F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021)

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Gorya é uma garota de classe baixa aceita em uma prestigiosa universidade frequentada por ricos. A escola é dirigida por uma camarilha de elite conhecida como F4, composta por 4 meninos ricos, bonitos e mimados. Gorya é a única que resiste aos seus modos de intimidação, deixando todos os meninos maravilhados, especialmente Thyme, o líder do grupo. Quase instantaneamente apaixonado por Gorya, Thyme a persegue romanticamente, mas ela não tem interesse nele por causa das primeiras impressões. Ela então se apaixona por seu melhor amigo Ren, mas Ren está apaixonado por seu amor de infância. Em todo o caos da escola, Gorya não pode deixar de se apaixonar por Thyme por causa de sua generosidade para com ela e sua família, e sua mudança de caráter.


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1The Footprint of Meteor

Gorya, an ordinary student in Kocher High School, meets the newcomer student Hana and soon they become friends. Gorya warns Hana to be aware of the reckless F4. Gorya has been trying hard to stay low-profile in school, as she doesn't dare to lose her scholarship. However, she has to come across Thyme, the leader of F4, as she stands up for Hana when Hana is being humiliated by Thyme. Though she receives the red card immediately, and is being bullied by the whole school, Gorya decides to not give in and stand against Thyme.

2The Second Impact

Thyme kidnaps Gorya to his place, and let people dress her up, and even gives her a car. Thyme tells Gorya that as long as she gives him a public apology, he would give all of these to her. Hana apologizes to Gorya after school. The two reconcile. The next day, Hana is given the red card. Gorya rushes to rescue Hana. Thyme orders Gorya to shave her head. Ren appears at the right timing to save Gorya. After this, the bullies apologizes to Gorya, and invites her to Mira's party.

3The Paper Plane

Thyme has been acting strange ever since his kiss with Gorya. Mira decides to live in France to pursue her dream. Ren has a fight with Mira regarding her decision. Thyme's sister Tia is back to Thailand for their family's business. Mira can't stand seeing Ren being heartbroken, so she begs Mira to stay. Ren witnesses this scene and is enraged. On the other hand, Thyme invites Gorya out for a date. But Gorya takes it as a joke.

4The Broken Door

Gorya and Thyme starts their date. Gorya says she will buy Thyme a dinner, only to find out the restaurant they enter is too expensive for her to afford. The two end up being stuck at the fire escape for a night. Gorya takes care of Thyme who catches a fever after standing in the rain for so long.

5The Glass Mask

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6The Tulip Mania

Gorya feels like Ren is a complete different person after coming back to Thailand. Kaning suggests Gorya to talk with Ren by returning the handkerchief. Thyme isn't able to contact Gorya as her phone is broken. Therefore, he buys her a new phone, and asks her out for a date.

7The Four Flowers

Thyme is furious seeing Gorya in Ren's embrace, and declares that he is kicking Ren out of F4. Thyme's mother warns Thyme to stop seeing Gorya to stay out of trouble. Ren brings Gorya out for a date, but Gorya can't help but talk about Thyme all the time. Kavin reaches out to Kaning, asking for help to find Ren and Gorya. While searching for them, Kaning sees her boyfriend cheating with another girl.

8The Present Perfect

Thyme's mother initiates a negotiation. She offers money for Gorya to stay away from Thyme. But Gorya and her mother refuse. Thyme gets to know that the company Gorya's father works at is shut down due to his mother. He later decides to protect Gorya by his own self. He buys and moves into the house next to Gorya's.

9The Incident of 1%

Thyme wants to escape from the engagement announcement party with Gorya, but he mistakes Lita as Gorya. He ends up leaving venue with Lita instead. Gorya finally gives Thyme the birthday present she made. At the same time, Pakorn's latest news is all over the town. Kavin and MJ wants to distract Lita from Thyme, but are fooled around by her. Pakorn passes away. Gorya witnesses what the high class society is like with her own eyes, and she now realizes the enormous gap between her world and Thyme's world.

10The Time Machine

Thyme and Lita are officially in a relationship. Due to their social status, the two become the hot topic of the town. Students in school begin to bully Gorya again. Talay becomes one of her few trusted friend in school. Thyme is upset to see Gorya and Talay hanging out, while Gorya tries to stay away from Thyme. On the day of the prom, Gorya receives the red card once again. Ren suspects there's something fishy behind Talay.

11The Atonement

Thyme is beaten by Talay and his fellows without defending himself, as he has learnt that violence does not solve the problem. Talay reveals that he's a friend of Phupha, who was previously bullied by F4. Later on, Thyme apologizes to everyone he hurt before. However, Talay doesn't forgive him and plans to post the video clip of Thyme's confession to his mistakes online.

12The Scripted Relationship

Gorya is fooling around with Thyme at Thyme's room when Lita comes in. Lita suspects the relationship between the two, but the steward claims Gorya is their new maid. As Gorya is now working as a maid, Kavin, who's sent by Thyme, is now a substitute at the flower shop. Kavin and Kaning become closer.

13The Rooftop of Tomorrow

Gorya notices Kaning is down, and feels like this is related to Kavin. So she asks Thyme about Kawin's past. Thyme tells Gorya that Kawin has a childhood friend called Mona. Kawin had a crush on her. He confessed to Mona.

14The Chessboard

Gorya's place is destroyed by men sent from Thyme's mother. Kaning's father is fired by the company, and some people cause trouble in the flower shop. Gorya can no longer stand it, so she goes to negotiate with Thyme's mother. For the sake of Thyme's growth, Gorya lied to Thyme and breaks up with him.