Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san (2018)

12mComédia, Animação

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Honda-san está em guerra - com os negócios, com os livros esgotados e com os fãs de mangá! Quem imaginaria que um balcão de livraria poderia ser tão engraçado? Confira os acasos do dia-a-dia desta livraria onde o amor pelo mangá é abundante!


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1O Próximo Cliente é O Bonitão

A história do mangá de comédia é centrada em um esqueleto chamado Honda, que trabalha em uma livraria. Hilarity segue diariamente em seu trabalho no balcão de mangá da loja.

2Let Me Introduce My Crazy Colleagues in This Bookstore! / Books, Written Instructions, and Me / Go! Azarashi-san

The long holiday is coming up, and the bookstore is swamped by a ton of shipments. How do the staff make it through?!

3A Battle Without Honor or Humanity / Lost in Manga

Honda-san gives us insight into the interactions between a bookstore and a publisher.

4A Reception Training of Hell / Mission: An Outside Work-ish Job

It’s Honda-san’s turn to attend a customer service coaching session.

5An INQUIRY / It's a Book Signing!! Everyone Gather Up / A Fascinating Erotic Story

Honda is faced with restocking popular titles, dealing with energetic foreigners, overseeing the visit of a famous author, and mulling over questions of censorship.

6The Man with a Secret Power / Our Fair-Day War

Honda-san introduces Assistant Manager Majutsushi, who has the uncanny ability of knowing exactly which books to order.

7Tell Me! Wholesaler-san / A Networking Drinking Party for Booksellers

Honda-san teaches us about the wonderful people known as wholesalers.

8Bookstores are so Wonderful! / The Shelves with and without Restrictions / Go for it, Azarashi-san ~The Hidden Ambition~

The bookstore is visited by all kinds of customers, some of whom like books, and some of whom love bookstores.

9A Book about Life, Death, and Rebirth

Books go out of print, but under certain special circumstances, they can be brought back from the dead.

10An Outstanding Bookseller / Swapping Section Heads

What makes a good bookseller? The answer may not be as straightforward as it seems.

11The Alternate Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san / You Can Quit Your Job Whenever You Want

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you’ve dealt with nasty customers. But what if the good customers are worse than the bad ones?

12Merry Christmas, Mr. Bookstore / It's Time to Close

Christmas is a time of madness at the bookstore. Closing time is also a time of madness at the bookstore.