Funerária Família Bernard (2021)




Este reality mostra como a família Bernard administra sua funerária em Memphis e ajuda os clientes a se despedirem de pessoas queridas.


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1Meet the Bernards

As Ryan and his mother, Debbie, argue over who's the boss, Raegan gets a crash course in hearse duty, and Deja takes a stand.

2Driving a Hard Bargain

Kevin gives Ryan a lesson in the fine art of negotiation when the two head off to buy a new hearse. Meanwhile, Debbie puts her granddaughters to work.

3Life After Death

While Deja and Corey are at a prenatal appointment, Raegan, Ryan, Debbie, Kevin and Tavion pull out all the stops and plan a surprise baby shower.

4New Kid on the Block

Tavion steps up while Deja takes some time to bond with her newborn. Ryan and Debbie debate whether to expand the business.

5Daddy Daughter Day

Deja agrees — reluctantly — to go fishing with her dad. Debbie and her pal gossip like pros. Raegan encourages Kevin to learn new makeup techniques.

6Lights, Camera, Distraction!

The Bernards make an outrageous commercial as Debbie directs. Also, Ryan musters the courage to talk about the birds and the bees with Raegan.

7Can't Hardly Date

Deja and Raegan pressure Debbie to give online dating a try. Meanwhile, Kevin adds some excitement to Ryan's presentation about the mortuary business.

8Who's the Boss?

Tired of her father and grandma's constant arguing, Deja brings in a mediator. Meanwhile, it's time for Raegan to finally pick a college.