Chefs Table: Pizza (2022)


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Descubra as melhores pizzas do mundo, preparadas por chefs renomados, que colocam paixão, criatividade e dedicação em cada fatia.


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1Chris Bianco

An unprecedented approach to ingredients and technique has made Chris Bianco's Phoenix pizzeria the home of what critics deem the best pies in the world.

2Gabriele Bonci

After revolutionizing the Roman-style slice, Gabriele Bonci — the "Michelangelo of pizza" — decided to shed his TV persona and reconnect with the land.

3Ann Kim

Ann Kim fought societal barriers and familial expectations to serve kimchi on pizza. Now, she's a James Beard winner with two Minneapolis restaurants.

4Franco Pepe

Franco Pepe left a family pizza dynasty for a solo venture. Innovative pies, handmade dough and local ingredients have made him a star all his own.

5Yoshihiro Imai

In Kyoto, chef Yoshihiro Imai brings a deep respect for nature to his pizzas, which he serves in the multi-course style of dining known as kaiseki.

6Sarah Minnick

Purslane, orach, flowers: unconventional toppings from Portland gardens and farms lend Sarah Minnick's colorful pies vibrancy and unforgettable flavor.