Dies Irae (2017)

25mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Na história uma antiga facção que apareceu anteriormente em 1945 na Alemanha, durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, ressurge e pode destruir o mundo. Usando do mesmo poder que eles e com uma misteriosa aliada o protagonista vai tentar detê-los.


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1Twilight Girl

Fujii Ren is discharged from the hospital, not waiting for his friend Kasumi to meet him. She catches up with him and makes him take her to a sword exhibition to confront his fear of knives.

2The Claws and Fangs of a Beast

Each night, Ren is tormented by dreams. When he wakes up, another headless corpse is found. Is he behind the murders, and if so, why?

3The End of the Nightmare Is a Beginning

Ren confronts one of the group of new students about what they want. Ayane begins to show signs of supernatural abilities.


The plans of the Black Round Table are revealed as one of their members teaches Ren how to use his powers. He's quickly given the chance to put his new strength to the test as another member kidnaps Kasumi!


Ren wakes up with a blonde girl in his bed! He and Kasumi adopt her and take her around the city, buying her clothes and taking her shopping. Then he has a meeting with his old friend Shiro.

6Golden Beast

Fujii battles the enemies on the bridge. He temporarily gains the upper hand, and then the terrifying Lord Heydrich appears.


Ren is captured by the Black Round Table. He learns who they are and what they want.


The LDO puts its terrifying plan into place as they prepare to open the eight swastikas across the city. Can Ren and Shirou stop them?

9A Mother's Sins

The Black Round Table's next target is the hospital where Kasumi is kept. Will Ren be able to protect her?


Eleonore is planning on opening the Fifth Swastika, but Lisa and Ren are there to potentially try to stop her. However, Kei is following Eleonore's orders, so that might not go as smoothly as everyone thinks.

11Self-Destruction Factor

Shirou speaks with the mastermind behind the events in the city, who reveals that he was manipulated into being immortal and becoming "a toy of God."

12Emanation Level

The mysteries behind Lord Heydrich's plan, and the highest, most hidden level of magic, are revealed.


The secrets behind the Grail's birth and its powers are revealed, as the protagonist's plan falls apart in the face of the enemy's overwhelming power.

14Golden Alchemy

Heydrich begins his holy war, and puts his plan to turn the world into Valhalla into action.

15Valhalla Emanation

Shiro and Sakurai battle the surviving lieutenants of the Black Round Table, while Heydrich leaves to prepare for a final encounter.

16Verweile Doch

The last battle against Reinhard and the Black Round Table heads for its final conclusion, with the fate of the world in the balance.

17To the New World

A new world is about to begin as the four masters of the Atziluth gather on the golden shore to decide whose law shall reign.