Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (2010)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



A História gira em torno de Yoshii Akihisa. Ele entra na Academia Fumizuki, uma escola que implantou um sistema diferente para dividir seus alunos: suas classes são decididas de acordo com seu resultado em um exame realizado antes do início do ano letivo, separando-os em classes de "A" a "F". Quanto maior for a classe, melhores serão suas instalações, portanto a classe "A" possui a melhor sala e a "F", a pior. Durante o ano letivo, as classes podem batalhar entre si utilizando um sistema de invocação de seres, onde cada aluno possui um ser, cujos pontos são baseados no resultado de seu último teste.


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1Me, Everyone, and Swimming in the Ocean!

A trip to the beach turns competitive after the girls get hit on, and Akihisa and Yuuji try to prove they have the skills necessary to be successful ladies men!

1Idiots, Classes, and the Summoner Test War

Class F’s Akihisa Yoshii is one of the worst students at Fumizuki Academy. He probably doesn't stand a chance in the Summoner Test War - but he’ll do his best for Mizuki Himeji!

2Me, Yukata, and Festivities!

Just when Akihisa and Yuuji start to feel like the girls may have forgiven them, they discover the worst is yet to come. The summer festival has some peculiar punishment in store for all the guys!

2Lilies, Roses, and Health and Physical Education

Class A calls out Class F, and there’s some bad blood in the past between members of the groups. The 5-on-5 grudge match is about to begin - unfortunately, Akihisa glued his hand to a table!

3Me, That Girl, and a Stuffed Toy!

When Hideyoshi’s tone-deaf twin is asked to sing the school song, he’s roped into a costume change that’s just asking for trouble. Then, Akihisa gets a new admirer—or two?—when he risks his neck to help Haduki cheer up her big sis.

3Food Budget, Dates, and Stun Guns

With the Summoner Test War out of the way for the foreseeable future, an outing to the movies with Himeji and Minami leads Akihisa to a surprising find - a love letter!

4Me, TRUE Colors and a Man's Dignity!

Complications arise after Mizuki and Shouko interrupt Akihisa’s card game. Later, during a test of the Avatar system, the summoners of Class F are embarrassed to find their innermost thoughts revealed.

4Love, Spices, and Boxed Lunches

Akihisa's in a tough situation: if he doesn't eat the lunch prepared by Himeji, he might hurt her feelings. But if he does decide to eat it, he might not survive her cooking!

5Me, Peeking, and Training Camp!

After Akihisa seeks Kouta’s advice on how to deal with a troubling blackmail note, he learns that Yuuji is in a similar situation. Kouta’s investigation uncovers clues that suggest one person is causing all of the problems.

5Maps, Treasures, and Striker Sigma V

Akihisa and friends participate in a treasure hunting test. Answering questions correctly will lead to great rewards - but with all the Summoner teams looking for the same prizes, a battle might be tough to avoid!

6Me, Peeking, and Guys' Friendship!

The search for the blackmailer continues, with Akihisa, Yuuji and the others narrowing in on a suspect: Aiko Kudou. In order to confirm their hunch, the gang once again sets out to sneak a peek during bath time.

6Me, Pools, and Swimsuit Paradises... and...

Akihisa gets a chance to test out his new bracelet in battle - but all the real action is taking place at the swimming pool!

7Me, Peeking, and Far Away Paradise!

The guys rally every male at camp to assist in their mission of peeping on the girls. After combining their abilities, they finally make it to the girls’ restroom - only to see something none of them expected!

7Me, Shouko, and Kisaragi Grand Park

The gang puts on disguises to make sure Yuji and Shouko have fun at the amusement park, but the day takes a surprising turn thanks to an unexpected marriage proposal!

8Me, Japan, and Unknown Words!

Flashback: When Minami arrived in Japan, she didn’t know much of the language and had a tough time connecting with others. Her first encounter with Akihisa was awkward - but they soon became friends.

8Recklessness, Labyrinths, and the Avatar Instrumentality Project

Something is wrong with the Avatars at Fumizuki Academy; the beings aren’t just acting weird, they look a lot different too. Luckily, Yoshii might be able to solve the problem.

9Me, Romance, and Negotiation Skills!

Thanks to Minami kissing Akihisa in front of Mizuki, there’s drama in the air and rumors of an impending war between Classes F, D, and B! Luckily, Class F has a plan that may give them the advantage!

9Kisses, Breasts, and Ponytails

Yoshii’s got to prove to his visiting sister that he can handle living alone. It won’t be easy, thanks to a misunderstood text message, some dirty magazines, and Minami and Himeji’s new makeovers.

10Me, Romance, and Love Skills!

After being confronted by Akihisa, Miharu declares war! Even though he’s willing to do battle alone, Akihisa is dealt a beat-down by a group of guys sent by Yuuji, forcing Miharu to reconsider her plan.

10Trial Exams, Mysterious Thieves, and Love Letters

After a typical Yoshii mix-up, the class must work together to crack a safe holding the upcoming test. The exercise in teamwork will serve them well - three months have passed, so they’re due for another battle!

11Yuuji, Shouko and the Childhood Memories!

Flashback: In fifth grade, Yuuji’s attitude makes him a target to the older kids in school. When Shouko tries to save Yuuji from a group of bullies, it doesn’t take long before Yuuji is forced to rescue her!

11Rivals, Love Letters, and Blitz Tactics

Class F pulls out all the stops in an amazing battle against Class D! If Yoshii and his crew come out on top, they’ll be taking on Class B too.

12Idiots, Clownery, and Requiem!

When Class F is challenged by some older students, the battle takes place in a haunted house. To win, Class F must get through without screaming. Unfortunately, the older kids have some scary tricks up their sleeves.

12Love, Courage and Our Battle Has Just Begun!

The showdown between the best and the worst is underway! Yoshii’s crew unleashes with all they’ve got against Class A, battling all over campus - and above it. Will Class F’s training finally pay off?

13BAKA and TEST - Summon The Beasts!

The haunted house battle continues! With the ranks of the younger students thinning, Akihisa and Yuuji trick Tsunemura and Natsukawa into entering a different battlefield. Will their plan lead to victory?

13BAKA and TEST - Summon the Beasts

Unhappy with the results of their battle against Class F, Class A demands a rematch! This time it’s going to be one on one - Shouko versus Yoshii!