Dallas (1978)

45mSoap, Drama

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Dinheiro, vingança, sexo, paixão, sede de poder e intrigas familiares. Assim era Dallas, série que conquistou telespectadores por todo o mundo com seus melodramas e suspenses passou por uma inteira geração 1980, conhecida como a década do "eu", retratando o glamour, o poder e a riqueza da alta-sociedade americana; até chegar no início de uma era de computadores e telefones-celulares do início dos anos 90.


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1Digger's Daughter

Bobby has a wife, and no one in the house of Ewing wants her there. Pamela Barnes is the daught of the most hated man in Jock' history, Digger. This marriage of Bobby and Pam should end the end the Barnes-Ewing Feud, but it only served to escalate it.

2The Lesson

Lucy is playing hooky, and the only person who will actually make sure she get's to school is her new aunt, Pam. But Lucy finds a new way to get out of school, a phony sexual harassment case against her pricipal. It works, but Lucy soon becomes a victime of her own lies as Roger sees the who thing and blackmails Lucy. He can clear the pricncipals name, but only if Lucy "satisfies" him.

3Spy in the House

Pam's brother, Cliff, is unhappy about her getting married to a Ewing. Cliff ends up with a document Pam was supposed to give to Ewing Oil.

4Winds of Vengeance

Trouble occurs in the House of Ewing, when J.R.'s affair reaches the wrong men


It's time for the annual Ewing Barbecue (where the Ewings feed half of Texas) but there is an unexpected guest, Digger Barnes. But this guest comes along side of unexpected news, Pam's pregnant!