Código Negro (2015)


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Drama médico ambientado no pronto-socorro mais movimentado dos Estados Unidos, onde funcionários extraordinários batalham contra um sistema quebrado de saúde, na tentativa de proteger seus ideais e os pacientes que mais precisam deles.


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1Third Year

1Second Year

2We Plug Holes

2Better Angels

2Life and Limb

3Pre-Existing Conditions

3La Familia

3Corporeal Form

4Sometimes It's a Zebra

4The Same As Air

4Demons and Angels

5Doctors with Borders

5Cabin Pressure

Over the radio, Leanne and Jesse talk a young girl through how to use the supplies on board a small plane to build a makeshift defibrillator when her mom, the pilot, loses consciousness mid-flight. Also, Rox and Willis are taken hostage at gunpoint while on their way to meet the plane at the landing site.


6In Extremis

6Hell's Heart

6Hero Complex

7Buen Arbol

7Step Up

7What Lies Beneath

8You Are the Heart

8Home Stays Home

81.0 Bodies

9The Son Rises

9Only Human

9Sleight of Hand

10Cardiac Support

10Change of Heart

10Ave Maria

11Black Tag

11One of Our Own


12As Night Comes and I'm Breathing

12One in a Million

13The Business of Saving Lives

Angels Memorial descends into chaos when a plane crashes into the 8th floor. Also, Noa has a car accident and it is up to Mario to save her life. Also, Willis admits to Rox that he needs her in his life and the doctors gather in court to support Leanne for her custody hearing.

13Unfinished Business

13First Date


14The Fifth Stage

15The Devil's Workshop

15Diagnosis of Exclusion

16Fallen Angels

16Hail Mary

18Blood Sport