Edomae Elf (2023)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Koganei Koito é uma jovem que trabalha como sacerdotisa em um templo onde dizem existir uma divindade real. Entretanto, a verdade é que a divindade em questão é uma elfa imortal que sobreviveu por mais de 400 anos e se tornou uma hikikomori viciada em cultura otaku e tecnologia. Agora Koito precisa, não só fazer seus deveres como sacerdotisa, como também atender aos caprichos e pedidos duvidosos de sua Deusa introvertida.


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1The Elf of Tokyo

The lazy elven “goddess” of Takamimi Shrine frustrates Koito to no end. Elda may be an airhead who cares more about video games than duty, but she’s got a good heart.

2Let's Go to Monja Street

Elda has been a collector for centuries. Unfortunately, one thing never changes: luck is a cruel mistress.

3The New Priestess and the Ritual of Succession

Koito and Elda may have their differences, but they have at least one thing in common: a hankering for SNACKS!

4The Elf Battle of All Times and Places

Elda wasn’t the only one who got isekai’d. Another elf found herself on Earth, too!

5Tsukishima Girls’ Collection

Koito gives Elda a device known only as “The Smartphone,” a choice she will soon learn to regret. Later, Koito realizes Elda has an unchanging wardrobe.

6Stand by Me

Koito could ace a history test if a centuries-old elf helps her study, right? Later, Elda, who hates heights, must do a ritual at Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan.

7The Aroma of the Town

How did people entertain themselves in the good old days? Elda knows–she was there. Later, the elusive Golden Frog Panzer may finally be within Elda’s grasp at long last!