Girly Air Force (2019)

23mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Misteriosas criaturas voadoras conhecidas como Zai aparecem de repente, e para lutar contra as criaturas, a humanidade cria aviões de caça chamados 'Daughters', assim como o mecanismo automático de luta 'Anima', que tem a forma de garotas humanas. A história é centrada em um jovem chamado Kei Narutani, que anseia por voar, e um Anima considerado o trunfo da humanidade, uma garota chamada Gripen.


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1Crimson Wings

The Xi: unidentified flying objects that are vastly more powerful than humanity's best fighters. Kei Narutani is fleeing Shanghai on an evacuation ship when he's attacked by the Xi, but a mysterious red fighter jet saves him. One day in his new home in Komatsu, he sees the same jet. It's being carried to a nearby Japanese air-force base.

2Komatsu Rendezvous

Kei meets Gripen, the fighter jet who saved him. The plane itself is called a "Daughter", and it's piloted by an artificial life form called an Anima. That was the young girl that Kei met. Yashirodoori tells Kei to spend time with Gripen. As they walk through the city, the bond between them begins to deepen.

3Anima Core

Gripen's condition stabilizes when she's near Kei, but nobody knows why. The two of them train for the upcoming test flight using the simulator. If they can pass the test flight and Gripen can fight again, she'll be able to wipe out the Xi before long. But one day, Kei learns the truth about the Anima and the Daughters from an unexpected source.

4The World You See

The test flight is delayed due to problems. Kei hears that Gripen is to be scrapped and sneaks into the base. But then, the Xi launch another attack. Gripen needs Kei near her to be able to fly, so he heads up into the sky with her.

5Independent Mixed Test Unit

Gripen continues to lose to Eagle in mock battles, and it's starting tog et to her. Kei tries to improve the mood between the two of them when a new girl, Phantom, comes to the base. Yashirodoori explains that they're forming a new unit for the Anima, the "Independent Mixed Test Unit".

6Raison d'Etre

Phantom manages to defeat Eagle and Gripen by cheating them. She says that it's natural to do whatever it takes to win. Kei is worried at the Anima's inability to get along...

7After the Bewilderment

Eagle is angry at Phantom's selfishness. The group is getting further and further apart. Kei decides to have another mock battle, with the loser having to do whatever the winners says...

8An Unhappy Top Secret

The plan works and Phantom is defeated. Kei happily returns to Komatsu. Soon, however, he and Minghua get into a fight. Just as he's ready to win her back over, though, an emergency call comes in...

9Unphysical Layer

Kei spends a rare day off with Minghua, when he's suddenly pulled off to go meet the American Anima project chief, and the American Anima, "Rhino".

10The Mission to Retake Shanghai

The world governments are preparing for their most ambitious project yet: a battle to retake Shanghai from the Xi. The Anima are given a huge party above the USS Gerald R Ford.

11A Homeland with No One Home

The battle to retake Shanghai begins. Things seem to go well at first, before the "Brawler" UAVs are taken over by the Xi...

12The Sky I Fly with You

Kei and Gripen are trapped in a Chinese airport, alone, except for Rhino. Something seems to be very wrong with Rhino...