Bebês em Foco (2020)


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Esta série documental investiga a ciência inovadora que revela como as crianças descobrem a vida durante seu primeiro ano.


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The biology of bonding unravels to reveal how caregiving, social interaction and stress can physically change both parent and newborn.

2First Food

Proving babies truly are what they eat, researchers discuss how breast milk, iron and microbes can enrich, nourish and protect offspring.


From how they grow to how they go, three scientists find out that crawling is much more than just a transitional phase.

4First Words

Experts examine the rhythm and flow of language and explore how babies break down linguistic beats before they know how to speak.


Researchers delve into sleep, a dynamic time for babies, with studies on twitching, apps and naps.

6First Steps

Scientists venture into the ways that walking changes a baby's world and unveil findings on neonatal reflexes, skeletal development and talking.