Goedam (2020)




Ao cair da noite, sombras e espíritos ganham vida nesta série antológica de terror baseada em lendas urbanas.


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With the top-ranking student gone, Park Seo-hui should be a shoo-in for the top spot. But competition never dies, and neither does guilt.


In the middle of the night, a taxi driver picks up a woman on an empty street. By the time he arrives at her destination, she's nowhere to be seen.

3Special Guest

Sae-rom livestreams a virtual housewarming party with a spooky surprise for her viewers. But when the camera turns off, the real host takes over.


No matter how much she tries, she can't outrun a creature on the prowl. No matter how long she runs, she can't escape the dark walls of the school.

5Red Shoes

A classmate’s death spurs rumors for some and guilt for one. When an overwhelmed pupil asks to meet, teacher and student come together half-way.


Dying to get to the bottom of an inexplicable case, a detective follows instructions written by a missing boy and experiences a new dimension.


Hak-su's wife reminds him to leave the talisman hanging above their bedroom door. But one lone night, he decides to test his luck and its powers.


After a shaman practices forbidden black magic, the spirits punish her by haunting her soul, overtaking her body and delivering a little terror.