As Aventuras de Bertie Gregory (2022)


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Parte vida selvagem, parte aventura. Acompanhe as viagens do jovem explorador da National Geographic, Bertie Gregory, enquanto ele percorre o mundo capturando imagens extraordinárias de animais selvagens. Com uma combinação de maestria técnica, camuflagens secretas e extrema perseverança, ele e sua equipe tentam superar desafios e perigos para chegar o mais perto possível da vida selvagem seguindo as regras dela.


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1Eagle's Reign

Every year, up to 10 million fruit bats descend upon a small, remote forest in Zambia to take full advantage of a fruit boom—but they don’t go unnoticed by the local eagles. After capturing some tender moments between a crowned eagle mom and her chick, Bertie Gregory sets off to film these powerful predators hunting bats.

2Dolphin Quest

Bertie is heading to the mighty Pacific Ocean off the coast of Central America. He’s on a quest to find and film one of the greatest spectacles the high seas have to offer—a superpod of several thousand spinner dolphins.

3Battle of the Beasts

Bertie and his team are in Zambia, Africa, trying to film one rare moment when a pride of lions takes on one of their most formidable foes – the mighty cape buffalo.

4Shark Island

Bertie and his team travel to the sharkiest place on Earth to film one of the biggest schools of sharks ever as hundreds of hammerheads join in a mysterious underwater dance. To get close to these super-sensitive sharks, Bertie will have to dive in stealth mode.

5Tracking Ocean Giants

Bertie leads a team across the infamous Drake Passage, one of the world’s most dangerous stretches of ocean, to the remote and windswept Elephant Island. His mission: to find and film one of nature’s greatest wildlife spectacles, a feeding aggregation involving hundreds of gigantic fin whales, the second largest animal ever to have lived.