BanG Dream! (2017)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Família

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Desde muito jovem, Toyama sempre procurou pela "Batida Estelar", um som brilhante e animador que ouviu enquanto olhava para o céu durante a noite. Depois de entrar no colegial, encontrou uma guitarra em forma de estrela no depósito de uma loja antiga de penhores. Sentindo uma onda de ânimo inédita, Kasumi se junta à outras quatro garotas e embarca numa jornada para encontrar o lugar brilhante. "Nós prometemos fazer um show aqui!"


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1Happy Party!

A new school year begins for Kasumi and the rest of Poppin’Party. But the music scene never rests, and neither do the other bands in town!

1Nós Conhecemos!

One day, as she’s still adjusting to her new high school, Kasumi Toyama discovers a trail of stars that leads her to an old thrift store. Inside, she makes a discovery.

2Black Shout

Rokka learns that Asuka’s sister is in the band she idolizes. Poppin’Party seizes the opportunity when the vocalist of Roselia offers them the chance to perform with them.


Kasumi's heart is set on forming a band, but Arisa wants nothing do with it. In fact, Arisa is so determined to avoid her that she puts the star-shaped guitar up for auction.

3Sing Girls

Poppin’Party reflects on Yukina’s blunt words and decide that improvements are in order. Later, Kasumi and Rokka get to know each other better.

3Eu Fugi!

Kasumi asks Rimi to join her band, but Rimi is reluctant. Meanwhile, Glitter*Green runs into an issue on the way to their show.

4Magnificent! Dynamic!! A Carefree World!

Kasumi wants to fly during a performance and Kokoro is determined to help her accomplish this! Nothing can possibly go wrong with this plan, right?

4Fiquei Brava!

Kasumi starts staying after school to take guitar lessons from Tae. Meanwhile, Arisa seems to have a problem with all the time they are spending together.

5Rainy Ring-Dong-Dance

Pastel*Palettes are performing at the World Idol Festival! They absolutely, positively cannot afford to mess this one up. No pressure...

5Meu Coração Palpitava

Kasumi, Tae, and friends are preparing for their first performance. Are they going to be ready in time?

6You Only Live Once

Rain or shine, the show must go on — even if it’s raining when Poppin'Party and Afterglow are performing on an outdoor stage!


Kasumi begins to struggle in school and enlists Saya's help. Meanwhile, Arisa has been searching for the perfect band name.

7I Won't Cry, I Won't Cry

Hina’s proposing a double culture festival between two schools? And it just so happens that PoPiPa’s first anniversary is coming up, too? What a great idea!


Kasumi has a tall order in convincing Saya to join Poppin Party, is she able to do it? Meanwhile, they continue to get ready for the Culture Festival!

8You're Not Alone

Tae wishes to join another band to help an old friend. She has Kasumi’s full support, but what will this ultimately mean for Poppin’Party?


The Cultural Festival preparations are done, and it is time for it to begin. Meanwhile, Poppin' Party play their first show! How does it go?

9School Festival Symphony

Things appear to be going well… but when was the last time everything went exactly according to plan?

9Consegui Um Emprego!

Saya gets a new drum set and the girls all get jobs at Space! They learn what goes into putting on a live show.


Tae wishes to make amends after the fallout from the culture festival. She has a decision to make, but what will RAISE A SUILEN think?

10Fiquei Surpresa!

Poppin' Party auditions at Space but to play there you must impress the owner. Do they achieve their dream?

11Star Tears

The fate of the band hangs in the balance — but no matter how far apart they may be, Poppin’Party are still Poppin’Party.

11Não Conseguia Mais Cantar

Kasumi is still struggling to find her voice but the rest of Poppin' Party is there to help pick her up.


Poppin’Party has emerged from their crucible stronger than ever. What does the future have in store for the band?


Poppin' Party gets another chance to play at Space. Will they finally impress the owner?

13Kizuna Music

Everyone's in high spirits cause It's not over yet! It’s time for Poppin'Party’s first self-sponsored show at Galaxy alongside the other bands.


Kasumi finally achieves her dream as Poppin' Party plays at Space's last show. How will they perform?