A-TEEN (2018)

Dorama, Comédia, Drama

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É fácil falar sobre adolescentes, mas agora estamos na adolescência pela primeira vez. Todos os momentos eram sérios demais para dizer que eu não estava preocupado. Drama na web de romance escolar adolescente.


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1Unordinary, in Truth, Not Wanting to Be Ordinary

An anonymous posted he likes Ha-na. The squad confronts Ha-min and asks which Ha-na he likes.

2When Someone Talks Behind My Back

Do Ha-na gets a counsel about what she wants to do when she grows up. Students spread rumors of her copying Kim Ha-na.

3Getting Over an Ex Who Cheated on You

Bo-ram gets dumped by her ex. The squad cheers her up.

4I Was Asked Out During Finals

Do Ha-na falls asleep while reviewing for the finals.

5Reason Why Friends Fight During Finals

Everyone has their own jinxes for their own reasons. Kim Ha-na is a top student and she also has many jinxes before taking exams. These jinxes are very important to her so she always makes sure that she has done all the things she has to do before the exam. Kim Ha-na manages to get all things checked and everything seems to go fine until something happens to her.

6Reason Why It's Scary When a Quiet One Gets Upset

School field day is around the corner and everyone is busy. Ki-hyun finds out the winning team gets prize money and put Si-woo's name on the basketball player list for the class because Si-woo used to play basketball professionally. Si-woo finds out, and he takes out his anger to Ki-hyun and demands to remove his name off.

7Signs That Mean He's Into Her

Bo-ram is fascinated by basketball players and asks Do Ha-na to join the basketball club together. So Ki-hyun, Bo-ram, and Do Ha-na decide to join the club. Ki-hyun asks Si-woo to join also, but he refuses to join the basketball club. Meanwhile, Do Ha-na is always late to school and Si-woo offers to call her in the morning and go to school together.

8When You Feel Left Out By Your Friends

At lunch, some boy asks Bo-ram about Do Ha-na if she has a boyfriend. And Kim Ha-na finds out Do Ha-na and Bo-ram decided to study at the same after school institute. Kim Ha-na feels left out and tries to hang out with Bo-ram and Do Ha-na but they already have plans. The next day, they decide to go watch a movie, but Ki-hyun tells Kim Ha-na that the other two already watched the movie she was trying to watch.

9When Close Friends Are About to Cut Ties

Bo-ram finds out Kim Ha-na was with Ha-min the last night. Do Ha-na is upset that Kim Ha-na wasn't being honest with her. Kim Ha-na also raises her voice about how she felt left out because they Do Ha-na and Bo-ram didn't tell her everything. On the other hand, Bo-ram is tired of always being the second, the middle one. She gets flustered between Kim Ha-na and Do Ha-na.

10When Someone Makes a Move on My Crush

It's the field day at the school and everyone is excited. Bo-ram wins at the school e-sports competition and falls in love with the other player, Won-myung. Ki-hyun gets nervous she might really go out with Won-myung. Meanwhile, Si-woo and his basketball team lose at the final match. After the game, Ha-min asks Do Ha-na to hang out somewhere else with him, but Si-woo cuts in.