As Poderosas Mustangues (2017)

30mFamília, Comédia, Drama

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Um grupo de meninas monta um time de futebol pioneiro, quebram barreiras e se apoiam dentro e fora dos gramados. Juntas, elas mostram o que é “jogar como uma garota”.


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1Wake Up Call

Back together again for a new season, the Mustangs are confident and hungry for some silverware... But can they win without Ruby?


It's the beginning of the season for brand new all-girl soccer team, Mustangs, and football tragic Marnie can't wait to get started. But with no coach, no uniforms and no players - can Marnie pull a team together?

2Shake Up Call

The Mustangs need to get serious before the season officially starts - time for some unusual training methods, player recruitment, and a big shake up of the team's formation.

2Like A Boss

When the Mustangs get accused of 'playing like girls', it's the last straw for Marnie. It's time to prove themselves by beating the boys. So they challenge them to a golden goal game.

3Get Real

Marnie struggles to accept her new position in the team, while an injury forces Lara to face giving up dreams of gym glory.

3Can't Even

Liv and Marnie fall out and when Liv turns to new team superstar, Ruby, for reassurance, Marnie loses it. Ruby is totally stealing her best friend as well as her position on the team.

4The Doubt Worm

Bella ends up in a spiral of self doubt after missing a goal - and everyone's opinions on how to help her only make it worse.

4Game Changer

Lara is driving Marnie crazy and totally invading her space. But when Marnie posts an unflattering pic of Lara that goes viral, the sparkly girl goes out for revenge. She's going to hit Marnie where it hurts - the Mustangs.

5No Pressure

The grudge match against the Wildcats has everyone feeling the pressure, especially Marnie, who develops some obsessive pre-game rituals.

5Girl Crush

Danny sacks Bella from the Mustangs after she messes up on the pitch. And to make matters worse, her dad says he's coming to watch her next game. How is she going to hide the fact that she's no longer even on the team?

6Pity Party

Marnie is forced to play friendship umpire when a team night watching soccer gets turned into a pity-party for heartbroken Liv, and Ruby's unexpected appearance divides the girls.


Lara tells Marnie that Gabe has a crush on her. But Marnie can't imagine kissing Gabe, or can she? Determined to move the budding romance forward, Lara organises a party.

7In Sync

Marnie and the team campaign to get sanitary bins for the Mustangs clubhouse, while Anusha struggles to find the balance between independence and the support she needs.

7Kick Like A Girl

At a tournament, the Mustangs are thrashed by the Wildcats in the first round. Do they need a new captain to pull the team together? And can Anusha handle being second banana to Bella and her new found confidence?

8You Do You

Marnie has been keeping a secret from Liv and when it emerges, Liv questions whether soccer is really her passion.

8Oh Em Gee

Marnie's hunch about Ruby going to the Wildcats turns out to be right, so she and Liv organise a nachos night in an attempt to get her to stay. But will guacamole and corn chips be enough to keep their star player onside?

9Sparkly Girls

Playing in a skills camp with the best in the league, Marnie gets a wake up call - she's going to have to work a lot harder for her dream than she'd realised.


When Lara sucks up to the mansplaining Tom, Marnie gets mad. But when Lara dives like a diva and gets awarded a dodgy free kick, Marnie totally loses it. Doesn't Lara realise that there's more to life than being looked at?

10Seven and Half Minutes

Marnie desperately wants to get scouted but to do that, she has to persuade Anton to let her play with the boys. And miss half of the Mustangs crucial semi-final.


After a disappointing mark at school, Anusha throws herself into developing strategies for the team. But as her perfectionist friend unravels, Bella gets more and more concerned about Anusha.

11Step Up

After spying the Wildcats bullying Ruby, Anusha gets carried away with a plan to take action. But Ruby stands up for herself.

11The Feels

After encouraging Nush's disastrous tactics, Marnie has to girl up to a hostile team and rally the troops - it's the semis this weekend so it's time to set differences aside and do some hardcore training, Mustangs style.


The looming final against the Wildcats is sending everyone a bit crazy. Have the Mustangs got what it takes to finally win the trophy?


The Mustangs have made it to the final but it feels like nobody at the club has faith in them and even the girls themselves start to have doubts. Can Marnie pull together a championship winning team?

13Hoof Five!

The penalty shootouts are nail-bitingly close but even after the whistle blows and the final score is announced, there's still one last surprise in store for the Mustangs.

13Mustangs Forever

The nail biting final is in play and the Mustangs and Wildcats are drawing 2-2. But when tensions rise pitch side - the game is called off and the Wildcats win on league points. But is this the end of the Mustangs story?