Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu (2023)

23mAnimação, Comédia



O anime segue a vida de Kyoutarou Ichikawa, um adolescente menosprezado e sem popularidade que começa a se relacionar com uma das garotas mais populares da escola. O que muitos não sabem, no entanto, é que Kyoutarou está sempre pensando em como matar seus colegas e dar um fim as pessoas “normais”.


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1I Was Stolen Away

At first glance, he’s just the disturbed boy, and she’s just the popular girl. But people are more than the sum of their parts, as both Kyotaro and Anna are about to discover.

2I Died

Despite his misgivings, Kyotaro keeps helping Anna the more they interact. He may be a better person than he believes.

3I Want to Hug You

Anna and her friends keep their guard up around the boys; it’s obvious what they want. But Kyotaro’s different. Each brief interaction brings him and Anna closer together.

4Eu tenho um problema

Como muitas pessoas de sua idade, Kyotaro tem a tendência de pensar demais em tudo. Ana, no entanto? Ela tem sua própria maneira de encarar a vida.

5We Got Split Up

It’s not like Kyotaro wants to join Anna’s group or anything. But when a certain other classmate tries to join the group, Kyotaro just gets swept up in events. That’s all!

6I Melted It

As Kyotaro wrestles with his feelings, he notices Anna’s been acting differently. Could it be that she—? No, he shouldn’t read too much into it. She’s just being nice. Right?

7We Swapped Places

Kyotaro can no longer deny he likes Anna. He tells himself it’s not like he wants to be her boyfriend, but there’s a detail he hasn’t considered: maybe Anna wants him to be.

8I Had a Dream

Parent-teacher day mortifies Kyotaro. Not only is his mother at school, but she’s bonding with Anna! Things couldn’t get any worse.

9I Hate Yamada

Despite all the hints Anna throws at him, and others beginning to notice, Kyotaro refuses to believe that she could actually like him. He is his own worst enemy.

10We Walked Slowly

It’s Japan’s most romantic time of the year and Kyotaro and Anna are not-on-a-date. Kyotaro is keeping a running tally of all his screw ups, but Anna is enjoying herself.