Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin! (2021)

9mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Este é um mundo ligeiramente peculiar onde vivem as meninas do navio. Uma vida escolar animada e divertida para meninas de diferentes facções começará no porto naval de Azur Lane. Vivendo ao máximo suas vidas, essas meninas se envolvem em várias travessuras - lenta, mas seguramente!


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1A Party At the Proud Home Port

Unaired episode included in the second Blu-ray volume.

1Port and Starboard, Slow Ahead!

This is a slightly different world where girls named after warships exist. Various organizations worked together to bring this academy to life, and this is where the fun and exciting school lives of these girls is about to begin!

2You Need Something Sweet After a Workout...

Javelin and friends are exhausted from the summer heat when Baltimore shows up. When they offer to help her, they're met with an unimaginably tough schedule!

3Is Real Life a God Tier Game?

Instead of coming to class, Ayanami is playing games, making Javelin and Z23 agonize about how to make her come back. Out of ideas, they go to consult Akashi, but they get more of an advertisement for a cute new invention than a consultation...

4Hora da praia é hora do churrasco!

On this perfect mid-summer day, Javelin and friends are hungrily looking forward to the barbeque. ...but unfortunately Rodney's misunderstanding leads to all the food being gone. The girls then set out to find the blessings of the mountain and the fruits of the sea...

5Com Amigos e Pessoas Importantes

Admiral Graf Spee is trying to make new friends, but things don't work out so well. She then tries to find common interests with Ayanami... Like delicious snacks and how to spend your days off.

6Concede-me esta dança?

Javelin and friends find Bismarck at a party with a serious expression on her face. Will she be able to successfully ask Tirpitz for dance and then lead the little knights and the elegant ladies?

7Preste muita atenção para manter as coisas limpas e organizadas!

A suspicious shadow is trying to break into the office. After determining the identity of the shadow, Javelin and friends end up cleaning the office along with Mikasa-daisenpai. And what's this behind the shelf, something highly classified?

8Enjoying the Fair With Everyone!

The home port is throwing a costume academy fair. After being urged by North Carolina to dress up, Javelin and friends go and really enjoy the academy fair with an embarrassed Honolulu. Who is going to be the lucky one to get the coveted premium prize?

9Maid, At Your Service!

Belfast is aspiring to be a first-class maid, and Bel-chan is practicing serving people. In order to know how different individual masters might feel, she asks Ayanami and Laffey to be her training partners.

10Balmy, Hot, Dizzy...

Javelin and friends go to the big bath in order to pamper their bodies after a tiring exercise. However, due to a broken boiler, there is no hot water! That's when Zuikaku and Shoukaku begin building an outdoor bath behind the dorms.

11A Fun Amusement Park Outing?

Tickets to "Manjuu Land" are found in a box gifted by Yukikaze. Javelin, Yukikaze and the others, along with Nagato and Mutsu, are out to have as much fun as possible at the amusement park.

12Friends Are Our Most Important Treasure

While cleaning the storeroom, Javelin and the others find a mysterious treasure chest with Laffey inside! But it seems like Laffey's lost her memory?! How will they possibly get their precious friend's memory back? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself.