Dance Dance Danseur (2022)

24mAnimação, Drama

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A história acompanha Junpei Murao, um jovem fascinado por balé desde pequeno, mas que decide deixar a dança de lado para se tornar mais masculino após seu pai morrer.


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1There's No Way I'm Doing That Ballet Thing!

Jumpei was fascinated by ballet as a boy but gave up on dancing to pursue Jeet Kune Do. One day, when he is in junior high, his classmate notices his interest and invites him to do ballet with her.

2I Can't Be Friends With Someone Like Him!

After watching a performance of Swan Lake with Miyako, Jumpei is inspired to try the pas de deux for himself. But when he sees Luou dance...

3What Does It Mean to Be Manly?

Luou finally starts coming to school, but he becomes the target of bullying. Meanwhile, Jumpei is trying to decide whether or not he will continue to dance amid all his other commitments.

4I Can Do Ballet Now

Junpei finally takes a heavy load off himself by publicly admitting that he dances ballet. Now it only remains to prepare for the festival.

5I Can't Die Now

Jumpei, Miyako, and Luou perform their version of Swan Lake at the ballet festival with the other students from the Godai Ballet Studio.

6Why Am I Doing Ballet?

After the festival, Jumpei faces the consequences of his impromptu change to the choreography and ends up paying a visit to the Oikawa Ballet School with Luou.

7Ah, I'm So Embarrassed

As Jumpei and Luou get used to the summer school class, they become involved in a friendly competition with some other boys from the class.

8Oh, I Wanna Do It Again!!

The boys are joined by girls from Miyako's SS class for pas de deux practice, and the other boys give Jumpei advice about how to interact with the girls.

9I Wanna Get Better, Too!

As the summer school class comes to an end, Luou is reminded of his mother, and Jumpei must decide what path he will take in the next step of his ballet studies.

10Miyako... You Need to Be by His Side

On their way to look for Luou, Miyako tells Jumpei about her childhood with Luou and about Luou's relationship with their grandmother.

11Oh, I Think I Love Classical Ballet

Jumpei leaves Miyako and her family to take care of Luou and rushes back to Oikawa to perform on the last day of the boys summer school.