Bokutachi no Remake (2021)

24mAnimação, Mistério, Drama

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A história acompanha um homem de 28 anos que se vê desempregado depois que a empresa que trabalha faliu. Ele decide voltar para a casa de seus pais até saber o que fazer da vida, mas, subitamente, acorda no seu corpo de 10 anos atrás, onde acabou de entrar para universidade. Por mais que meio confuso, o homem decide aproveitar a oportunidade e começar a refazer sua vida, para que assim possa ter um futuro melhor e seguir seu sonho de ser game design.


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1Nothing Was Working Out

28-year old Hashiba Kyoya has hit a new low after losing his job at a shady game developer. He originally quit his steady office job to work in the creative industries that he admires, but it's proving to be a challenge even for a motivated go-getter like him. As he finds himself back at his parents house, between jobs, he can't help but wonder what would happen if he had a chance to redo his collegiate studies. Maybe things would turn out differently if he had gone to art school instead... and, shockingly enough, he might just get a chance to test that theory.

2Ten Years Back in Time

The first semester of art school is coming to a close for Kyoya, and he has formed a group with his housemates for their first big project: a short film.

3Just Who Am I?

With an equipment mishap threatening to throw his group project into chaos, can Kyoya come up with a creative solution?

4Consider What You Can Do

The second semester short film project is underway, and this time Kawasegawa has joined the housemates on Team Kitayama. Filming proceeds smoothly enough, but her sharp observational skills may stir things up for the other students in a way that could spell trouble.

5Reveal Your Feelings

Nanako's singing practice is put to an unexpected test when a sudden change in programming for the university's school festival presents an opportunity for her.

6We'll Figure It Out

Tsurayuki's financial troubles start to weigh on his health, but Kyoya has a plan that might be just what his housemate needs.

7Tackling Awkward Situations

Tsurayuki's fiance has arrived intent on dragging him back home, but the up-and-coming writer is dedicated to finishing his game project with his friends.

8Produce Results

The roommates of Share House Kitayama are entering the final crunch for their doujin game, and if they can produce enough sales, Tsurayuki's tuition woes will be solved. But as time starts to run short, Kyoya decides to prioritize deadlines over quality and creativity...

9Showing Off

As Kyoya adjusts to suddenly finding himself in the year 2018, he tries to find out what happened to his friends from the Platinum Generation.

10Learn Lessons

As Kyoya adjusts to the new future he finds himself in, he learns about the rough situation that Kawasegawa faces at work.

11Be Prepared

Kyoya decides to step in and do whatever he can to salvage the project that the management of his company is running into the ground.

12Facing Forward Again

Faced with the opportunity to return to the past and try to change things once again, Kyoya must decide what he wants to do with the life he's found himself living in the future.