Em Terapia (2008)


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Set within the highly charged confines of individual psychotherapy sessions and centering around Dr. Paul Weston, a psychotherapist who exhibits an insightful, reserved demeanor while treating his patients—but displays a crippling insecurity while counseled by his own therapist.


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1Eladio - Week 1

After a troubling dream finds home health aide Eladio reaching out in the middle of the night, Brooke reestablishes boundaries as his therapist. Later, when Eladio requests medication, Brooke switches her focus to his history of insomnia.

2Colin - Week 1

Colin, a self-proclaimed therapy enthusiast and proud child of hippies, arrives for the first of four court-mandated sessions, but his evasiveness makes a recommendation regarding his recent release from prison difficult for Brooke.

3Laila - Week 1

Brooke struggles to draw genuine answers out of her newest patient Laila, who's been dragged to therapy by her concerned grandmother over recent "life choices," before switching gears and empowering the 18-year-old to seize her agency.

4Brooke - Week 1

After failing to honor a commitment, Brooke receives an unexpected visit from her friend Rita. Worried that Brooke is teetering on the edge of a bad decision, Rita illuminates an unexpected connection between Brooke's personal and professional lives.

5Eladio - Week 2

Brooke agrees to refer Eladio to a psychiatrist before his medication runs out – but only if he truly commits to therapy first. When pressed about his employers, Eladio opens up about his complicated relationship with their family.

6Colin - Week 2

Colin chronicles the events that took him from "gold stars all around" to receiving serious demerits in prison. After connecting his troubling behavior to a feeling of profound powerlessness, Brooke challenges Colin to accept responsibility for his actions.

7Laila - Week 2

In an effort to connect with Laila over feeling controlled by her family, Brooke shares a traumatic experience from her own childhood. As Brooke digs into her proclivity for unbridled imagination and storytelling as a coping mechanism, Laila reveals a surprising plan for her future.

8Brooke - Week 2

Though Brooke insists reuniting with Adam will not awaken destructive habits, Rita recognizes her actions as part of a recurring pattern and encourages her to spend more time embracing the present.

9Eladio - Week 3

With the house to himself, an energized Eladio shares the true depth of his unlikely connection to Jeremy. But when her patient shuts down on the heels of a compliment, Brooke helps Eladio sort through deep-rooted issues from his childhood.

10Colin - Week 3

Brooke helps Colin realize how his hyper-focus on the opinions of others has long curtailed the development of his authentic self. After testing Brooke's boundaries, Colin makes an unusual request for their final session.

11Laila - Week 3

As Laila details an elaborate getaway plan, a skeptical Brooke learns that her patient's desire to escape dates back to her earliest memories – and has only been accelerated by societal injustice and the impossible expectations thrust upon her.

12Brooke - Week 3

After receiving a distressing phone call from Brooke, Rita helps her friend process a recent complication while struggling to accept a potential shift in their relationship.

13Eladio - Week 4

Brooke tempers mixed reactions from Eladio after sharing an unexpected analysis. While her patient processes the news, Brooke and Adam discuss their future.

14Colin - Week 4

In their fourth and final court-ordered session together, Brooke mines the extent of Colin's evasiveness – and struggles to form a comprehensive picture of her patient.

15Laila - Week 4

Concerned over her patient's disclosure at the end of their last session, Brooke presses Laila to open up about her complicated understanding of love, sex, and the future.

16Brooke - Week 4

Despite throwing a serious wrench in their plans, Brooke gains unexpected clarity on her relationship with Rita.

17Eladio - Week 5

As Brooke contemplates a pressing life decision of her own, Eladio shares a major development. But when he asks for help sifting through the repercussions, Eladio is surprised by Brooke's answers.

18Colin - Week 5

On the heels of receiving Brooke's recommendation, Colin makes a surprise visit—prompting a collision of his therapist's personal and professional lives.

19Laila - Week 5

Torn up over the outside influences clouding her self-understanding, Laila is challenged by Brooke's unique therapy technique. But when Brooke asks Laila to take the exercise a step further, she receives a startling response.

20Brooke - Week 5

Brooke nervously prepares for a visit she's avoided for months. Later, there's nowhere to hide as Brooke stares down the barrel of past trauma to confront the root of her pain.

21Eladio - Week 6

After Eladio reaches a transformative conclusion, Brooke pushes him to break free of his self-imposed limitations.

22Colin - Week 6

In new territory, Brooke and Colin confront the vast work ahead.​

23Laila - Week 6

When Laila disappears, Brooke forces Rhonda to consider how profoundly her expectations have affected the teen.

24Brooke - Week 6

Fresh from her self-analysis, Brooke confronts revelations that may inform her future with her son and relationship with Adam.​