Morte e Rouxinóis (2018)


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Um conto de amor, traição, decepções e vingança situado na zona rural de Fermanagh em 1885. No dia de seu aniversário de 25 anos, Beth Winters decide fugir com o encantador Liam Ward, deixando pra trás sua vida limitada e seu relacionamento complexo com seu padrasto religioso Billy.


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Beth decides to tell Mercy that she is leaving Fermanagh, but Mercy protests and exclaims it will break her heart —and Billy's too. Beth puts her plan to run away with Liam into action but a suspicious and very drunk Billy questions Beth —is there anything she has to tell him?


Planning on eloping with Ward, Beth steals Billy's gold and leaves. The Dummy stops her and issues a dire warning. Who is out to hurt her and why? Beth will have her vengeance.