Deadman Wonderland (2011)

24mAction & Adventure, Animação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Dez anos se passaram desde o Grande Terremoto em Tokyo, um desastre natural que afundou 70% de Tokyo no mar. O que você faria se, de repente, visse uma criatura coberta de sangue na sacada da janela de sua sala? E, se ela emitisse um som, que só você escutasse? E ainda pior... quando essa criatura, que só você pode ver, mata 21 alunos de forma brutal e só deixa você vivo? Ganta Igarashi foi acusado de um crime no qual não cometeu e enviado a uma nova e incrível prisão instalada no japão, onde os detentos, são as maiores atrações no maior, mais moderno e louco coliseu de todos os tempos... ao encontrar uma pequena garota, acaba descobrindo poderes que até então não sabia que possuía, começando assim sua busca por inocência e vingança.


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1Death Row Inmate

Ganta quickly learns of the very real dangers lurking around every corner in Deadman Wonderland. He soon meets the unusual Shiro, and while defending her from other inmates, discovers a strange new power within himself.

2Antidote (Candy)

In order to earn “cast points” that he can use to buy antidote for the poison injected by his collar, Ganta goes head to head with one of the prison’s toughest inmates in a deadly obstacle course.

3G Block

Unable to afford antidote, Ganta faces his impending death - until You comes to his rescue. Later, after learning that the Red Man might be an inmate, Ganta, Shiro, and You venture into the secluded G Block to find the truth.

4Crow Claw

Ganta is locked away in Tamaki’s lab after tangling with Senji, who wields powers similar to his own. While quarantined, Ganta learns more about his new abilities - and discovers that he’ll soon have to use them in a fight to the death.

5Carrion Festival (Carnival Corpse)

When Ganta faces Senji in his first Carnival Corpse, he learns that the effect of using his powers recklessly might be even deadlier than his opponent. Meanwhile, Yoh discovers there is more to Shiro than meets the eye.


Ganta meets Minatsuki, who’s locked up for killing her abusive father. When Ganta’s efforts to help her escape are thwarted, he’s forced to take on Minatsuki in a Carnival Corpse - and the girl shows her cruel true colors.

7Original Sin (Wretched Egg)

Ganta meets Karako and Nagi, the leaders of the rebel faction Scar Chain, who help Minatsuki out of a potentially gruesome bind. Unfortunately, Ganta also meets Genkaku, a guitar-toting monk with a real talent for brutal violence.

8Chains of Freedom (Scar Chain)

Ganta decides to join Scar Chain after hearing their plan to expose Deadman Wonderland’s darkest secrets. The plot isn’t without risks - and there’s a chance that the Undertakers are already working to sabotage the operation.

9Pro-oxidant (Worm Eater)

Ganta and his Scar Chain comrades find themselves bloodied after an encounter with Genkaku’s crew. Things don’t get any better when the battle ends, thanks to a sudden appearance and shocking decision by Shiro.

10Caretaker (Undertaker)

Ganta lashes out at Shiro for destroying the data chip and the Scar Chain’s resolve continues to be tested thanks to a traitorous confession by Rokuro. Things are looking grim for Ganta and his allies - until Senji enters the fight.

11Gig of Despair

Ganta asks Senji to train him to better utilize his powers in battle. Later, after Karako is captured trying to save Nagi, Ganta unleashes his new skills during a rescue attempt - but it might already be too late, thanks to Genkaku.

12Relief (Grateful Dead)

Ganta, battered in battle and weakened by the poison coursing through his body, tries to use the last of his strength to take out Genkaku - but Shiro might be his only hope.