Danchigai (2015)

4mAnimação, Comédia



Haruki e suas quatro irmãs, Mutsuki, Yayoi, Uzuki e Satsuki vivem uma vida que parece monótona. Apesar do fato de suas irmãs simplesmente não darem descanso para ele, sempre dando broncas e pregando peças, Haruki ainda gosta de sua vida.


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1Building One: The Yumeno Apartments

Welcome to the Yumeno Apartments, where Haruki Nakano lives out his everyday life with his four sisters.

2Building Two: The Twins Homework

Uzuki and Satsuki do their best to finish their homework. Their assignment? A report on their family members!

3Building Three: Mutsuki's True Colors

Mutsuki is bright and beautiful, and diligent to top it all off. But she shows a different side in front of Haruki...

4Building Four: Curry and Rice

The grocery shopping must be done, so the Nakano siblings get together to conquer the week's shopping list.

5Building Five: Satsuki's Anime Clock

Satsuki and Haruki have an unexpected hobby in common. And Satsuki never misses a beat.

6Building Six: The Siblings' Multiplication

Multiplication is a fundamental skill! Everyone has to learn their multiplication tables in elementary school. If they don’t...

7Building Seven: The Apartment Complex's Pool Opening

It might be a little early to go to the beach, but that's not going to stop these siblings from having some fun in the water.

8Building Eight: Definitely Siblings

Do all twins look the same? Join the Nakanos as they look through some family history.

9Building Nine: For the Love of Pranks

Haruki is on his guard against Uzuki's pranks, but is that was Uzuki is really planning?

10Building Ten: Mutsuki's Request

Mutsuki has run into a problem she can't handle on her own. Is her request too much for Haruki to handle?

11Building Eleven: How Yayoi Nurses

Haruki is down with a cold, and the only one to help him out is Yayoi.

12Building Twelve: The Bond Between Haruki and His Sisters

The sisters get unusually close.