Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (2012)

24mAnimação, Comédia

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Mais um daqueles animes em que quatro amigos juntos aprontam mil e uma confusões. Todakuni, Hidenori e Yoshitake são amigos de infância e quando se juntam a coisa vira uma zona só. Mas pra quem pensa que o dia-a-dia deles é algo “comum”, pode ir tirando o tal do pônei maldito da chuva.


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3High School Boys and Summer Plans

In this episode, see high school boys make plans for summer, go to the beach, play table tennis, pretend to host a radio talk show, create great summer memories, and become obsessed with a girl.

4High School Boys and Eavesdropping / High School Boys and the Cultural Festival

In this episode, see high school boys eavesdrop on their friends, plan and execute a school festival, and get advice from a girl.

5Dubbing / Seniority / The Savior / Old Friends / The Biography of a Hero / Literary Girl 3 / Resentment

In this episode, see high school boys dub girls on the street, get picked on by older girls, pretend to get beaten up, catch up with old friends, remember childhood memories, and try to act cool.

6The Holy Night / The New Semester / Little Sister's Troubles / Ringo's Troubles / Motoharu's Troubles / The Sure-Kill Shot / The Past

In this episode, see high school boys get chased by their friend's sister, hang out on the first day of a new term, secretly back up a friend's sister, console a girl, look for lost puppies, and try out their new super moves.

7Gags / Indoor Adventures / Older Brothers / As We Are / Careers / Mitsuo / High School Girl Power

In this episode, see high school boys entertain each other with gags, LARP at home, try to ignore the girl who is embarrassing herself, take a questionnaire, and talk about how dumb their friend is.

8Motoharu's Sister / Mitsuo's Worries / Manga / Balconies / Convenience Store / Towers / Cakes / Horoscopes / 100 / Ramen / Skirts

In this episode, see high school boys converse with their sister, console their friend, critique their friend's fan comic, talk to the girl across the balcony, go to the convenience store, help a girl, eat cake, discuss horoscopes, and deal with bugs.

9Older Brothers and Sisters / Drop-Kicks / The End of Summer / Glasses / The Daily Lives of the Student Council / Panties / Wiring / Archdemon

In this episode, see high school boys deal with their sibling dating their friend's sibling, visit their grandmother, break a younger girl's heart, lose their glasses, solve issues with the student council, prove points, and atone for misdeeds.

10Limits / Consequences / Winter / Run / Mochi Soup / Ground / Bikes / Cooking / Schools / Women Who Left a Scar

In this episode, see high school boys hold it for as long as possible, have a bad day, prepare for winter, run from a girl, choke on food, slip on the pavement, ride a bicycle, cook for their sister, and hang out at school.

11Fathers / Literary Girl 4 / Conflict / Kick the Can / Chitchat / Love Letters / Distance / Annoyance / Conflict

In this episode, see high school boys bond with their father, get caught in an awkward situation, compete with each other, ruin their friend's stuff, engage in small talk, get a love letter, get their souls crushed by a girl, and get annoyed.

12Demons / Lies / UFO Catchers / Store Employees / Assertiveness / Getting Hit On / Frankfurter / ...

In this episode, see high school boys lie, play a crane game, get help from a store clerk, comment on the relationships of others, save a girl from the advances of strangers, enjoy a hot dog, and graduate from high school.