Fim de Semana em Família (2022)


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Todos os fins de semana, Fred cuida de suas filhas, Clara (15), Victoire (12) e Romy (9). Cada uma delas tem uma mãe diferente com a qual moram durante a semana. Uma nova madrasta se junta à essa mistura feliz quando Fred se apaixona loucamente por Emma, uma Canadense, estudante de doutorado em psicologia infantil.


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1Fresh Start

The girls find out that Fred has been hiding his relationship with Emma, who is due back to Canada.

2Zero Waste

The girls’ mothers want to get to know Emma at Sunday Brunch but they picked the worst weekend!

3Double Axel

The family is gifted Axel, a virtual assistant, and confronts the importance of privacy.

4The Deep End

Fred is ill so this weekend, Emma has to take care of the girls all by herself.

5The Neighbor's Get Together

At the neighbors’ get-together, secrets are revealed and Emma meets her new thesis advisor.

6The Ranch's Farewell

As the family takes part of the Sunday’s flea market, they have to let go of certain things.

7Back to Nature

The family embarks on a Treasure Trail in the Fontainebleau forest to celebrate Vic’s birthday.


As Emma has doubts about her new life, the girls prepare a surprise.