Dads (2013)


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Amigos na infância, Eli e Warner se tornaram bem sucedidos co-fundadores de uma empresa de videogame. Enquanto Warner está casado e com família, Eli é um maconheiro e um constante feixe de nervos. E a vinda dos pais deles complica mais a situação.


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Eli and Warner are business partners - and childhood best friends - whose lives get turned upside down when their pain-in-the-neck dads, David and Crawford move in with them.

2Heckuva Job, Brownie

Ghost Child Games is in need of a new video game concept. So Warner and Veronica encourage Eli to revert to his tried-and-true method of coming up with ideas: “medicinally enhanced” baked goods. But the guys discover an even better use for the treats when their pain-in-the-neck dads, David and Crawford start eating them and totally mellowing out.

3Clean On Me

Warner borrows Edna from Eli, making Eli realize he needs to start treating her better; Veronica hires Crawford.

7Foul Play

Eli and David are forced to sleep at the Ghost Child Games offices when bedbugs overtake the loft. Meanwhile, Camila gets the lead in a local theater production, and Crawford ends up being uncharacteristically helpful, much to the chagrin of Warner.

10Dad Abuse

Eli and Warner mistakenly trigger an investigation of elder abuse, causing their dads to be placed in a foster care home. Eli and Warner's initial happiness soon turns into guilt, and they hatch a plan to rescue their fathers. Meanwhile, Crawford's childish, sloppy habits get between Camila and Warner.

11The Glitch That Stole Christmas

When Eli and Warner fire one of their employees right before the holiday season, the ex-game designer seeks his revenge by including an offensive word in their family-friendly Christmas game. Meanwhile, Edna encourages David to get a job as a mall Santa in order to earn enough money to buy Eli a gift.