Born Again (2020)

35mDorama, Drama

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Vida, morte e segundas chances ocupam o centro do palco nesta história sobre três pessoas cujos destinos entrelaçados viajam através do espaço e do tempo com resultados assustadores. Estamos na década de 1980 e o detetive Cha Hyung Bin dedicou sua vida à justiça criminal e seu coração a Ha Eun, uma livraria que sofre de uma doença cardíaca que mantém sua doença em segredo. Mas Cha Hyung Bin não é o único que anseia por Ha Eun: o assassino em série Gong Ji Chul também se apaixonou por ela. Suas vidas colidem com resultados trágicos, mas 30 anos depois, eles estão reencarnados e o destino os une novamente. Quanto mais o tempo passa, mais suas novas vidas se enredam na devastadora teia da história. Eles conseguirão escapar do passado ou serão forçados a ficar cara a cara com ele?


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Hyung Bin who is a detective asks his girlfriend, Ha Eun to marry him. But she refuses because of her heart disease. Meanwhile, another dead body has been found. Some crazy woman rushes into the crim scene and picks up a yellow umbrella. And the mystery man also has a yellow umbrella with him.


Ha Eun collapses after she witnesses a murder scene. And Hyung Bin finds out that it was Ji Chul who brought Ha Eun to the hospital. Hyung Bin protects Ha Eun day and night after the incident, and Ji Chul always watches Ha Eun from distance.


Jong Bum runs into Sa Bin at the University and he finds out that she had a heart implant when she was young. Sa Bin hears rumors about Jong Bum from students that he's actually a psychopath and he has killed someone. Su Hyuk and Sa Bin encounter at the place where some remains are discovered.


Su Hyuk tries to forge the evidence of Donggang River mummy so Byun Sung Hoon can be sentenced to life. Jong Bum visits a woman's house to do the errands for her and she asks him to have a drink with her. Sa Bin and her friend try to restore the face of a mummy from Donggang River.


Su Hyuk saves Sa Bin from a terrible car accident. Sa Bin's heart starts to pound for Su Hyuk. Su Hyuk tells Jong Bum's father that Jong Bum is the prime suspect of a murder case. Jong Bum decides to leave his family.


After the remains of a buried baby are found, Jong Bum and Su Hyuk face each other as a prime suspect and a prosecutor. Jang Hye Mi, the writer of "Secrets of A Murderer," says that Gong Ji Chul was never a psychopath. She is sure that Jong Bum is going to kill someday.


Su Hyuk lost his father who believed in humanity in the past. After his death, Su Hyuk has been fighting against beast-like criminals. Jong Bum’s feelings for Sa Bin grow bigger. But he finds out that Sa Bin has feelings for Su Hyuk, and a post is uploaded on Seoyeon University’s social media site.


Su Hyuk investigates what happened on the day Jong Woo almost drowned and finds out Jong Bum was at the lake before the incident. Meanwhile, Jong Bum shows up where Sa Bin is using the tracking application. Su Hyuk visits the nursing hospital where the prison officer who executed Gong Ji Chul is, but it turns out that he is missing.


Sa Bin gets transferred to the hospital after she was stabbed by a thug. Su Hyuk finds out that it was Jong Bum who incited to murder Su Hyuk. Sa Bin notices that there is a tracking app on her phone and she assumes that Jong Bum was following her all along. The police discover a tattoo from the victim, Lim Hwa Young, and start to track down the person who purchased the tattoo ink.


Su Hyuk sees Jong Bum on the camera which was installed at the place where Detective Ju was attacked. So Su Hyuk believes Jong Bum attacked Detective Ju. Jong Bum notices his house was robbed by someone and realizes that his painting was missing, and all of his photos on his phone are sent to somewhere else.


Tae Ha takes Jong Bum to the hospital. Jong Bum’s mother falls into despair as the doctor tells her a bullet is in Jong Bum’s head and that his brain might be damaged. There has been a rumor that Jong Bum went to America, but a student comes up to Sa Bin and tells her that she saw him near Insa-dong.


Feeling confused, Hyung Bin heads to Old Future. He asks the owner where Ha Eun was buried. After Jong Bum opened his eyes, he introduced himself as Gong Ji Chul in the test he had at the hospital. A male remains are found near in the East Sea, Gangwon-do. And JI Chul encounters the remains at the NFS.


Gong Ji Chul and Gong In Woo finally meet. From their conversation, Hyung Bin realizes that it was Gong In Woo who killed all those women in the past. Meanwhile, the face of the death-row convict who was found by the sea is completed. But it looks just like Jong Bum. Another body has been found, and Hyung Bin notices something.


Sang Ah goes to trial and Detective Ju testifies that it was Sang Ah who stabbed him. But Hye Mi denies all charges as her lawyer. Seok Tae keeps trying to stop Su Hyuk from digging into Ji Chul’s case, but Su Hyuk is determined. Sa Bin shows a restored image of the death-row convict to her father and her father falls in shock.


Seok Tae gets into trouble after Gong In Woo was arrested for the Yellow Umbrella Murder. As the crisis deepens, Hye Mi presses Tae Ha to take care of Su Hyuk. So Tae Ha decides to put an end to all. Sa Bin wakes at the hospital but she seems rather strange. When Su Hyuk comes to see her, she jumps out of her skin.