Dali and the Cocky Prince (2021)

1h 3mComédia, Drama

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Moo Hak cresceu sendo vendedor ambulante no mercado. Apesar de não ter recebido uma educação formal, ele é determinado e sabe como ganhar dinheiro. Assim, ele se torna diretor administrativo da Dondon F&B, uma rede global de restaurantes que cresceu de um pequeno restaurante de gamjatang de sua família. Porém, ele não é alguém respeitável e só se importa com dinheiro. Um dia, Moo Hak conhece Da Li, uma mulher bastante culta, filha única de uma família de classe alta que é dona de uma galeria de arte. Quando o pai de Da Li morre subitamente, deixando o negócio da família em risco de ir à falência, a vida difícil de Da Li começa. Para salvar a galeria, Moo Hak e Da Li começam um relacionamento de credor e devedora. Descubra como esses dois opostos vão se entender e até se apaixonar.


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1How Many Bowls Of Gamjatang Is A Modigliani Painting Worth?

Da Li gets entrusted to take care of things at a party hosted by a VVVIP of the Saint Miller Art Museum. Da Li is supposed to pick up Jin Hitonari at the airport and take him to the party. But instead, she picks up Jin Moo Hak. Everything from that moment on gets completely turned upside down.

2Could Brand-name Watches Capture Eternity?

Saddened by having to say goodbye, Moo Hak tells Da Li that they will meet again as he puts on the watch he was wearing on her wrist. But when Moo Hak rushes back to ask for her contact, Da Li disappears after taking a mysterious phone call. Later, Moo Hak gets to meet her again in the most unexpected place.

3What Is "Untitled" About?

Da Li and Moo Hak reunite at the Cheongsong Museum of Art. Unlike Da Li, who is happy to see him, Moo Hak draws a bold line between them strictly as creditor and debtor. However, throughout the day, Moo Hak can't stop worrying about her. Later that night, he makes a surprise visit.

4Can You Tell If Someone Is Rich by How They Eat Yogurt?

Moo Hak bumps heads with Da Li in his extraordinary way of recovering his money from the gallery facing a financial crisis. Da Li, who has no idea how the world turns, suddenly sells her father's house and is left with nowhere to go. As she sits alone drinking, Moo Hak shows up in front of her.

5Does Rain Seem Different from a Hotel than a Motel?

After taking Da Li back to the hotel and returning home, Moo Hak looks at the falling rain out the window and thinks of Da Li. He calls her, knowing that the night view from the hotel would be spectacular. But when she looks out her window, she sees the dark reality of her hopelessness.

6Can Garbage Become Art?

Due to a provocative and twisted news article, the art exhibition faces a crisis. However, Da Li finds a solution on her own and turns the situation right around. Moo Hak stays up all night thinking of Da Li's well-being and goes to the gallery early in the morning to help her, but his help turns into chaos.

7Does Death Mean the End?

Da Li slowly begins to understand the solace Moo Hak gives her is genuine. With the art exhibition nearing, the two of them rush to make it a success for their own goals. They act separately on the matter. Finally, the opening party begins. However, Moo Hak, Da Li, Tae Jin, and Chak Hee are all present.

8Is It Possible to Buy Someone's Feelings?

Da Li and Moo Hak can't get their minds off the late-night kiss they shared in the gallery. Everything becomes awkward between them, especially the meeting at the gallery, which becomes a total catastrophe. Later, Da Li avoids Moo Hak and heads over to Tae Jin, waiting for her in front of her house.

9Does Everyone Become a Grown-Up?

Due to a sudden attack by a mysterious intruder, Moo Hak finally learns that Da Li has been staying with Won Tak. With the rooftop unit's door lock smashed and useless, Da Li has no choice but to spend the night at Moo Hak's place. Meanwhile, Da Li suspects that the intruder could have been someone from the gallery.

10Do You Know How to Tell Dogs Apart from Wolves at Dusk?

Tae Jin explains to Da Li that Moo Hak approached her and Cheongsong Gallery with impure intentions to change her perception of him. Moo Hak becomes angry at Da Li for not believing in him and standing behind Tae Jin. However, it leads to him making a possible mistake.

11What's Thicker Than Blood?

Chak Hee's unexpected visit in the middle of the night puts an abrupt stop to Da Li and Moo Hak's romantic plans. Without fully understanding Moo Hak and Chak Hee's relationship, Da Li leaves for work in the morning. However, when she gets to work, she is faced with a tremendous ordeal.

12What's The Colour Of Love?

Moo Hak gets into a massive fight with the optimistic employees without knowing the peril the gallery is about to face. With the atmosphere destroyed, Moo Hak and Darli's secret relationship almost becomes exposed. Meanwhile, Si Hyung discloses to the press something astronomical that puts Cheongsong Gallery at its most vulnerable.

13Where Does Anxiety Come From?

After the chaotic incident with Geum Ja, Da Li keeps her distance from Moo Hak. Seeing her turn her back like that, Moo Hak becomes anxious. When he gets word that Tae Jin purchased a wedding ring, Moo Hak rushes over to the gallery to see Da Li.

14What's the Lux of the Brightness of Love?

Moo Hak and Da Li visit an artist's studio, and for the first time, Moo Hak gets moved by artistic work. He also reaffirms his love for Da Li. Later, Da Li begins to suspect Tae Jin to be the culprit behind the series of incidents the gallery has had to face. Meanwhile, Si Hyung tries to blackmail Tae Jin to get out of trouble.

15Are We All Stars?

Moo Hak becomes suspicious of Ki Chul's actions, and Da Li feels uneasy after hearing her father's voice in Tae Jin's office. Won Tak is also bothered by what Si Hyung said regarding Kim Nak Chun's death. Meanwhile, Ki Chul threatens Tae Jin with a video, but Tae Jin doesn't take it lightly.