Are you human too (2018)

35mDorama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Mistério

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Um jovem herdeiro é levado embora, então a mãe dele faz o que qualquer boa mãe faria: o substitui por um androide


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1I've Missed You Very Much

After Oh Laura loses her son, Nam Sin, to her father in law, Nam Gun Ho, she creates an AI robot that looks exactly like Nam Sin. Nam Sin grows up to as the heir of a rich conglomerate, PK group. He is infamous within the society for his reckless acts. However, he has no intentions of following his grandfather's footsteps and runs away.

2He'll Come Back Someday

Thrust into the world of his human counterpart, Nam Shin III shakes things up at PK Group and risks his facade. Kang So Bong chases justice when she finds out she was duped, but how will Nam Shin III deal with her when he's never met her before?

3Who Are You?

Young Hoon, Sin's personal secretary, follows Sin into Czech Republic. After seeing Nam Sin in a coma and Oh Laura taking care of him, Young Hoon feels shocked. Meanwhile, Gun Ho, the CEO of PK group, tries to fill in for Sin's presentation of their Driverless Car Project, but Mr. Seo gives the presentation instead.


So Bong's world is turned upside down when she realizes Nam Shin's personality isn't the only thing different about him. Chairman Nam comes up with a polarizing idea to help PK Group save face.

7Why Are You Here?

The potential scandal surrounding Chairman Nam's dementia reaches a boiling point. Ye Na decides to tighten the knot and proceed with her engagement despite her father's trouble.

9Uncanny Valley

In the wake of Kang So Bong's departure, Nam Shin III deals with unexpected errors in his perception and behavior. Meanwhile, his wedding day arrives, but Executive Director Seo has other plans.

11What Must I Trust?

So Bong is shocked to be suddenly kissed by Namsin3. In the end, she realizes that Namsin had no bad intentions on this action and decides to continue helping him. However, Ye Na becomes jealous of this and tries to start living with Nam Sin's house. Meanwhile, So Bong tells Mr. Seo about Ye Na to get rid of her.

13What Are You Expecting?

Namsin tells Chairman Nam that he doesn't have dementia. Jong Gil becomes sure that Chairman Nam has dementia and tells So Bong to stay silent about it. Meanwhile, Namsin finds out about Hee Dong's secret and offers a deal to Ho Yun. However, Namsin gets in trouble as he becomes unable to resupply his battery on time.


Shin's chaotic game of revenge runs on at Shin III's expense, who finds himself unable to fight back. Meanwhile, Seo Jong Gil lays the groundwork for his scheme, and brings Shin to a startling discovery.

17Another Method

Namsin starts to think and act on his own after So Bong leaves him. Laura becomes worried that Namsin's identity as a robot might get revealed as he starts to continue to show unexpected actions. This makes her meet So Bong herself. Meanwhile, Jong Gil's agent follows Laura and finds out that So Bong might be deeply involved with her.


Namsin leaves the wedding ceremony on his own to save So Bong. After saving So Bong, he chases after Jong Gil's agent. Laura become furious because Namsin keeps getting out of control. Meanwhile, Laura and Young Hoon are shocked to hear that Nam Sin isn't showing any progress and is becoming a lost case.

21I Still Can't Believe It

Laura is overwhelmed with joy as she finds out that Sin is getting better. However, she gets more nervous as Namsin continues to make decisions on his own. Ms. Jo tells So Bong that she has a video of Namsin breaking down a car with his bare hands and demands answers to her questions. Meanwhile, Laura tries to hide the truth about Sin getting better from So Bong and Namsin.

23Our Secret

So Bong confesses her love at the presentation, but unexpected events continue to occur. Nam Sin sees Laura after 20 years, but he acts coldly to her since he is angry about the very existence of Namsin3. Meanwhile, So Bong tries to negotiate with Laura to take away the kill switch from her.


Nam Sin becomes more and more angry as he gets rejected by So Bong and realizes how Laura really feels about Namsin. This makes him call Jong Gil to the hideout. Namsin and So Bong return to their daily lives. Meanwhile, Chairman Nam invites Namsin to discuss about when and how he will give him his position.

27Where Is It?

Nam Sin feels threatened by the robot Namsin and decides to go to work even if he hasn't fully recovered yet. So Bong continues to work as Nam Sin's bodyguard to protect Namsin. However, Nam Sin has his own reasons to go to work. He tries to find something without telling even Young Hoon about it.