Bridge and Tunnel (2021)

28mDrama, Comédia

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Bridge and Tunnel é uma série dramática ambientada nos anos 80 que segue a história de um grupo de recém-formados que começaram a perseguir seus sonhos em Manhattan, enquanto ainda se apegavam à familiaridade da classe trabalhadora de sua cidade natal, Long Island. Na noite de sua formatura na faculdade, Jimmy volta a cair nos braços de sua ex-namorada Jill, o que causa grande preocupação para seus amigos e pais, que se preocupam com a possibilidade de passarem pelos mesmos problemas que os levaram ao rompimento no início...


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1The Graduates

On the night of his college graduation, Jimmy falls back into the arms of his ex-girlfriend Jill, much to the concern of his friends and parents who worry restarting this relationship may derail his future plans as a nature photographer.

2Making up for Lost Time

Jill proposes a way she and Jimmy can get back together in the weeks before Jimmy is set to leave, while Stacey and Mikey rekindle their old flame. Pags is stressed when his recently divorced mother starts dating Stacey’s father.

3A Perfect Couple

After breaking up with Jill, Jimmy finds inspiration in a different style of photography, while Artie is dreading Jimmy’s departure for Alaska. Meanwhile, Stacey suspects Mikey may have eyes for Tammy, while Jill battles her overbearing mother Lana.

4Just Friends

Jill and Jimmy decide to be chaperones on a blind date for Pags, hoping they can just be friends. With Stacey back in the city, Mikey and Tammy make a plan.

5Today is Your Birthday

While Jimmy stresses about finding Jill the perfect birthday gift, a development in Jill’s professional life may ruin her special day. Meanwhile, Pags gets big news about his future, and things come to a head with Mikey, Tammy and Stacey.

6The Swan Song

As Jimmy counts down the days before he leaves for Alaska, Jill proposes a romantic week away. After receiving news about law school, Pags tries to salvage his relationship with Julianna while also pursuing a new business opportunity.