Diário de Horrores (2017)

25mSci-Fi & Fantasy, Mistério

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Um mascarado coleciona histórias sobre magia negra, encontros sobrenaturais e tecnologia fora de controle nesta série antológica para jovens adolescentes.


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1One More Minute

There's nothing wrong with playing video games. But how long is too long to play?



When headlice begin to infest his small town, Gabe may be the only person who can help.



Artificial intelligence can be helpful. But does it have access to too much information?


4The Many Place

Three siblings on a rainy vacation in Australia explore their mysterious hotel.

4Bravery Badge

5The Unfortunate Five

What if instead of punishment you had yoga and mindfulness exercises?

5Cat Food

6No Filter

When selfie-obsessed Kiera downloads an app to erase all her flaws, a shocking side effect sends her running to her tech-savvy sister for help.


7Only Child

When Mia's baby brother comes home from the hospital, strange things start happening around the house -- and Mia gets all the blame.

7Shed No Fear

8The Takedown

Just as Alexa gets a chance to compete against the boys for a spot at wrestling regionals, a mysterious text message offers her a special "gift."

8The Call

9Tilly Bone

Vlogger Cass's birthday sleepover ended in disaster. But why? Rewind through the footage for clues.

9A Boy Called Red

10Splinta Claws

A holiday mishap leaves friends Lawrence and Mikey locked in a department store after closing time -- with a creepy mechanical Santa on their trail.


11The Traveller

12Side Show Part One

13Side Show Part Two