Gaus Electronics (2022)

48mDorama, Drama, Comédia



Conta a história de funcionários engraçados da vida real da Gaus Electronics, transmitindo simpatia e risos ao mesmo tempo, contendo as tristezas dos trabalhadores de escritório.


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1No-Wind AC For Windy Days

Marketing Department 3 Official Troublemaker Lee Sang-shik! I made a good hit in the accident. The video commemorating the 50th anniversary of Gauss, which was only posted on his private channel, has been made available to the public without his knowledge. The chairman of the group was summoned by the prosecution and given a rare opportunity to report the possibility of disbanding the Marketing Department 3...

2Over The Line, Robot Cleaner

The enemy meets at work, not on a single-log bridge. Cha Na-rae and Lee Sang-shik, who hate each other, were living next door to the company, not enough! Na-rae and Sang-shik were more thorough drawing lines than the 38th Parallel. Something happens to those who cross the line... Meanwhile, Kang-mi is embarrassed when her dream kiss partner appeared before her eyes last night. A newbie suddenly joins the Marketing Department 3 — "Baek Ma-tan". But this newbie, is he... "new"?

3"Drink Cold Water and Get a Hold of Yourself." - GAUS Water Purifier

The day I decided to make my 10th confession to Hae-young, who I had a crush on for 5 years! Absolutely! Common sense only shows Hae-young hugging her next door neighbor Na-rae! Asking to clear up Hae-young's misunderstanding, her common sense is honed... Na-rae hears a shocking fact while explaining it to her Hae-young... Confession of common sense. Will it be okay like this?

4"You Need to Lose to Gain..." - Hair Growth Machine, 'Grow Anew'

There were even trees that did not fall after being shot ten times. Sang-sang, knowing that Hae-young has a boyfriend, wants to clean it up... To such common sense, Hae-young has been confessing to her! Kang-mi accidentally learns that Ma-tan is Power's heir. When she sees Kang-mi's mouth, which she thought was heavier than steel, as light as her feathers, Ma-tan gets nervous. It is only a matter of time for rumors to go on like this.

5"Can You Hear My Heart?" - AI Speaker

Common sense and narae that thorns will grow in your mouth if you don't fight for a day. But today, from one to ten, why are there so many things in common? Meanwhile, Narae and Sangsang tell her that she has a new lover. From what I hear, this is completely my story. Wait, Lee Sang-sik really likes me? Goose Daddy's Gastrointestinal Disease. Someone other than the game appeared to soothe the lonely heart. She doesn't want to be apart for a moment. She is none other than an AI speaker!

6"Painful But Cool" - GAUS Massage Gun

Na-rae is annoyed that she has gotten better with common sense, but if she sticks with common sense, she has double nosebleeds, bruises all over her body, and now she has casts... Na-rae wants her to die, so she gives her a restraining order. Na-rae, who was receiving medical care from Aziz, finds something and is surprised. 'I dreamed of being a novelist.' It is said that people follow their names, and the poem is written like a novel, and the literature is chaotic. We want to make up for our mistakes with the Gaussian Massage Gun event!

7Recalculating Your Route — GPS, 'Detour'

Common sense and Narae, who ended up kissing outrageously whether it was from alcohol or drugs. But after kissing, common sense doesn't send the worst text 'I'm sorry' or go on a blind date! Narae finds out the truth and gets angry. Among them is a spy! Mattan has a gut feeling that someone is stealing information from Baek Won. While observing her teammates, she accidentally hears Kang-mi's phone call... . Kang-mi, whom I trusted, is a spy?

8As Your Heart Says — GAUS Watch

Kids these days say that they start with a kiss, but common sense and narae are not clear in their position even after kissing twice. What should we call the ambiguous between us? After seeing Kang Mi's 17:1 fight, Matan's heart started beating wildly. He goes on a business trip with common sense, with feelings of fear or excitement. On the other hand, the 3rd part of the marketing department, the first major project in my life! After hearing rumors that if Hyeongmi smiles, she will win the jackpot, her team members risk their lives to make her brother laugh.

9You Keep Getting Stuck? — GAUS Blender, 'Jal Gara'

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10I'll Show You… A Completely Different Me. — GAUS Inversion Table, '180 (Ilpalgong)'

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11Don't Expose Too Much. — GAUS LED Stand, 'Shh-cret'

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12I'll See You Tomorrow.

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