Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken (2014)

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O anime segue a vida diária de uma mulher chamada Kaoru e seu marido otaku que está totalmente imerso em um certo blog. Kaoru começa a tentar descobrir algum método de conseguir entender o seu amado. Este anime tem muitas paródias e piadas nonsense, e também, personagens muito hilários.


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1How I Got into Hobbies I Don't Understand

Marriage makes sadness half, doubles joy, and quadruples living expenses.

2Surpass Gender and Blood. Come Forth, Otokonoko

Hajime's little brother is an otaku, and a best-selling BL doujinshi otokonoko author to boot. How did this happen...

3My Otaku Brother Can't Have So Few Friends (etc.)”

Meeting the person you're destined for is a miracle... But that's never restrained to gender...

4My Husband Primarily Works in the Year-Round Home Surveillance Business

I'm a NEET again! I guess I'll go to the employment office... Nah, I'll do it tomorrow.

5Drunker Devil

You can drink alcohol but don't let it drink you.

6Never Cross a Bridge Till You Come to It

They say that the Japanese work too hard, but what do you think?

7What Happened When I Turned My Back to the Path I Was Used to and Started Running

Kaoru-tan has joined forces with a wife that can't cook and they're unstoppable!

8I'll Become a Pro Golfer

I'm not a monkey! I'm also not a pro golfer!

9Slathering Honey on the Best Pancakes Ever

Now then, the world's greatest is right before your eyes.

10The Child Who Is So Close Yet So Far Away

I'm emailing Takashi to see if he's okay.

11One Person Had Survived on Her Own

I can live on my own... I thought that once.

12Fusion Sage Day

Die happy IRL people.

13Me, Her and Another

Congratulations to all the children.