Galera do Barulho (1989)

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A série acompanha a vida de seis estudantes da Baysid High School, em Palisades, Califónia: Zach Morris, Albert Slater, Samuel Screech, Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapwski e Jessie Spano. Os personagens se misturam do aluno latino ao nerd, da líder de torcida ao atleta, que juntos se aventuram em situações comuns na vida de um adolescente, além de tratarem de assuntos como as drogas, álcool, divórcio dos pais e perda de pessoas queridas.


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1The Prom

Zack asks Kelly to be his date for the prom and she agrees, but when her father loses his job, she decides family is more important and gives up her chance to go, but cannot bring herself to tell Zack.

1Dancing to the Maxx

Casey Kasem hosts a dance contest at The Max.

2The Lisa Card

When Lisa charges too much on her father's credit card, her friends help her cook up a scheme to sell her belongings so that she can pay back the bill.

2Zack's War

In order to avoid detention, Zack agrees to take part in a pilot program organized by the California Cadet Corps, but Army life proves to be much more difficult than he imagined.

3The Gift

After Screech gets struck by lightning, he gains the ability to see into the future, and Zack uses him to cheat on a mid term exam.

3Save the Max

The gang unearths Bayside's old school radio station and begins broadcasting again, before learning that The Max is to be closed if Max does not manage to pay $10,000 in back rent.

4Fatal Distraction

In an attempt to find out who Kelly wants to take to a dance, Zack and Screech bug the girls' sleepover party and the girls get revenge.

4Driver's Education

After becoming jealous of Slater's success in Driver's Ed class, Zack plots to get him into trouble, but his plan soon backfires.

5Screech's Woman

In an attempt to cheer Screech up enough to complete their science project, Zack pretends to know a girl who is interested in Screech, but things soon become complicated.

5House Party

Zack stays over at Screech's place for the weekend where the two of them along with Slater throw a party which is interrupted by the girls before breaking off a valuable item from Mrs. Powers.

6Aloha Slater

When his father is offered a transfer to Hawaii, Slater must decide whether to move there or stay at Bayside, and Zack takes full advantage of the situation.

6Blind Dates

Zack agrees to go on a date with Mr. Belding's niece Penny, but when Kelly invites him to her birthday party, he sends Screech instead.


When Mr. Belding tells Zack that he would like to see his father to discuss his bad grades, Zack hires an actor to play his father. However, things soon become complicated.

7The Substitute

After the school's drama teacher falls ill, a handsome substitute arrives, and quickly captivates the girls, much to the chagrin of the boys.

8Miss Bayside

Bayside holds it's annual beauty contest. Jessie thinks it's sexist, even when Screech enters, but Belding says that it's only for girls.

8Cream for a Day

When Screech accidentally invents a seemingly miraculous zit cream, Zack sells it at school. However, it soon becomes clear that the cream has an alarming side effect.

9Jessie's Song

Jessie turns to caffeine pills to keep up with her studies and her new singing group, Hot Sundae.

9Pinned to the Mat

During Career Week at school, Slater worries that continuing to focus on wrestling will not lead to a successful job. As a result, he quits the sport, worrying Zack, who has bet on Slater winning his next match.

10Beauty and the Screech

Zack enlists Screech to tutor Kelly, when he finds out that she needs to pass an upcoming science test in order to go to a concert with him. When Screech and Kelly begin spending more time together than he'd expected, it makes him uncomfortable.