyeong-jun's honest opinion of her lifestyle. Telling him about all her flaws and fears, Eun-o asks Jae-won if he can accept her.

17Winter, Midnight, Seoul

Eun-o helps an actress escape from set. Oh Dong-sik's birthday is nothing short of spectacular, complete with a foot chase and a sweet surprise.